Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman

My OP 1A Life and Career Review

Chapter 1 She’s callingggggg youuuu…

The little girl spoke no language. That’s what the teacher thought.  She said, “I have bad news. Something is wrong with your daughter.” “What makes you say that?”  “She never speaks.” “Oh, you see she only knows Italian, but understands everything, she’s listening.” And so the little girl soon skips half a year of schooling, jumping scalloped fences that keep dogs out of Hudson River Park’s petunias, landing as The Mushroom in Alice in Wonderland.

When she sows seed around brownstones, that action with classmates, sprouting the table-map of Manhattan Island is sung into their hearts. Her only year in private school leaves her yearning, providing self-actuated education. (1)

                           [Redundancy is good. Deep listening activated]

When that young girl is awarded a residency 45 years later where there are no American Flags, she discovers a weaver’s loom beyond her imagination. It doesn’t put the words in for her exactly but yes it does. All she has to do is program the letters, numbers and images she wants, and the warp strands  part for her weft. Her intention? To calm her President. Her shawl uses 0101 binary language of computers to communicate cultural time. In the center, her target (2)

          [Being proactive equals unlearning]

The left side reads, 0+ 1+0+1 B+U+S+H, the right,  0+1+0+1 A+M+AZ+ON. The action should be subtle but large enough to reach him. Exaggerated emotional scale of Amazon clearcuts, trees plucked by fallerbunchers. Way into air and thud like thunder out of control.

[Pockets of missing biomass are felt far away from the source]

           [In Permaculture language, Amazonian 
           source of loss leads to a sink  of unintended 
          consequences. Lifeloss, Overbuilding, toxic 
          wastes, processed materials. Overuse 
          and dump needs future unlearning (3)]


This President has to be calmed, grounded. On inner-circuit TV she wages a comprehensive campaign, Tree (Dis)Placement View (4) as public art, informing the entire Banff Centre network to look for moving trees. Unwarned, some Meztitzos catch drift of her art, waft her to the Athabasca woodlands to plant seedling trees in ceremonial gesture with their people.

               [They spirit each others’ collaboration]        
      [Truly learning from unlearning genocide together]

Chapter 2

Enter Bebe

In a Suite, Via Roma, Genova a first girl is born. Her father midwifing, transfers her from womb to rest on his Hamburg Steinway. Plays a Suite of Bach. She is anchored, he thinks, with our Love, only No, she is afraid at the edge. Afraid of falling faaaaaaaalllling. Not even a waterfall could be as romantic, he thinks, nor as precarious, she senses. She is setting autonomic functions for all her life senses. Music is the least of it. Her doctor, booked to birth her has a story she will tell. A return to a scene from a night before, restoring virginity.

[Are all doing the least they can in throes of Wartime? 
[Wrap a virtual shawl around a dictator to dampen his actions? 
[What are her Assumptions? 
[Any single action pushes some other action across its universe? 
[Distance immediately bridged?
[Thought travels the indigenous shamanic way? 
[When is an individual a group? 
[How can a group fail? 
[How does nature acknowledge us as one? 
[Would we be failing Social Justice if we knew we are nature?

Richard gives his Cherokee welcome to CBCX at The farm in TN Oct 2009

Her paintings age eight are landscape introspectives, blue toenail in a field, herself feeling like a little boy playing a banjo floating on green foothills, distant mountains. Her culture-scape models are the great artists in MOMA, where she takes oil painting lessons. Picasso’s Guernica bears her core of understanding. That political side doesn’t yet show. Her brush full impasto, she paints oils on cardboard shirt-inserts and cast-off wood planks with satisfaction, making whole from a part.

MOMA student painting, Boy with Mandolin

[No need to escape from our time if there is no time. 
What was, will be, is. 
[MCLuhan’s mosaic of universe applies. 
[Push here moves there. 
[Extract here shifts all. 
[What will we do plays what we are (5)

Her jacket in high school reads BBG, B’NaiBrith Girls. they spend Saturdays on a bus to Hackensack NJ to be with children who others classify retarded. All dance, then go to the Roller Derby in Englewood to watch Tuffy Bazoon bound over the edge.

