Coco Go as SuperSkyWoman


Parrot Learning / Unlearning for Op 1A


Parrot, Learning, Unlearning Joins Gaia U to Get Unstuffed

P: Hello hello, Hello hello

C: Howdy

P: Where did you find me?

Where did you find me?

C: Lyons re-runs

P: What’s that?

What’s that?

C: Hey, I have a question

P: GO Ahead, Shoot!

GO Ahead, Shoot!

C: What are you doing here?

P: I’m Learning, I’m Learning

C: What are you learning?

P: What are you learning?

C: I asked you first

P: OK Ponder this,

OK Ponder this

C: What ponder?

C: Who are you?

P: Who are you?

C. I’m from Gaia U!

C: And you ponder what?

P: Unlearning, Unlearning

C: Are you unlearning now?


P: Eh Eh,   Uh-huh Uh-huh

C: What are you unlearning?

P: To unstuff myself, To unstuff myself

C: How can you do that?

P: Not easy, Not easy

P: Hey, Who’s asking? Hey, Who’s asking?

C: Me

P: Who’s behind this?, Who’s behind this?

C: Gaia U?

P: Hmmmmm more to ponder, Hmmmmm more to ponder

Hmmmmm more to ponder, Hmmmmm more to ponder

C: How does it feel?

P: To find out? To find out?

C: Yep!

P: And, To be interrogated? And, To be interrogated?

C: Yep!

P: Easy,   Easy!  I like to be turned on! I like to be turned on!

C: So tell me…

C: Any other reactions?

P: Let’s see hmmmmm, Let’s see hmmmmm

C: Can you unlearn yourself?

P: You got a suggestion?  You got a suggestion?

C: Who wants you stuffed?

P: Who wants ME stuffed? Who wants ME stuffed?

C: Who loves you real?

P: Real? Real?

C: Yes, where do you live?

P: Not here with YOU? Not here with YOU?

C: with who else?

P: Who else? Who else?

C: That’s right.  The greater picture!

P: All those children?   All those children?

C: Do you keep them from knowing?

P: What? What?

C: The real you…

P: HaHaHaHaHAHahaha, HaHaHaHaHAHahaha

C: Laughing’s good (thinking, is this inverted RC?)

P: Hahahahahaha, Hahahahahaha

C: How do you affect children?

P: You mean the real ones? You mean the real ones?

C: Real Children, Yes

P: Ya know they’re stuffed too! Ya know they’re stuffed too!

C: Pity you say that…

P: I say what I mean you mean, I say what I mean you mean

C: Come again?

P: You mean me I am, You mean me I am

C: You talk in puzzles

P: Like the real me,  Like the real me

C: Can you unlearn the real you?

P: That’s evident! That’s evident!

C: How come?

P: I just did… I just did…

C: You did?

P: Yup! Yup!

C: Tell me how…

P: You’re my friend hmmmmm, You’re my friend hmmmmm

If you’re my friend hmmmmm, If you’re my friend hmmmmm

P: HAHAHAHAhahahaha, HAHAHAHAhahahaha, HAHAHAHAhahahaha

P: I don’t need a real one? I don’t need a real one?

P: Or if I’m your friend, Or if I’m your friend

P: You don’t need a real one?  You don’t need a real one?

Together: Hm, Hmmm, Hmm, Hmmmmm, Hm...

P: Hmmmmmm, Hmmmmmm

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