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[11/17/11 7:18:08 PM] Skype Leadership session  Coco Gordon: pre-discussion:

Going deep, Diane can support me in many areas to build self-confidence in my life, & for working with people. Other parts are a practical guided meditation, intuition to be powerful in this place, keeping one’s word & reliability to set expectations to be respected. Jonathan is making decisions, so it is not unreasonable to wait 3 weeks. In Project management, stay connected, all comes from deepest connection. Set tasks, goals, get commitment to meet tasks. Setting expectations for getting done, leads to cost. in city, it’s cut & dry: get when, what cost, when installed. Staff gets chewed on by BOT & BOT is chewed on by community in getting agreements. It’s the  same with Honeywell who won't go into an undefined place. Rules play. Candidates ask who’s for us, who’s progressive? Continue process, trust evolution. Those on cutting edge are chipping away at possibilities, creating them for those who are not there, & others expand into those possibilities. (Coco: track parallel evolutionary systems). Know & relay.

Coco Skype session with Diane Dendeneau, a quality- of-Life Coach:

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