[Collective intention empowers unslavery 
Unlearning is unslavery]

Towed across country by train, she asks only for asparagus. 
Her father is investigating becoming the personal physician 
for Louis B. Mayer of MGM.  In Hollywood her mother and 
father cannot not wake up to wastefulness of so many 
chickens all dressed up, in the garbage. Nor the empty 
liquor bottles.  Young Coco prefers visiting upstate retreats 
of doctors, country homes of her father’s friends, one belonging 
to the Goldberg brothers, Manhattan Project engineers now
working in Katonah and Woods Hole Marine Biological Labs on her father’s research measuring blood flow. (6)

At eleven, she designs and sews her clothing, works in a dress shop shortening crinolines.

[She loves being holder of the pins, her mother’s role of necessity, 
waiting for father’s prolonged escape from the Nazis]

Chapter 3

Copliandia Spain, and Kunztkanzlei Vienna installation

She learns indigenous ways are always hers, They Give Us They Take Away (7)  The Independence she feels is earned by genetics which is her first clan. Thomas Berry coaches her to prize it, not join an ecovillage, All you really need is Love...  
Danger lurks. Her father awaits his German visa. After dramas that comprise a book, all  are separated like a tidal wave taking apart then depositing all back miraculously onto one granite, safe in NY. She’s unlearned who almost succeeds to turn them away. Midtown. Bursts of laughter from the quartet. Her father accompanies, preparation for a concert. They transpose a phrase into higher off-key. In-joke, under the bedroom door. Hers and Nonna Emma’s. She laughs. Nonna snores. 
In a photograph Nonna Emma sings MadamaButterfly,       
No recordings. HER protective Giuglio doesn’t allow 
performance in public. Lace gowns, filigree buckles, (8) 
her M.A.G.I.C. could have been Mischief, Animism, 
Geomancy and Interspecies Communication.

[Can memory unchoose dominance 
patterns, rigid hierarchical expectations? Do       In now time as not one
abused rights come from de-forestation then 
civilization? Where did all the best trees go? 
Deep in Georgia lake-bottoms? (9)]

When she takes positions of the subdued, the oppressed, 
her parents have no clue to her behavior, they’ve saved 
her from the Nazis, are comfortable in NY. Her combined 
exacting, inquisitive stand-alone demonstrative, observing, 
reactive temperament is at a different stage than theirs.

[Growth is unlearning the immigrant to catch put downs.
                    Remember not all can have the fun of living in a drawer of escape]        
                 [A chase around the planet can add muscle. A negative = silver lining]

One of her father’s patients is Gordon Craig (10), 
another Gary Grafman. She loves Emanuel 
Winternitz, magician who pulls nickels from her 
ears, rabbits off her head. He discovers a trove 
of ancient musical instruments in the basement 
of the MET. Later, his book, Musical Instruments 
and their Symbolism in Western Art  is published.
 (11)  Years before, she imagines versions of 
ancient musical instruments in her sandcasts: 
found fur, bubble-plastic, pressed carved plaster 
stamps into clay edges. She remembers 
a letter she wrote him long ago, 
Thank you Winternitz for your magic.

[This wealth remains inside her, like bean seeds found 
fertile eras later.]

[She often repeats to herself, “I didn’t know then how much 
I would miss writing longhand letters. Nor the richness of 
humble advisors who don’t realize they’re advising yet 
take interest in the smaller version of a humble father.”] 

[Art unites our generations.]

Chapter 4

She screams, “Help! I’ve pulled apart my nesting book, 
So Tired, What Does Being Mean”, reading forward 
interleaves and backwards apart. Who knew it would 
lead to SuperSkyWoman in Hohenwald learning 
from Katherine Austin Fitts, whom to trust, Chicken 
or egg. (make the napkin chicken) (Ask her to roll one up & pull!)

[Every page is unlearning. Past present 
future converge every instant. Enter 
re-enter. A different universe waits 
for every next move.]

Hurricane Carol sucks around her 1955 
near the Woods Hole Marine Biological 
Labs. When not researching, her father 
plays piano sonatas by heart for hours 
for the Sylvia Crane scientific intelligentsia. 
Her image of his powerful remembering the                         
music presented without ‘The Music’, matches the               Art:
force of tracks de-railed from ballast way over 
there with her heart.         
                       Dad’s drawings of rockerbottom Diabetic shoes

[Context is observing that ageless scale, 
Blue Turtle could carry the World!]

