SUpporting Evidence







1. My IESD Definitions

2. Visioning My Home and Town


4. Reinhabiting our Alphabet

5. Self-Guidance Through a Megaphone

6. Digiphon

7. Outline for OP 1A

  1. 1.My IESD Definitions

Why I Chose IESD: A Life of Myth Blasting

Interactive Eco-Social Democracy

Intra Era Salvage Design

I Except, Excise, Exfoliate, Excrete, Expunge Self-centralizing Dangers

If Ever Subsistence Demised

Indigenous elites superviviamos decimation

Interactive (ex(por(t)rait)ure) social design

Intramediary Eco Self-shoots and drawings

Improvised Events of the Self Determined

Improvement Eventualities Self Donated

Inspired, Emitters Sign Declarations

Increase Edge Sharing Directions (the 4 directions become 7)

Intra-beneficial Education shifting demographics  (Intero=whole in italian)

Inside Energetic Synergy Design

Inoculate Energy Storage Directly

Inoculum-Grow-Your-Own Extending Seasons Deepdown

Intergenerational Expository Stories Delight

Ingenious Evocative Spiritual Directories

Intermodal Energy Systems Demonstrations

Infinite Expressive Solutions Durability, Drivers, Disseminate, Distribute, Dispel, Display, Detect, Dismantle, Deliver

Intermedia Evolved Self Determination

Intramedia Expunging Story Drumming

  1. 2.Visioning My Home and Town

Permaculture Vision statement for my TIKYSK land:

(Things I Know You Should Know 1994-present)

My vision is the small footprint, enjoyed yield on well used small acreage I chose for local living in place where my autonomy on its edge of town is convenient for leg power, has an energy conservation location, and can set an example for enjoying the future sustenance process of Permacultural living.

My vision is to have an outdoor-indoor home-hub in which I can continue into my old age to make living land art, and to use as a fusion of vibrant avant-garde outdoor-indoor museum/studio/ Small Press/ papermaking/ music-making salon/ for transformation of lives into art-based Permacultural living.

My vision is to transform as much by myself and friends of this 1/8th acre red sandstone hill to west with its misplaced shared utility lines and manufactured problematic drainage from huge house behind, years of imported fill deposited in terraced layers against open space behind me, and a town-built blighting driveway of corrugated concrete dominating more than 20% of my land on south side.

Into a Shangrila of Permaculture integration, water would be directed from planted roof, hilltop urns and chain drip gutters top down to inter- relate solar, wind and plant energy, terraces and paths from gabbion stabilized plantings, to make my home a lush edible artistically designed sculpture-filled garden landscape that attracts the natural world of bees, butterflies, beneficial insects, birds (including hummingbirds).

With a spiral demonstration garden, pervious maze to walk, sundial at the entrance, a food/edible flower garden in back, 2 small greenhouses to southfront and west side, one for out of season fruit and papermaking trees, and one for growing year round food with a watson’s wick under it on the high side, intimate curved paths designed to enjoy every square inch of miracles making this a place of high yield abundance I can rely on to take care of itself and me year round which will minimize my footprint on the earth.   

I wish to solve the absorption of street traffic exhausts by weaving among the town owned planted trees and bushes with researched living materials, and planting flowers/shrubs that filter out contaminants without blocking my views from my terraces and home of life going by. 

My vision is to use observation, muscle-time, preparations, experimentation to carry out Permaculture principles for my life systems and work ethic.

My vision is to integrate art surprises, to learn from mistakes, to enjoy every working and resting moment in timelessness.

My vision is to extend to others by example the live roles of flux, adaptation, season, dissolution, feeding, storing, recycling, and re-design that all the Nature beings teach.

My vision is to document and share Permaculture education into the future in whatever way behooves the moment and the gesture. 

My Vision is to make into art the never-ending re-birth to re-birth process in whatever way behooves the moment and the gesture. 

I wish to make time to let time go as creative invention/ play that can be enjoyed. 

