Supporting Evidence


We compare how fans of old resurface recently in our

respective lives, compare

how the triangle of authority

is turned upside down, how

writing workshops, mine of

70's, Ariane’s beginning now,

of self publishing possibilities

& being published at same time,

create distant embodied

experience & counter developed

speech in real embodied

experience. Practicing these

rich diversities are not dualities,

but two sides of one face,

yin yang, sides of the brain.

We talk about:

coordination of these in the embodied learning teaching unlearning Unteaching experience.

If I Try writing another unlearning learning poem again & again from the same first set-out sentence,

each writing turns out very differently.

Ariane’s website is stated as an action learning site.

I put up a new website on my Jonathan Todd experience in Lyons Oct 17th, it is a work in progress, OK’d by my advisor. The work does not have to be completed, if I share the process.

My process is organizing, unveiling to the town, first in all day workshops & 6 site visits, then the report that came in, municipal protocols for timing discussions, voting and scheduling with JTED.

For good reasons on both our ends, reception matures, conception matures. Time thought reflects how it sits growing in us,  how there is synchronicity in our wanting to stack our 2 OPs 8&9 near each other for similar flow.

The parallels: waiting for Jonathan's report, the need to finish linking, writing, fanning material as a better management system, our websites set-up as an ordered superimposed look. I simplify by choice of page style, select to get succeedingly more spare, yet am gravitating back to iconic shapes inserted between documents, photos & reportage, the way I loved from outset a year ago.

i-web is being pulled from Apple tools, & insiders working at the store say we have to wait for a cliff-hanging find of what substitute can continue to design our pages on our mac computers. Val for me & Ethan for you, advise from the GU core, see how deficiencies add power to the ‘empower’ for us,  as GU wills us out into the world somehow raw & cooked at the same time.

I’m collecting these skype chats as record of initial skype-call thoughts to  review later. My morning brainstorm is a description of how I heal myself (for OP9),  played into Photo Booth for collaborative work we will do. I present to you, Ariane, some (art)-ifacts I’ve gathered for the show & tell. Here’s my sea bluegreen 1986 handmade-paper rattle, a sketch of the tip of the pyramid turned down to the bottom, putting people power base at the top, taking back our democracy, or what’s left of it, still in its infancy.  Awaiting are mushroom extracts, i-water, stevia & a concoction of lanolin, Apricot oil & tea tree oil to moisturize aging skin staged for the demo.


We both need supports to heal the technological equipment that sends radiation our way.

Am thinking how much time I spend fixing what's broken: computers, software, & outputting devices.

And for superimposed changes of languaging to regenerate like Green Revolution’s assaults on life's basic water, air, commons & self-organization of nature stripped away. There are limits to restoration now co-opted by Personhood ordinance. We counter with permaculture whole systems.

I know the slow, sink & store triple S ‘motto’. Life itself is to be learned from the same slow sink & store in our bodies. Compromised skin stops breathing (ingesting or inhaling toxic substances into our organs). Jeffrey Smith author of Seeds of Deception & Genetic Roulette sends an 11-minute exercise for changing consciousness of a large group of people.

Until 9:50am Mt time, My plan is to get more ready files into i-web page chapters of OP8.

Coming back check in:

Ariane: radio talk about art, an interview with British art critic about being an art critic in Rauschenburg days of art students still doing Duchamp.  joseph Campbell’s “artists are the prophets of their time”, now us stepping out into permaculture, could have been artists then, use earthen materials, & people care like meeting jean Houston, where artists go into society.

The piece Ariane is working on with Val doesn't even realize artists have those thoughts- sensitive. It’s a slipping out, inserting distilled into words creating a landscape with our bodies. I resonate with Ariane’s understanding of the meeting up of Permaculture Science & Art. I think of the way Art has become the concentration of anything meaningful. in Science the blur is confounding. To those not tutored in Art, only in Science, the Artist can understand scientist’s detail, process is similar.

[12/7/11 10:06:53 AM] Coco Gordon notes: Ariane’s labyrinths in NY. Wishing, if only non profit board meetings could walk the labyrinth- alot to be said to change restricted structures & formula for simple concept of how we work in respective metiers. This is how you do it as a board of a company & this is how alliterations, homologies of the world lean towards exploring things out of order, this is actually a very creative approach.

[12/7/11 10:16:26 AM] Coco Gordon: artist holding complex sets of ideas & projects, how they go together when one is emerging, in an intuitive re-ordering.

[12/7/11 10:19:47 AM] Coco Gordon: More synchronicities our common friend: Mamma Donna Henes who does eggs on end in huge plaza, the effects of no gravity time at the solstice & Equinox. Who says an artist needs to be categorized as deserving only a MA in Art not MA in Science?

[12/7/11 10:20:03 AM] Coco Gordon: made date for Jan 21st solstice same time.

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buddy guild notes

Buddy Guild Notes: Coco & Ariane

[12/7/11 10:04:04 AM] Coco Gordon: The fan (suggested by Coco’s advisor) as a mechanical sideways backdrop could house healing in a clever way of prewriting for the learning review. I should gather from the course of year  & pull things out of it. Ariane favors Communicating, unplugged from tech as much as possible, creating a face with no online virtual world , as being present is unscheduled & flowing. We settle into our collaborative work time:

Thrive Call 12-13-11 Foster Gamble, Kimberly, Charles Eisenstein

•Money is not your ally you have to fight the money power

•Economics means by which the gifts of humans & nature circulate-

•Gift economy the worse off you are, you want to gift

•Possessions are a burden in your hut in hunter gather society

•Give to generate gratitude, be more secure in the world, Wealth = how much you give

•In our world you only give only if you have assurance to get more in return

•Strive to have negative interest, all other things in the universe circulate at 0 interest

•The gift option is for free, options are many

Q.How is it working for you?