Her father is a Heinz. She loves his German name 
made famous by Ketchup, No, really his discovery 
of Subcutaneous Ossification, and, Karlheinz 
Stockhausen’s avant garde contributions. A key 
to HER avantgarde is homage to ancestors. 
Her Heinz shares his medical drawings before 
publishing them, listening to what she has to 
say. He’s a befitting father, well chosen.

[Their intellectual sharing becomes back-up, 
on an emotional order of feeling the sun’s cells. 
It leads the way to breathing life to being, 
in her own way. (12)]

Father’s genetics? She has zero joke telling abilities, but his engrams (13) groove.

[We hold a braid of action learning / 
unlearning going for genetic love.]

Mother poses for Congelo next to the flamingo stopped by a strip of warning-tape, Artline Do Not Cross.  

[Aaaaagh, a life with perceptive monkeys.]

Nonna reads the torah (14) Saturdays in bed, no work no talk. Nonna’s favorite fables are told in Italian without a book, The monkey drops hats on the sleeping man who wakes up to luxury. She honors her parent’s history yet knows, “I have to get blasted-fastly out of that household to be me”. She does, a year early. 

Chapter 5

The healer as young bawling refugee. A Coco at 
six months on a boat to a promised land. She 
knows she’s able to BE as needed. Menstruation 
takes her by surprise. No one tells. Her own 
health is sacred. Father overreacts to teen-rebellion, 
tests her by famous psychiatrist. She fools them 
both by reading Rorschach ink blobs like an artist.

[What a chunk of unlearning to outguess 
the Psychiatrist. These days town officials are
frightened not knowing how to engage with 
non-engagement. A feat 37 years in 
power play, they eagerly place advanced 
Permaculture clauses in the Comprehensive 
Town Plan to not engage with non-engagement.]

When she lives on Long Island harbor, she notices the 
peppers she grows are stunted from salt air.  She 
wades with sixty-one swans, tides going cobalt or copper, yellow-to-mauve with storms which lush her handmade-
paper palette. Her life-size Piano-traps in poured-paper-
over-wire become vessels for prolific ecologically-
conscious dreams.

She remembers 1944, finding starfish in Long Island 
Sound where family swim and large bridges will follow. 

[Development mucks up waters, 
supplants reeds with highways. ]

[She knows all know. Downward spirals. 
Lifestyle trashed, Nature buried.]

Her family has already been catapulted into the
privilege of social divorcing from geological time 
and dirty fingernails. 

[She knows geological time is her earth time, not 
civilization. All humans live on the head of pin.]

In her dreams she takes such long steps over 
civilization, she wakes thinking, Really, I’m  
spanning rooftops. The Child’s “I Make My 
Own Dream” recurs. It needs no ink. 
Her mother later interprets her print style 
as vapid, no life. But she feels a special 
privilege living on the head of a pin. 
SuperSkyWoman is yet to be born from 
her, pushing her off that peopled pinhead.

[Geological, fathom that! Breathing a deep 
No-Time. Right here in No-Time.]

Jean Francois Bory makes a big impression on her with concrete poems of 3-D letters strewn on a beach. That abandon is permission to write any style of poetry and critique seriously. She takes her small entry as a room closed off for her writing. Her home is a post-war utopian military style village Levitt house in Westbury, small, open-plan 50’s simple. Husband: 
Mike. Children: Deb, Jan, Rob. Dog: Rusti-Belle. House: Mellow Lane. She marvels at John’s onions next door. Prunes her apple, peach trees from inside them, loves her hammock. (34) 

Later she makes eight life sized handmade-paper hammocks to experience balancing, one a person-size book, flip pages, pick word, lie in it; another has holes for the legs, lined fastidious with overlapped white flax paper feathers. 

[Webbed feet slip on to shove off from. 
She feels like Some Bird. (15)]

Some Bird writes a book of Bird Music to her 
mother’s Sound-of-the-Wind styrofoam art.

Chapter 6

Roaming Canada making paper, she learns properties of plants, who uses them and why. She loves foraging for real abundance. She does not thank supermarkets as abundance providers. White bread is Substitute Abundance.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>

She’s attracted in the seventies to Ree Morton’s (16) 
ethic, Abundance is “Let tempo of sculpting float 
independently from documentation, The Plant That 
Heals Also Poisons”. She measures by what’s
unexpected, conscious + top-of-the-head. Niche? 
Take it.
[Combined substance becomes evolutionary expression]  

When she looks back 60+ years, she’s been intensely out-in-the-open being nature. 