I wish to keep the hometown home-growing Love open, ongoing, mutable, satisfying  to honor my grandmother Emma’s non-violent impeccable behavior.




progression from rock & cheat grass to perennials and food

1st petal garden 2007                                                                    now a perennial petal garden

cheat grass, earth runs down to street                                             4 gabbions  no carport

1 year later earth filled in                                                               layer 12” sheet mulch

let it winter                                                                                  first garden year plant alliums +worms

first winter garden prep                                                                 second year sheet mulch, plant more alliums

first year test windbreak                                                                2 good winter gardens

plant May 2, eat June 11                                                                June 15 squash seeds in

Vision Statement for My Town, Lyons CO

Keep and add to the best characteristics of our town by:

1. Making Lyons a Model Locally Active Sustainable Town (LAST) that is strong enough to outlast any attrition, catastrophe, oil collapse, greenhouse effect, or overtake by privatization, multi-national corporation or government.

2. Commitment to achieve and foster the quality of life we want in Lyons for people of all income levels without exclusions.

3. Visioning the future quality of Green healthy life we want in Lyons

    a. Calming  through streets

    b. Good local food 

    c. Healthy locally filtered potable water 

    d. Recycled gray water with Permaculture proven technologies such as hyperwetlands, Watson’s wick, constructed wetlands, greenhouse filtering,  that each resident can accomplish to take the load off the town’s coffers and save the town from spending on megamchines to clean up contaminated water from runoff, drains and big Agriculture.

    e. Drainage that follows Permaculture skilled technology, and uses multiple functions in its course of outflow and intraflows.

    f. Social neighborly occasions built into street and mixed zone re-design, calming

schemes including kiosks, planting, street intersection painting of mandalas, community gardens, bicycle stops, e-vehicles, changing fun walking maps through town introducing the town’s resources such as the confluence of two rivers and many walking edges and ecotones of the town.

    g.  Renewable energy projects on all scales for residents, businesses and the town, nesting the town’s functions, providing for catastrophe.

    h. Focus on enjoying the town by having the flow of cars stop in lowered increments to 0 miles per hour as a spin-off of the way through town, to park and walk about.

    i.  Provide specific calendars for visitor and locally regenerated activity based on what

is happening or could happen in Lyons.

    j. Be in the forefront of Sustainable living, open a Lyons Office Of Permaculture (OOPs Lyons), by staffing a volunteer roving Permaculture certified practitioner to operate from a simple desk in mutually determined roving town locations, creating

empowering experiences via hands on workshops that move throughout the town,

businesses, parks, Chamber of Commerce, the Town employees  teaching basics of

life systems design leading to knowing how to design ones own ideas for Town


    k. Teach and use the consensus facilitation process to replace insensitive modes of convening in groups. 

    l.  Increasing the ability of each town resident and business owner to collaborate in making Lyons locally sustainable including Reinhabitation, Initiation of a local money system. Keep Lyons’ wealth in the community.

Put Lyons on the Ecotown map. A parallel to ecotones which occur at the richly working combined edge of two ecosystems: Lyons’ ecotown ecotones recognized and mapped.

  1. 3.TIKYSK

All My Relations. Dedicated to all my indigenous friends, my First Clan and to Nature we all are.


Any collaboration to design and perform Permacultural actions & constructions with SuperSkyWoman (a.k.a. Coco Go) as Gruppo TIKYSK keeps TIKYSK mutable and open. Poets, artists, bioregionalists, permaculture practitioners, earth philosophers, healers  correspond to produce an event even in the moment. Born from born from born from years of culture art/work produced separately with Christine Jones, Jasa Ban, Gerhard Jaeger, Sandra Semchuk, and The Banff Centre, TIKYSK emerged and was introduced by Sandro Ricaldone at Genova’s Leonardi V-idea in 1995.

Since the art world welcomes new forms all the time, I decided my form is to prepare people with a Permacultural basis to view their worlds, in both personal and systems sense. People who would never speak to me before developed interest in "keyline", "swales", "gabbions”.  We'd segue to where it fit in the personal life. My SuperSkyWoman persona clicked into teaching Permaculture life-systems diagnosis as an artist at performance events which exchange a healing on my part (often in collaboration with other healers) for the relaxed moment to be “Permed” (talk Permaculture). TIKYSK.


both are nature sounds

say them

Ego becomes We

Knowing We

I becomes group

Finding the genius of We like the amoeba evoluted

        to be able to move where it wants to go

my TIKYSK home, painted on a mirror, reflects you

4. Reinhabiting our Alphabet




PPP Replaces PPPP

David C. Korten, Economic Democracy p. 166

“A new breed of Corporation Is Emerging Whose Leaders

Place Principles Before Profits.” Yes, the case demonstrates

that business can be a humane institution, but the L.A.Times

had it entirely wrong about a “new”

breed of corporation.