•Don’t specify the return gift in advance, participants decide what pay works

•Return gift comes in a mysterious ways

•Embody this gradually in our trust, see what you give does come back to you

•Be challenged in unrecognizable form a real journey

•Relationship, a bird comes to be with me & it is you who’ve given more than I asked

• I gift myself with 10 years of work to do, with one residency gifted to me

Q. enough income to be sustainable ?

•Right livelihood ruled by money is a huge concern

•why is there not big $ in permaculture vs corporate tax law

•$ created via agreements is token of what is valuable in society

•You don’t get $ for more stringent regulation, you get $ for toxic waste dumps

•Why do we have to struggle against the force of money

•The way it comes into existence & circulates, who gets it creates even more of it

•With product converted from nature

•The key to right livelihood if comes as gift it works, live off gifts!

•Those giving it wont ask for more of it back

•Intentional community thinks the same way, it makes perfect sense

Breakout rooms: What we are doing

•Lawfirm in Chicago sick of dog race, no billable hours, client can make it zero

•Gift not to become standard of goodness- come out of natural desire

•Time banks rebuild the flow of goods & services without using $

•Willingness to make the transaction helps people get reconnected

•LETS build relationships as increased needs are met, needs to buy go down

•The relationship is the economy

•Modify to charge for hard expenses to break even, more is a gift

•Find a venue that is excited about joining in the gift spirit

•brilliant light trusting it’s OK is starting to come out

•Isaac newton in 17th century all perfectly explained, parameters to live on

•Pythagoras, world made of numbers, all phenomena is just one thing

•Became one thing value of being monetized

•Motions of the planet described by Koeppler, then Newton reduced to law of gravitation 

•Occupy movement & Thrive movie, large scale control problem, system destroying earth

•No leaders open source technology effective

•Cabals in world system manipulates the elite & not visa versa

•Its an important liberating step- realize wrongness is not out there

•Based upon self-organization non linear dynamics phenomena

•free energy devices appear to not be 2nd law of thermodynamics

Q. What are the greatest things people could be studying for making better ecosystems?

•We will have to live as part of the ecology

•everything produced has to recycle back into the system

•waste is food, fear around waste

•Path to abundance aligns with perm & zero waste manufacturing & indigenous cultures

•GU studying more practical than finance & accounting

•Sacred Economics Charles Eisenstein causing major shifts

•From philosophical to practical in steps

notes to myself
Trace Evolutionary Economics as a component of Regenerative Economics;
Did I stumble upon a known Diverted version?

12-21-11 Coco’s Skype buddy guild notes


What’s working?

•OP 8 done, worked on Moodle on GU website learned Wordpress finished some artifacts to turn in- OP 10 need by mid Jan-

•Cork in bottle, may not use what she learned, added value to the market commons

•Could Be an advisor for starting new business, Of 25 homes 22 are sold co-housing community purchased land 50 yrs ago, long strong vision getting done, co-housing model, why shared laundry, an education project

•Life brother comes Xmas, Scottish tree idea, NY watched trees unload like dead bodies, got Lodgepole pine dug up as invasive

What’s Challenging?

•time need to get all done

•Spend much time in front of computer, need to sit in a forest

What is your long term goal?

1.Ethan advisor press her to dig deep & find it

•indoor outdoor life, fertile soil living in community, for land & not travel

•Thought became new action, become at Peace wherever she is, choice no longer matters

Next achievable steps?

•in 2 hours mind map piece of work in OP

•get an assistant for project do what she does not like to do, make mindmaps of different tasks, next achievable steps

•if more time map out OP9

•IMCA tip from Kristen- found in email folder, fnished, sent

On project time: Coco notes

•I love Research phase of OP making

•Looked for a picture of the Moffat tunnel pipeline draining the Colorado River water into a pipeline inaccessible without moving through Moffat tunnel “windy gap project” to feed development in the flat eastern counties bordering Denver

•superhighway being built to accommodate water diversion

•found perfect picture & story for my link on water needing deep healing

•I’ve been there on the W side, didn’t see it by night, thought it was a small tube but look how huge it is!

•Found perfect current description of the DEIS scope

•Longmont group was doing advocacy to stop project but too large & the advocacy stopped.

  1. re-ignite it, involves push of Governor Hickenlooper for water diversion, big highway & weld County Commercial blacktop development cover half the county, go from AG land to business

Back - Evaluating our buddy commitment time:

•Ariane: mindmap VUE fiddly to look good, started one way, then Dyami’s OP11 influence worked on design business, mapped all tasks, what do alone & together will give nod of thanks to them

•Showed shanti’s sketch, right brain

•reading, Vue articulated, into left brain

•Has done mindmap of her life in VUE, time-consuming

•could do water color

•use in baby steps, levels of complexity-

•IT for jamming together

•Google docs writing collaboratively is amazing

•Did pc of work, workshop report on, did separately then melded together

Scheduled Jan 4th 2012 8-10am Mountain time before Coco’s 10am advisor mtg with Val. Good sharing, much accomplished in questioning, planning, work time & getting things done

Submitted by Coco 12-21-11 2pm Mt time