Movie: Clarifying Waters
Longmont south side constraints of floodway floodplain, envious infrastructure from decades ago water retention as a water plant
With Millions of dollars of infrastructure already here creating super-high quality effluent & research station, isolated train, & hydraulic retention time, can get so squeaky clean, can do so much with not alot of retrofit...

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Evolutionary Economics is being played out in this change from industrial SBR facilities running on the mercy of parts that fail. In an EcoMachine, if the biodiverse plantings fail we can observe, learn, adjust & use the value added abundant products rather than be in a helpless position  of emergency shut-down mode. Evolution has shown which plants survive in cold climates, wierdly, they are the tropicals!
Key Words: Evolutionary, Biodiversity, BioMimicry, Ecomachine, Hydraulic-retention-time, Omega