To the contrary, Malden Mills is a very old breed

of family firm with old- fashioned community values

that chose to defy the more trendy practice of

Putting Profits before People and Principle.



3Ps of Gaia U

Professional /Project/Personal

as structuring framework

3 P’s of Parrot, Public, Policy

speaking back with the People



SuperSkyWoman adds to the three popular “R”s words

made by looping branches, paints them & hangs them

on the stone wall up her driveway living its own vegetal life

Reading wRiting  ‘n Rithmetic

tuRn fRom the tune of

cattle & sheep

cattle & sheep

new R foR

land-use planning


ConsumeR livestock




these lands

e Roding     deg Raded    cRopland  

pRoducing feed foR

livestock consumes 70% of  gRain   pRoduction

unsimple to undo


||:  fishin with a bRain long gone  :||



on the entRails

fRom human



afteR gRowth

3 Rs of time—we’Re

fishin with a cane foR a

new 3 Rsong

conseRve    souRce   




Relocalize Reformat Rebuild

Recover Re-imagine Reconnect

Reflect Reuse Rest









THE As OF...






Use A Use A Use A...

How to Do we Use A?



3Ls= LLL = la la la =

Land Learning Laboratory

Landtrust, Like foundation,



Counterpart to scientific invention...

In her real or virtual demonstration-





Singgggggggggingggg with

LivingWebSinginggggg organisms La La La

She Learns young


  1. 5.Self-Guidance Pathways Through a MEGAPHONE 

                    A Megaphone - The Shape Announces its Trajectory       

Three main ways I work:


    Small successions play out

Found in my Journals

    Ever-ready files

real conduits

                                computer magnification


united we, knowing we  & other we inspirations


how action fans out to projects done

                        following the trajectories

            naming future direction along megaphone shape

                comparing patterns of completed projects

                    taking stock of steps taken

                lead ins to future steps

                    observing, noting choices, organic mutations



the ant moves the wheat in Montescaglioso

  1. 6.Digiphon


Learned Gel Book, but then relearned, as all organized for i-web page.

Bought domain names GKG

Bought account to house the website for now.

Used help pages on i-web, asked a buddy for tech things as they came up.

Used Mac Book Pro leopard 10.8 + 15” screen

new 24” monitor ordered, need a mac connector.

Used Microsoft Office Word and Entourage 2004, constantly crashed. Progressive crashes lost functionality, interfered with progress, tried to fix at Apple Store, took so long to rebuild database, the store had to close & lost it all. Had no time to rewrite that database overnight for MS Office yet.

When crashing, Need to make lists of open documents to remember which docs to return to before rebooting. A drag. Waiting to update to Office 2010.

Using i-life suite, updated to 2009 from 2007, took time to download old databases onto new versions. All working well in i-photo, and i-web,

but i-movie has glitches, lost sound in a good part of the clips dating way back. Need to take into apple store to restore if they can, if not, work of years is safe if dragged into projects. The newly imported clips are running fine.

Took png screen shots of parts of longer files for insertion into media shapes, but needed to resize them all to fit on webpage. Learned to read pixel size to make them fit. Moved all one page or partial page docs and png files into jpgs in photoshop to upload onto web page by dragging into the inserted media boxes. Works well.

Photoshop C3 used, for combining, cropping- resize on i-web depends on how image is imported.

Video clips and photos done on digital Pentax Optio 750Z, 7 mgpixl camera works well, little screen turns around to photo myself, (parrot video). Limitation no zoom once turned on video mode. I chose sky angled behind me.

Used Artisan 800 Epson scanner for flat papers, books, and 3-d object, saved in jpg or pdf to upload photo or text.

Use my fast 7400 DN Xerox color laser printer. I print to read & edit, so no eye strain.