[She now converses with nature as part of self-sustenance.  
To river, spider, moss she asks her major questions of the day.]

Nature tells her it equates indigenous mistreatment with horrors done to itself, feels its entire past: manufactured wars, rape, cities stealing farmland, riverbank straightening, imposition of dominance over healthy commons. Nature knows the Megamachine, dark skin Undergrounds, even plastic-dumping in oceans. High-volume express channel-runs to sea, all stages of t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-too late. Roots tap in. 

[Death holds the seed. Life bursts it.] 

[Hu-Mor is a Character Trait. 
Artists with analagous 
pursuits DO understand 
analagous language.]       worms eat stars out of the flag


        ~                        Page from LM&C 
Bunkmates tease worms into her ear at Farm Camp Lowy, 
she doesn’t like the crawlys, Is there an ism for tease? Teas-ism?

[We eat forever worms that give us themselves 
by dying into compost when unfed, or 
multiplying to create more earth when fed.]     Matisse dance         

Chapter 7

Her eyes flash, Believe it!  She’s lumped with 
isms, Italian, jew, immigrant, younger than her 
class, wears thick shoes, makes strange art, 
dreams of sponges, stands out, is last called-
on, left-out.

By the time she meets feminists, social justice
takes more years to arrive at ecofeminism. Enter SuperSkyWoman (17) hovering with friends of all ilk.  

[Being part of the scene, 
at one with the universe 
remains a world view 
she can believe.] 


Red worms in a Tribeca store 
window? Feeding compost to 
exercise Unframed Intelligence? 
A Curious Intelligence, 
Those seven pointed Iraqi stars 
in her American flag, food colored 
to not harm the worms, chewed out in four months. January 
in that un-insulated window, Ray Johnson calls daily to ask how the worms are doing in the cooooold. You might wonder why one artist is calling another artist about the safety of worms. 
It speaks volumes for envirosocial art.  Street-stopping 
questions lead to her  sound poem, Worms Sing Worms 
Don’t Make Noise,  convincing her again that nature 
is built on cultural and genetic Geological time, vs a human cultural and genetic Blip time. 

[Intelligence alone needs perceptive added 
classifications. Could the grid pattern language of NYC 
affect the worms? Can a grid be earth inventive? 
Nooooooooooo, singggggg the worms.]

It’s not always so. Not Always So by Shunryu Suzuki finds 
her years later, that’s another story about cultures 
of misconception dropped on the unsuspecting. 

[Feel Boxed? 
Zen practice. 

She throws the i-Ching, practices ZaZen, the Tau, Tai Chi, 
Qi Gong, learns Yoga, The Microcosmic Orbit, Reiki certification. She broadcasts found squashed recycling-days-umbrella-parts as her personal i-Ching.”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””>

[Indigenous clans never lose unlearning.] 

Artists practice unlearning overtime in the art underground: Warhol, Beuys, Allcroft, Neu, Goldberg. Bill Rice. Congelo.

Independent artists keep relatively clear of creating 
negativ-isms. She bunkers-a-week in Sohozat (18) 
storefront-window dropping chromosome shapes-
in-paper symbolizing Genetic manipulation as part 
of the 50 women windo© peace group protesting 
Cruise Missiles lurking nearby.

She never runs out of relevant Holistic work, always 
unlearning advice that counters her better judgment. 


[Observe the action, what opportunity to climb the Infinite Bottom Line 
by washing and hanging LidoBeach-rescued plastic up to dry.(19)] 

Chapter 8

Today, as years prior she follows her inner guide, unresponsive to being shot. 

[Questioning Unframed Intelligence, is this term prejudicial? 
Is she exemplifying an arrogance of subordinations to consider longevity of worms superior beyond her own brief life on the 
head of a pin?  Is jumping off into timelessness a dominance? 
Is measuring by geological time another colonial dominator attitude?] 

Are all those scientists interviewed about the meaning of life in the book she’d find, Mind Life and Universe: Conversations with the Great Scientists of our Times edited by Lynn Margulis and Eduardo Punset, displaying a kind of intelligence-ism older than femin-ism, even older than words, call it language-ism? What of her De-Signed Intelligence answer to David Abrams’ pre-linguistics study, The Spell of the Sensuous?  And what of the Birthing Stone thrown back to ocean returning yearly?

