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Glimpse my SFC community I depend on to do their inputs: Hunter, Jonathan on your right, Omar, Hui on your left. Mayor Julie Van D has invited a surprise guest  to lunch for Jonathan Todd between site visits. You guessed it, Hunter Lovins & Jonathan are vintage friends.

I meet with Melissa Good- notes in mindmap form, in my journal...

I meet with Karina Zedalis - mindmaps of our talk. Both join my WasteWater Recycle Committee which contributes to the veracity of our project, it’s not only me bringing in the Todd’s, we do it together, that’s my Strategy; many voices delegate & transform...


I sign up to meet with Democracy School participants to go next level  after Democracy School Nov 4 to 5-2011, Fairplay CO. This is a deepening of the two-decades-old International Forum on Globalization (IFG) teach-ins, with new strategy in mind: how to say No to Fracking, plotting our big vision of NO, from a new endgame of our own rights awarded by the Constitution itself!

I celebrate awards  given by the Earth Guardians at Shine in BOulder 12-12-11.

My support circle widens this month, meeting up with the authors of the latest new book, New Money for a New World by Bernard Lietaer & Stefan Belgin on the historic precedents for control of money determining control and look and feel of the land, by allowing or taking away the use of parallel currencies. The problematique is juicy and influential, in determining what kind of regenerative or self-destructing world we will live in. I was in the presence of a brilliant inside world ready to go public. Present were the Roske family of Earth Guardians,     & other earth regenerators...

                                                        such as:
Figuring how who why where what when pops in & in & in...

An era of regeneration is restored by parallel currency as partner to national currency