What I Learned

Sunset Rights?                Sunrise Rights?

I feel the fine line between River consciousness, Spider consciousness & a Gift Economy. I realized that the past 35 years I have been living within a gift economy without naming it.

I’ve delved here in visible, covert & unconcsious reaches for regenerating water in my life...

When Looking at regeneration intensively for these months, I notice abundant relationships in economy, business, home, body & Earth systems have been created by me in my life and art.

I never stop feeling water in my body take me back in time to cells, forests, sun, self-organization, to lead me into proactive projects while witnessing extreme systemic Earth losses

Top-down manifestations, trust when to act, & why I sometimes don’t, & watch that thread...

How I experience creative process heartfully, humorously, appreciatively, with Nature as I age...

How misting moisture (i-Water) on my skin regenerates health one layer at a time...

Where Transformations grow from patience, epiphany, asking Nature, upholding rights, a nest...

Why I am an Unconscious teacher: I grab what I need from every ‘there’ in the ether... 

When One-on-ones with new people teach me how much they already know and want to share...

I see when my introduction to the Permaculture Convergence is consensed, it is needed to do Permacultural  Watershed Design to regenerate our individual watersheds. My home elevations are a mini watershed. A MIcro hologram within the Macro.

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Regeneration is causative & for  re-capture, transforming visions of Home, Garden and Town.

I thank my appreciation for Indigenous Commons, Equanimity, Positivity, Art within Earth.


Experience shifts. In a Permaculture model of stacking functions, edge & small / slow solutions follow the dynamic of respectfully tapping real abundance that comes from an abundant soil. i recognize that what we name is what is left of what we experience, and what we can no longer name can be regenerated, to bring back what is disappearing from the Knowledge Base, like finding old seeds we used to grow & eating them. Personal Action becomes the way we exchange what others need with what we can use.   A ‘naming’ overhaul defines what is really in use, such as the Sustainable Futures Commission Waste Water Treatment Plant Committee changing name to Wastewater Recycle Plant Committee. Our definitions change with availability & usage.


In time of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) losing its applicability, why not a GDH (Gross Derived Happiness) index? Actually, our GDH, Gross Domestic Happiness or GDG, Gross Domestic Gifting comes into a new center from all our edges. Let me explain:                             Patrix regenerates into Sharing.   

My old mindmaps named center. I wondered what would open-up-collaborative thinking & planning.  I began to show how trusting edges pull together their own center. Both models appeared by good chance in the book, Composed in America on John Cage, surveying holacratic  decision-making structure.  Top down centralization thus goes the way of the albatross into sharing the collaborative field, making a more elegant & practical economic for localization which has a healthy water-seeks-its-own-level structure,

increasing points from which understanding happens.

introspection     awareness   self-adjustment self-reliance     self-care    love