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Process Reflection

1. How did I charge my Elements in this output, to converse simply with the earth & not be violated? I had new conversations with River, who advised me to see how it ran swiftly under the blocking ice. Did I let my antennae out for the correlative unconscious to speak through regeneration at hand? I used this Nature conversation to manifest a good report from Jonathan Todd. it came!

  1. 2. Did I Put the regenerative concept in my body & let it manifest? This is deep tiring work. Once manifesting, the monthlong emphasis on noting my regenerative processes went into automatic into my breath, heart, fingertips & senses.

3.How do I Set Smart Goals & Learning Intentions? I Keep them deep within me, ready to use at need & will. I pause to re-set patterns for each one-to-one conversation, so I can reform recalcitrant Patrix business-as-usual.  I decide for the good of the group, & have been able to show how to drop the guide & move on. I think & listen, take on my steady SuperSkyWoman mode which dares all  intentions.

4.Did I work with helpers to form enthusiastic community, to self-actualize forms better than efficient committees? (biodiversity that balances out efficacy?) Yes,  hosting the daylong site visits & workshops with Jonathan Todd, pre and post exuberance created a brilliant paint stroke over the Lyons community. People are sitting with what they learned, & after 2 months, are sharing with each other & with me.

Ask myself as checks...

1. Did I re-evaluate which edges I want to push? Yes, Democracy School Rights of Water. A deep investigation, legally & socially. Testifying vs GMOs. Not attending Occupy demonstrations. Proactive work on JTED instead. Send out Doodle Polls. Let Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Falling Water” influence indoor/outdoor balance of home renovation designing.

2. Did I keep setting new benchmarks & live metrics to track my achievements? Yes. The live Regenerative metrics became acronyms standing for processes I take & worked well for me. They Buzzed.

3. Did I check in continuously with my intentions & self.  Yes. Notes taken, Mindmaps made, waking thoughts noted, lists checked, mind & heart on target, good healing sessions. Brevity kinda’ starting to happen. It’s a fight to make writing concise. Takes many edits.

4. Did I involve others I need to deal with in my life & town? Remarkably well. One who started out countering my ability to make change on the WasteWater facility still favored giving it away. @ Q&A in the street, he decided what am doing is worth helping out. He then joined the engineering commission to help. This transposing phenomena has become endemic, a Noosphere action process guided learning finding me at my Omega Point.

Ask for GU as checks...

Learning Management: Elves, leadership training, advisor, buddy guild, maestro conferences, forming policy:

  1. 1.Did I give niche for reviewers to evaluate, then adjust my work to a better place. I Made use of Val, Karen Stupski, Diane’s & Ariane’s comments. Ariane & I have created a 2 hour session, in which we consent on work to do, then after, evaluate what was accomplished. We keep tweakin’ the model.

  2. 2.Did I set a tone of being in charge of my own learning & my GU experience?

  3. 3.Did I develop methods / tools for measuring growth & make sure my intentions / pathways relate to my degree? Am using this questioning as a tool /guide, when am successful, I attribute it to the skillsets  of Gaia U OP writing. The Provision Principle (PP) is working. Future work is gratefully being asked of me. OK, PP is a new term, note it now!

  4. 4.Did I involve my GU buddies?


  1. 1.Did I specifically delegate energy, responsibility & tasks? Yes, strategized,  convened Wastewater Committee to host Site visits. Started networking with EDC in retreat to incorporate help from DownTown Colorado specialists in modeling how to market our town to Green developers. Delegated good energy, intention to 4 commissions am working on (Provided consultation, design, then felt free to join in my neighborhood sheetmulching project.)

  2. 2.Did I Know when to ask Nature for advice?

  3. 3.What Measurements / benchmarks were used in this output? 

OA: hovering Objective Arbitration -hands-off style -confounds adversaries, they don’t know what to do without arguments & so grant requests. One to one’s,  I mindmap conversations.

EER: 3 ways: Evolution, Epiphany and Revolution, all apply to OP8. I operate from evolution signing up for  Feminine Power (Integral) webinars.

EE: Evolutionary Economics, should surpass other economics: drought economics & patriarchal stress economics from fear (Eisenstein does Regenerative Economics Maestro Call) I’m presently reviewing  evolutionary quality of Regenerative Economics, find John T Lyle. Evolutionary Economics  being played out in this change from industrial SBR facility running on mercy of parts that fail. If biodiverse plantings fail their targets, we can observe, learn & adjust rather than be in emergency shut-down mode”.

L.A.S.T.: Locally Active Sustainable Town makes a Model... it’s getting interest in Home Rule & Parallel Currency education. We’re strategizing how to make this positive and effective.

OOPS: puts me home when women would rather GO to work. I get clay to model Home for my aging life, change nomenclature from Office of Permaculture Sustainability to Office of Permaculture Sustenance.

Questions to myself-check test
An observation: This output has quite a few imbedded projects, with renewable embodied energy in the process & Materiality. After entering a year of focused Regeneration. I look forward to next chapters in form of OP 9 (commons, democracy school & healing that oppose but help each other), 10 (art within Earth, & regenerative healing & the business case for SuperSkyWoman setting up her Unbusiness), 11 (Nature’s Rights, positive community & local games). By the time I do 12, my Capstone learning review, I hope to have learned enough basics of regenerative design, regenerative healing, regenerative leadership, & regenerative localization for my OOPS and LAST to have a good world changing start, with a super charged Gaia U diploma in the science of R’s P’s & L’s concocted & inter-connected in my Land Learning Laboratory.
Kamikazi Unlearning Poem

I’ve stated my Goals, surveyed regenerative foci, detailed my bridging, designed & implemented meta and micro glues, thought out via training & the way I juxtapose images to show relationships. I end with evaluating & conclusion. Check out Supporting Evidence & follow links that intrigue you, If your curiosity surpasses this, you may also read the JTED page OP8 WW links: Holacracy, Home rule, 3 dynamics, Etc.