SuperSkyWoman’s Goals

    That winged uplift to flight SuperSkyWoman feels, like these in her memory of  brainwave waterwave primeval once-upon-a long-ago experienced, resides forever in her ether enabling her own lift. Her Life-Travel will always be a draft, mutable, unknown, self-directed, accepted. Knowing herself, she lets go.


Come with SuperSkyWoman, ride her goal-speckled airstreams. Management, Elves “Leadership” learning budget interviews, One-to One’s & Smart Goals overlap...


To observe abundance in her life, she can meditate in the spirit of formflowing water abundance or proactively set mechanisms & patterns to work.  Either way, substitute abundance, the white bread ‘n bleach aspects of commodity inventions become so distant as to disappear.

        DREAMING...                                             &                                           FACING...

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After all, Water is pure poetry; when asked what are you? it answers, Go ask spider on the bridge, or those birds taking off.