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This picture flows cumulatingly Eastward into the floodway & floodplain.

That Water is an accelerated Hydration Problem speaks volumes for our broken hydrological cycles. Our St. Vrain river has just made the heart shape of confluence, upstream a few hundred feet. It is about to flow beneath the 2nd Avenue bridge into a floodplain that could burst high in the usual way rain comes here. In floodplain is the place that is highest, called the floodway in which no construction is allowed, that is, no ordinary industrial construction. We are about to witness what can be done with Biodiversity in that floodway and floodplain by a method called Eco-Machine pioneered by Jonathan Todd of JTED (John Todd Ecological Design), enriched to become John Todd Ecological Engineering Design. The REPORT has come in! Yooha! Walking the plank to a JTED Feasibility Study, I can’t stop feeling like a human bridge. What is this shift from Ecological to Ecological Engineering about? Is it residue of sanctioned ecological processes needing to show  purposeful wings?

Is my Megaphone Reach sounding out noteworthy actions while sucking back in to me from the Ancestors, ooma-oo? Yes, I set stage for shifts between deductive reasoning & creative intuition,

feel guided throughout in my eyes, & left brain takes  over, a bridge carrying my weight & the bridging research / restoration actions taken.

Jonathan wrote:    

“There is a hidden blessing, in that I have had more time to reflect on the situation from 40,000 feet and I feel that it is clear that certain things need to be done in the near term and are very achievable. I also think that upgrades to the existing plant as an interim plan will be integrated into the report and Honeywell is high on their numbers to retrofit the plant.”

Be the Bridge

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