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My original outline for parallel career / life review is now in my CV for further reference and spine use, holding up to view where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going. My OP process reduces/expands to vignettes imbedding cultural contexts often pointing to genetic contexts favoring survival.

Humanity on a cusp opens awareness to eco-geologic self-learning-unlearning. Am feeling the inherent injustice of my Holocaust-Exodus  background and cultural influences. Genetic survival of life favored by grand scale continuance of geological eras, birthed from sun grounds me.

Chapters of story contain framing nuggets and images that outgrow the GEL site use. Nesting and tesselated thinking/being seem served better by website. With guild-buddy suggestion, I begin: obtain domain names, arrange for Mobile Me DNS-host, update i-life to 09, start-up i-Web pages. My learning curve is steep, but it seems to transfer the Timeless present I feel. Unlearning to not follow my advisor’s suggestion to use the Gel site is risky.

Is time a pointless race?  I’m grateful for slow SuperSkyWoman freefall. OP 1A is an adventure of mergings. Story into flow. I cut it all up, discard excess, re-order vignettes, revisit early entries to life that imbed learning and unlearning. Testing exposition techniques from novels satisfies handshaping, social-art, body-mind use like travel through a Quileute underground tunnel in trance.

I can tell you oral story telling and fiction challenge the artist-poet. Forgetting is a tool for staying fresh, while remembering is appreciated for clear expository interest. I began designing my books by publishing others first, here I delve directly with new confidence.

Tech is time consuming. I could move more, sleep more. I perceive my anomaly of health outdoors constricting to polluting yet enabling vehicles. My eyes are dry and inconvenient to open from monitor radiation. Energy used is huge, yet I have this energy, the creative ‘Up” is welcome.

I‘m learning new skills that prime process by unlearning old methods and updating new ones. Are Pioneer times like this, congruent with life entering Thomas Berry’s posited Ecozoic era? Grooves in the brain deepen with practice and troubleshooting. I love organizing and editing to find a new shape. Will content, atmosphere and the unconscious, pattern my timelessness when I finally process on automatic? What will that life look like?

I ask myself and you to weigh in values/balance during this ever-changing-draft degree-full of skill/achievements.

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