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Regeneration Reaches through my Megaphone glimpse at whole systems work across genres. By chance I connect this article on communication radiating from centers, as Marshall Mc Luhan proposed & without intermediaries, as exemplified in John Cage’s writings. This brings up the possibility that Holacracy is  informed by avant garde composition that often took form as social lectures in experimental art.

An Integrative Decision-Making Process


Present Proposal

Who Speaks: Proposer Only

The proposer states their proposal and, optionally, the tension it is attempting to resolve. No discussion or responses.

Clarifying Questions

Who Speaks: Anyone Asks, Proposer Answers; Repeat

Anyone may ask a clarifying question to better understand the proposal. The proposer either responds or says, “not specified in the proposal”. No dialog, no discussion, no reactions disguised as questions.

Reaction Round

Who Speaks: Everyone Except Proposer, One at a Time

Each person in turn is given space to react to the proposal however they see fit. No discussion or responses.

Amend & Clarify

Who Speaks: Proposer Only

The proposer may optionally clarify the proposal or make quick amendments to the proposal based on the reactions, or else say “no amendments or clarifications”.  No discussion or responses.

Objection Round

Who Speaks: Everyone Including Proposer, One at a Time

The facilitator asks each person in turn “Do you see any reasons why adopting this proposal would cause harm or move us backwards?  “An objection”. Each person responds either “No Objections” or “Objection”  and states their objection without discussion. Objections are captured by the Facilitator. If no Objections surface, the proposal is adopted.


Who Speaks: Anyone  -  Open Discussion

Open discussion, focused around each Objection, one at a time. The goal is to amend the proposal into a workable approach for addressing just the tension behind the original proposal. Once all charted Objections are resolved, go back to the Objection Round.

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