Did not tackle mindmap software yet, went with my hand drawn scanned in. Will try new tech in future OPs.

7. Outline for OP 1A


What I intended to include for OP 1A but got derailed to the Book,


(Stories inspired from answering GEL questions)



The Life and Career Review

        part 1 Preparing/being timelessness stories merge with

        part 2 Living/working//being timelessness stories

        separate out nuggets cut out 1000 words – edited down

        collect image inserts         

        Portfolio of Supporting Evidence        

                        1. My IESD Definitions

                    2. Visioning My Home and Town

                    3. TIKYSK all my relations

                    4. Reinhabiting our Alphabet

                    5. Self-Guidance Through a Megaphone

                    6. Digiphon

                    7. Outline for OP 1A

Process reflections

review processes

what did I learn

what did I unlearn

did it achieve to my satisfaction

What were the problems-solutions


A Video made into a Movie + script

Tags- coming soon

My Permaculture and Reiki Certifications + evaluation

2. Portfolio of supporting documents (Supporting evidence-files)

Outline: Defensive Intelligence

CV an Unchronology’s Popcorn Logic       

Vision Statement

IESD meanings


2 action learning spirals


Coco Go successive paths tried

self-teaching one-on-one’s

Teaching Oneself by RC Morgan art critic

My Glossary

My tags

Slide show of contextual Images

OP 1A Process Description:

1. creating  Chaos stage between noting parts, pulling all back in, file when job done

2. view & cross reference

3. scan in the hand drawn & mindmaps.

4. set aside photos now, and those listed in footnotes after writing the piece.

5. Lose, find, choose, massing, begin again- find needed info & links

6. write the piece 4 days 5 hrs a day, 2-3 weeks, refine, edit wordcount from 3600 to 2900.

Note: No space for large table in my home, carry out tasks in shifts, overlap all over my furniture, move about in groupings till decided & entered on computer

7. use outdoors  AMAP  as much as possible in between the computer stuff.

8. review daily the material brainstormed, in notes in Learning journals, in blank pp, in books

9. send rough to a few people for like or delete choices, sent to Gina she loves it

10. remind myself of all the necessary processes:

11. do simple ones first

studied how to enter into the gel site via firefox, downloaded firefox

figured out how to do footnotes (deb teaches me), figured out to make my i-Website, a big improvement, learning to publish to web, links, hyperlinks, editing for size, color, no appendixes, 11 chapters, no sub chapters? No need for indented book format Val ran me through.

12. Process makes a change to website design for all of OP 1A, major shift, learning

13. List meetings GU Buddy Guild, Peers etc

use this as heading

14. Permaculture Visioning is prelude, sets the stamen pistil and flowers

We do this first before the principles, the zone, the sectors.

Use for learning contract & in appendix OP 1A

CV- need to re-order priorities

Basic info birth, Personal, family

. healers given as gifts, heroines, heroes, relations

. Health & Healing Practices

Performing at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, Italy 2005

. My Mom Alisa in our performance and exhibitions: her styrofoam, my installation, video, yarn, handmade paper