[What brings about questioning herself upon 
return from Gaia University?] 

Grouped amoebae moving forward (20) may well answer why humans take generations to act on individually approved, proven shifts in understanding. 

[Will community unlearn long lasting dominance? 
OOOmaooooooh‘Da flow.]

Life IS flowing. Well inundated. Centipedes, slugs, glistening pearly larva bugs thick and quickdive under the moist composted horse manure. Move anything and there’s 
skittle, munch, burrow through these sectors. 

Nature is her direct link. (21) Long before she notices it 
they converse freely. Somewhere her mother-in-law 
addresses Jewish abilities to administer smother-love, 
forcing deep substitution of deep spirit. What works 
is “alone-ism” without the ism. 
Washing dishes is HER-time.

[Be self-assured when alone. 
Spirituality is personal, 
universal, not an ism.]

Homecoming she feels The Aging Upstart. Retrieves 
and sorts mail, walks town shop to shop, friend to 
friend noticing huge changes. Pale landscape. Crushed 
fines. Well-sparsed plantings. What? Mis-designed 
hospital-like railings? This $million and half dollar Main 
Street rebuild is fanfared to catapult Lyons out of 
build-out, only no one predicts details. Higher curbs. 
Newly engineered fast drainage. Mollison-trained elder, 
she finds flaws.  Knows curbcuts, how to sink the 
source of contaminated water. Cadmium, failed septics 
add nonsense into everyone’s St Vrain River, their 
commons. These headlands head waters out to both 
oceans from the Continental Divide. A surprise from 
Portland can help. (22) Stored in her digital camera. 
Stored behind her eyes. Cleanly designed curb cuts. 

[Lines of design are clever. Easy to see how to DBOM and SWOT. [57]]

Chapter 9

[Is she alone seeing? Does she need 
a congregation of seer peers?] 

It doesn’t take much singing “Keyline” in her mind. Permaculture teaches her to see. 

[If life is a sector flow, she finds herself participating.]

John Bonner posits humans might, like Amoebae need groovy grouping-as-one to fire its collective synapses to get them moving forward, lighting up the proverbial tunneling of group. 

[Does this answer why it takes so long, 
even generations to move from the 
knowing of first discovery to creating 
a new paradigm that works better 
at un-stressing the earth?]

An old voice returns, “Share only surplus beyond what earth needs for itself; ask first, then listen to my voice that says ‘Take only what I tell you’, remember to thank. Always Thank” is a message today, explaining ethics of Permaculture to 10 Seniors at Walt Self Senior Housing. DW looks troubled. She only has one conversation last week with DW. He embodies the plea 
of birds in our area endangered by CDOT widening roads around nesting caves. What a sensitive observer, 
she decides as he whispers to her in Sotto Voce, 

[“We are one of them, We are one of them.”]

OK, this is stellar. He knows humans and Nature are one. She knows he quickly understands the organizing concept of Bioregionalism as watershed being fully home to all its inhabitants. 

When she begins today’s presentation, “Follow after me”, they repeat where they are leaving, where arriving, then do the Bioregional Jump (23). together sitting in their circled chairs. The big-small released whoop and holler shakes their cores. DW doesn’t give a clue as all are delighting. In the pan of an hour she passes around a Benicia $5 note, showing them this kind of currency is suggested on their own scribed design for a Community Clearinghouse. (24).  

[He’s drawing the local currency with hands in air.]

DW retraces his steps after walking home, rising in front of her as if peering over a fence, Oh, I saw it just now, perfectly! It starts with Steamboat Mountain closest to town, then separated by mist at each elevation to taller mountains right back to the tallest Rockies drawn in scale, until we have all our famous mountains stacked with mist in between. 

[Barter and alternate currency entices them; it can benefit 
seniors and town. This group can have a large effect bringing 
affordable exchanges into being just by beginning to publicly 
design a local Lyons currency. This facet of their design 
can stand alone, shovel-ready.] 

Chapter 10

Epiphanies, revolution and evolution. The shape they make is a megaphone, (more to come in the Learning Contract). Blasts of Talking Circles, Big Dream Giveaway, Waves of Earth. No More Water is sonorous from the wide end. Abuse is so edge.

