Eric Dimmit

turns a Monsanto

engineer’s argument

upside down

Primary Wastewater Memo(rial)

the Argument:

“Oh there are 20 companies that can do the same thing as Jon Todd in Lyons. We should get other bids”.

“Why should we listen to a salesman?”

“The greenhouse will cost too much to heat”.

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the Rebuttal:

Haven’t you heard? Primary Wastewater treatment is a very Old biological technology before you stepped onto the Megamachine!

The person who invents a system is far Light years away from being a salesman, he’s not even near being a consultant, he is a visionary for primary bio-diverse technology. Whoever else you hire cannot come up with his next invented solutions for Lyons.

No heat is needed in the greenhouse, go learn the biology of that answer. Jon Todd gave you the correct answer, so  try to stump him another way, he welcomes your Questions!

Peter Coyote’s Haida Drum Activism @ Peter Berg’s memorial