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influence new stories at any point

The dollar bill designed with 100 pennies to fall out when handled, similar to Inflation, handmade paper 1988

1. Where does this little city girl find her minds-eye images? Her journey-full of fingerprints, drawers, choppy seas, huge manmade constructs of escape: ocean liners, fire escapes, Houdini in chains. Escape is all the rage, Houdini jumps from the George Washington Bridge walkway, a night like this “Only the Shadow Knows”. Walls move in on the radio play, serial potential-killers or Fairy Tales? “Return next week”. Superman with bolt of lightning made real is with her, presaging TV & i-Tunes*.

What a privilege to span such destruction and the universe as a design problem.

2.  As ever, she has the Indigenous feel of oneness with Nature, above below, stalac-tite  stalag-mite. Sun speaks, a bleeding heat wholeness to her heart.

No need for mind-devouring noise-making, silent with timeless cycles using technology of chairs as her playhouse before TV came a-chorusingggg.

She still loves slow. Travel then a trolley, slow is returning in slow

food. What you see is what you feel and visa versa.

10. Permaculture visioning is prelude, sets the stamen pistil and flowers. She teaches this first before the principles, the zones,

the sectors.

3. Origin stories huge as Blue Turtle could carry the

World, are placemarkers for SuperSkyWoman action,

intensely involved with nature then as now.

Loving carrots bought lovingly insistingly from a vendor who threw them out, (to raise consciousness) placed on the drum of a Quileute elder made by him at age 10 (gifted to raise her consciousness).

4. Elders share their way of knowing with her, swans riddled with bullet holes on a beach, Seal whiskers & a carved empowering-greeter in La Push, Nonna ‘s simple hand-technologies, stitching lace, darning, crochet.

She learns to make patterns with newspaper on-body. When she turns

eleven the swiftness with which she takes up a hem matches the time it

takes the customer to pay the bill. That’s gainful employment at

minimum wage and maximum advantage!

Nonna’s embroidery she lives with today

5. When she does her life regression she finds herself happy mellow at three, and ten.

Where’s the trauma? “Not here”,

says Knowing-child, letting go of

fashion to improvise. Is this

“Defensive Intelligence” or


Odense Festival Denmark 1997 debut of movable paintings on recycled dry-cleaning plastic bags, for Ray Johnson to kick out the bottom line against himself

  1. 6.Late 40’s Her father fingerpaints the then of Nagasiaki, and the now of then, contrasting

glow and fear, atom bomb; cities in unnoticed timelapse growth, loss of farms, civic duty

appeals. Quests for dominance sink into ponderment. No wonder few have anything to say,

she intuits, Life is pretty much taken care of by the progress system. All one has to do is speed through a day repeating one’s best learned skill. You’d think All is taken care of this way. She notices how together, the sum of all parts never tells a whole story. So much is missing. She notes the clones and robots, so boring. It’s lucky to want more, do more than one professional thing. This is how all she does all her life becomes accomplishments.

  1. 7.Volunteer borage sprouts placemark her garden as her eyes shut again, So Tired. The So Tired part she understands, but where does the rest of the title come from? So Tired, What Does Being Mean? Her interleaf of two books, people and things So Tired she’d printed to read both ways apart and put back together. Is it triggered by dropping bagfulls of food on a mattress dragged out to her Komoka garden? That feeling of kicking off her shoes, So Tired? She’d repeated the enactments dressed in blue, yellow then red fruity prints sprawling the fringed olive damask, emphasis on the self-photographed posture. Each time her desperation engaged the very act of being.

So Tired action, Komoka Ontario1984

8. She knows what to do with left over paint cans, will it be a paint art recycling project for her town?i She couldn’t say it better, “When I am in my painting I’m not aware of what I’m doing. It is only after a sort of ‘get acquainted’ period that I see what I have been about. I have no fears of making changes, destroying the image, etc., because the painting has a life of its own.” “I can control the flow of paint: there is no accident: just as there is no beginning and no end. -Jackson Pollock     ...Naturespeak?

Duck and Cover drawing 1990

9. Is the woods to right of her house a Petri dish for diagnosing another snapped up

commons, leading to so many stone hearts and soft brains? Imagine is a generational

phenomenon. The silent generation between 40‘s duck & cover and new Theater-wars. How

many know the PNAC? Project for the New American Century strategic commands that rule

along with a privatized Federal Reserve to rein in the triumvirate Economic instability, Post-

Peak Oildom, and Climate Catastrophe. Who’s no longer imagining?
As action heroine Superskywoman she listens. She knows. Many know. Knowing Transition-Towns spring up in the hundreds. Rob Hopkins throws his first primer into the air to fall in a clearer Pattern Language. Bring it on!

Flag waving frog made from Shitake mushrooms laid live on xerox machine 1990

Within one month, her Dad’s 1920‘s inflationary $ increased from one Hundert Kronen to Hundert Millliarden Marks. Yes? Again?






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