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Use of Mac Snow Leopard Mac Book Pro

New 2 terrabyte Seagate Hard Drive

Apple Store one-to-one & genius help

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Sewing & Felting & Food Drying

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Books of the month:

    New Money for a New World, Bernard Lietaer & Stefan Belgin

    Slow Food, Woody Tasch

    Transition Local Money Handbook

    Falling Water, FrankLloyd Wright, ed Lynda Waggoner


This OP took the amount of time it needed, 2 months

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    This digiphon would not be complete without stating the importance of my website IT learning, bit by bit since starting last year. I’m able to troubleshoot & get help from genius, one-to-one & projects workshops at the Apple Store.

    I set up a two parallel websites system for my links to open up in new windows.

    Here, I’ve narrowed down from my LIPD OP7 test questions to myself.

    I give Todd Jones credit for setting me on this path to testing myself, & to achieve more clarity, as he suggested to me to get more left brained in my writing. I have listened to this challenge & am working on it, producing a more simplified, less patchwork design. I also searched better sample home pages to give that look.

    My advisor & I want me to nurture my zany impulsive epiphanies that add to my creative process & outcomes, since one of my long term goals is to re-enter my art world with a new eco-social vigor after graduation, & am already receiving invitations that interest me.

    Part of digiphon is to find the way to express what I want to portray, yet technology will never replace the need for original expression.

    SuperSkyWoman enjoins the fields of art and permaculture, which furthers the knowledge commons of these linked fields. My ability to express how I achieve process and outcomes, using my own measurements, megaphones & acronyms determines how I use equipment, what needs to be added to or replaced. This year I upgraded to i-Life and Microsoft Office 2011.

    My Videos are all edited in a quick ‘n dirty way, by selecting sections and deleting those sections, from one menu choice to clean out noise and limit size of file.