The Way We Hear Music, The Gallery at Deep Listening Space 2003

. Dad’s drawings, doodles, medical articles, books

. renovations

. Camp owner CT: directing art and operating kitchen 15 years-

60’s intro 5 chefs to farm fresh

Stone sculpting from life events

Degrees, higher studies, self study, skills

. interviews with Nature

. certifications

Chairpersonships, commissions, community, groups

Papermaking: Teaching, collaborations 1975-2005

              Editor, LIPC publications 70’s decade

Water Mark Press from 1978-present

. publications, special events

. friends of WM-keepsake-news

Associations, Memberships

. Garden club

. Community garden


. Going back in time- do for Learning Contract

Permaculture: Teaching, presentations, advocacy


                  Coco 4 month process making inoculum + alliums & legumes

        . Permaculture courses,                

        . Certification 1990-1997       

. Teaching, files                   

. Handouts, u-tube video recommended list

. Process work photos

                      . Garden Design & Consult

Achievements: honors, residencies, rejections

Artist in residence in schools, camp, for Seniors

Protest letters, advocacy, presentations

Superskywoman development, function, branding

. My tags, my Transition Town blogs, web discussions

Collections am in

Collections I hold of others’ works

Articles published, art  music permaculture


. Categories of interest, themes

. solo

. Exhibitions group

. Exhibitions staged

. Catalogs of my work solo

. Catalogs of my work group

. Critical essays English

. Critical essays Italian

. Critical essays Austrian

. Dealers holding my work

. Large projects done

. Private pieces done

. Private pieces not done yet

. Performances

. Long List of early works

. update works done- add to long list

. sketch files

. to do files

. All File categories

. ideas & drawing files not executed- for review

. Digital Photographs

. Regeneration work (new merging field in art)

. Supporting URL’s



Interactiv for David Abrams Spell of the Sensuous

Intimate series 1984-1988

Other titles


Edition books

Unique books

colophon writings

Reflective writing for films and exhibitions

Book ideas to do

Book Projects in collaboration

Water Mark Papers handmade ed 18

Water Mark Press, W Space, TIKYSK press files

Other Collaborations

Articles about me published in Books & Magazines

Rejections of submissions



Bioregional congresses attended 1987-present

ecoarts program


Biocouncil member 2009-present

. URL’s to find my own work (+google SuperSkyWoman)

. URL’s I frequent

. Transition Lyons Initiator

agendas, flyers, scribes, open space, mapping, website events

New core groups

. Civic Alliance NYC

Lifecycle scorecard group

5-day Charrette & report

Final Report


Meeting notes, goals strategies spreadsheet

SFC areas I chair

Related orgs DRCOGG, MEAN, DOLA…

SFC in Comp Plan

Town of Lyons Public process


Workshops designed, presented

Addressing Board Of Trustees

Entire Comp Plan over seeing work for Sustainability

Official report- passed by BOT 4-2010

CAC citizen’s advisory council Group

EDC redlined doc

.Chamber of Commerce Lyons member

. Chair and Editorial Board

LIPC, Xanadu, Pleasure Dome Press 70’s, 80’s

. Books

archive, find old one, new ones in process

. Magazines archived


priority of importance to me

lit, art, eco, healing

. Archives of Bioregional printed matter

categories: resolutions, Proceedings, documentation, flyers

. Archives in categories

news articles

. Files of works done

all my projects

originals listed

slide & Photo files

. Powerpoints

for PERM to date

other person’s presentations

. Collections

other person’s works

objects by theme

. Groupings of my arts by theme



Jane Doe etc.

. Hand made paper


Past works

. Ray Johnson files

collected works-200

computer files

Other famous artist files to do publications for, Montano, Higgins, Pennant, etc

3. Self Guidance Through A Megaphone:

The Shape Announces its Trajectory:

main ways I work







united we &

        other we’s pull up here


how fans out to projects done

categories within each


following the trajectories- naming categories on megaphone shape

4. Languaging: Placing Replacing Alphabet

Replacing the 3 R’s & elm art photo

3L’s= LLL = la la la =

Landtrust -or foundation

Demonstration land


Counterpart to scientific invention






Singing organisms la la la

3C’s into the 4 D’s=







distill (listed for learning contract)

3P GU-(Professional /Project/Personal) as structuring framework

3 P’s parrot, public, policy (speaking back with people)

The 3 P’s replace the 4 P’s of Putting Profits before People and Principle

The A’s=





  1. 5.Continuum- Get the Drift After Design:


                  SuperSkyWoman zaps art over the bubblegum

                            no BAM Splats
hovering, City Hall

Exploding Myths





Self foto set-ups


Ego becomes We

I becomes group

Finding the genius of We like the amoeba evoluted

to be able to move where it wanted to go

In Process Poems, Books and Novel

Find & list to do sequels on computer & files

Dreaming in public with:

David Forlines Quileutes audio tapes dreaming

Linda Montano dreaming with me

Sandra Semchuk videos us deepfelt improvised dreaming

The Big Dream Giveaway 1986 at Real Artways CT

6. Media Works

Experimantal Video tapes, DVD, CDs

Projects done & recorded

A In General elevator 3 months

Deep Listening

50/50 Napoli


My concrete sound tapes

recordings raw material

32 ways piano pieces


7. education  + sharing with others, as poetry, as art, as eco projects

artist resident in the schools late 70s to late 80s, printmaking, papermaking

Mentoring-new position after reaching age 68 in new rural location

Listening never stops-used for managing conflict and getting out progress for health & life

Maturing of skills, bringing the old skills forward to others

8. At the lips level:

use as heading for file- Gruppo TIKYSK, Synthesize, changeable, Indigenous, Permaculture, art, teaching, creating, healing, engaging public, whoever joins is in the group

files written, documenting TIKYSK

The right tool

add SSW to the self-fotos

Shadow plays (my self photos), Jasa,

scan in more Masks

Seeking water

No GMO, the big work ahead (take Vandana Shiva’s lead)

TIKYSK - Permaculture Getting to Know You

Birdsongs as music- group birdcalling recallings

9. At the Holding Level:

Copyleft = We zone out = Revolution = United We = 9/11 = changed flag-stars

Copyright = Backcasting from Exponential Functions = Evolution = Ancient We

OOOma-OOO ancestors with us

Cone of power = comes while Walking up 32nd st Portland SE, or brushing teeth

Epiphanies = TWKWSK= Knowing We = I/you becomes We

10. Process

one-on-one at the Stone Cup


Mindmaps chosen for OP1 A

Mindmaps chosen for  OP1 B

Photos chosen for OP1 A

Photos chosen for OP1 B

Files chosen for OP1 A

Files chosen for OP1 B

Poems chosen

Books chosen

List all scanned docs

List all scanned photos

List all scanned files

List all scanned mindmaps

11. My relationships with:

Teaching permaculture, WW, Lyons, via SuperSkyWoman

Evolution, Revolution, Epiphanies

The Quileutes = hand built survival, birthing stone, trance memory

Thomas Berry =one on one as lifestyle

Emanuel Winternitz = magic, old instruments

Zvi Zietlin = violins in my night, music humor

Ray Johnson = Correspondence Art, dead swans, sand crabs, dangerous plants

Dr. Richard K Bernstein = endocrine food, fuel, ancestry driven

Dick Higgins = Fluxus, Inermedia, archives, Zebras, Coco Camille

Martin Krusche = Kultur publisher, Jane Doe, holding-web-tank-pages

Margaret Tan = toy piano, inside out, Ear Magazine

SuperSkyWoman = my 2nd persona Coco Go, Haudenosaunee creation myth

Sandra Semchuk = primal forces, mud, canyons, loons, spin photography

Helmut Becker = minority Mennonite, flax, paper, plants,

Jeff Perkins = process video Perming heads

Linda Montano = self permission

Finding starfish

Tumo breathing

Acqua Alta Boots

Asking nature = ask myself, Ask SuperskyWoman

Tree-_-View one long tree, Biomass stays same

Talking circles – Med art, Mt Tremblant, Banff Centre

12. Turning points:

1957 etching, dad’s art, architecture Library at U of M, camp WAHNEE, 1959 graduation / overdue deb birth, 1962 liquid oils & Jan birth, 1965, 1st toxic poisoning, 1966 1 yr old Rob on Ritalin, 1967, new pastel methods bring on conscious world problem/solutions,1971 writing poetry, sculpting in stone, teaching art; 1974 waterfront; big art space, Vandercook arrives on flat bed from a cloud of dry ice, finish timeline for learning contract up to: 2010 work towards legalizing Sustainability, Self reliance, regeneration…

13. Process reflections

review all processes

what did I learn

what did I unlearn

did it achieve to my satisfaction

What were the problems-solutions

  1. 14.Training my successors

Multi-path , groups, individuals, community, teaching, presentations, by example, serving government bodies, listening to criticism and detachment, listening to conflict, cafe meet-ups with strangers and friends, walks, garden talk, continue courses to seniors,  get help from others who can train, Transition town hub, find commonalities...Each group is asking about next steps of  collaborating with other like groups, seems in the air right now to seek larger outreach with like people, a good sign for the “flock” steering a good course together.

Pauline Oliveros dreaming with me, video A Schloss, Med Art Congress

& so to Dreamzzzzzzzzz












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