Newly employed old friends grease the wheel of localized commerce after Lyons’ facelift. Shmooze and a good dose of Gaia U-type hugs along the way, she remembers to meet the professor from CSU at Willow Way Demonstration Permaculture Farm. He’s contracted to coach the team on observing a block-grant-funded natural-weed-control study (25): How to supplant chemical usage on rampant bindweed by growing benign edible controllable Lambs quarters and Cochia.    A  twelve-year-old Sierra-Rose with seven-year-old sister arrive with parents to mastermind a campaign they are convinced will fan out from Boulder to the entire world. As Earth Guardians (26), these children strategize with deep perception of already honed public speaking appearances. They come fresh with messages that awed top NYC officials, Boulder City Council: 

[“Why are children being forced to eat toxic food in schools?.]

Representatives of Walter Self in Washington D.C. study 
fresh food menus. Meals brought into their kitchen jump nutrition up a huge notch. See, no more chocolate excesses eeeeeeeeeeeeee, or falling asleep at the table from sugar overloadzzzz.  Most seniors prefer organic choices and tastes now. 


She ponders, I’m washing the clothes I wore in Portland: 
a hand-twisted silk shoulder bag, a green silk bandana, 
a teal sweater and a wine sweater.


The first item shrinks as it touches water, no matter 
how she stretches it pulls back to smaller shape. The 
second bandana immediately bleeds green. The third 
relaxes, lets her wring then stretches back to its 
original shape. The fourth drops clots of wool on 
sink and sheds fibers making her hands look red.

[How does washing recall her life and 
career involvement with unlearning?] 

OOOOOmaoooSandra come back to our Future of 
Hands and Feet we live camping on Maui Beaches, 
remember-oooooooze and our indigenous pie-sliced-
land friends? (27) Brushing teeth triggers Emily Harvey 
I miss you why did you die? Barbara Harmony I want 
to hear from you and she calls. Intelligence-isms, 
heart-isms, always someone dear. 

[Washing questions gestures of oppression. Defines origins. 
Floods in deep recall.  She feels beamed direct from sun cells. 
Waters & Friends advise her to roll out a Water Currency.]

Chapter 11            EARTH GUARDIANS

Clues in Tom Kirkwood’s interview, Our culture 
is the culture of unlearning. (28) His chapter, 
Inevitability of Aging? leaps out in the usual random 
way she opens books. 

[What is the future for survival of human 
longevity versus ancestral bacteria? 
Evolution of photosynthesis?

What determines arrogant bids for stupor-supremacy 
over earth? Now this last question is her voice taking 

Here’s the scoop, Ghetto in Ancona on the Adriatic 
Sea. Her great great grandfather, first Rabbi makes history as first Ghetto is freed in Italy. Being different from within her genetic source makes it easy for her to be different across disciplines.

She enlists with Global poetry Day at Ground Zero to make amends with all her local business friends and caretakers, transit workers, firemen, vendors to tell them they ARE poetry, asking them to choose a poem they would like to keep. For a city action this crosses several disciplines, and she learns new stories told watching the eyes, and grateful shared listening.

[Whoaaa Cosmopolitan Freedom what were we thinking?]

Thomas Berry stresses Universities and Religion need unlearning. 
His idea of Bible is to referent nature. Religion of tree and sky churns in her, a huge welcome unlearning. Hers in Bioregional circles is cathedral of sky, Lake Coboseecontee, defending roots from car impactionsOooooooh save the radicalOoooo, save-the rooootsOoooooooo-come-with-me!



1. Cherokee elder welcoming the Bioregional Congress to their home exemplifies self-actuated education
2. This target was flanked by two 24 foot long string-drawings of automatic rifles. A present target represents immigrants now killed at borders.
3. Emma’s arboretum query to the waters in Venice (my grandchild then 8 years old understands immediately how to speak with nature), see below.
4. My 3 months art residency in Canada when the first Gulf Wore broke out and ended during my stay, I constructed a pinhole camera, photographed the journey of biomass as fallen trees returning to its starting place taken indoors, through walls, back out into a form of one long tree, viewer participation, published in my book, Blip Culture.
5. Reminded by his Pearls of Wisdom in Dad’s book,  A 70 years in Medical Journey through an Extraordinary Century, Heinz I Lippmann, MD, F.A.C.P., F.R.S.H.
6.  Dad’s Book, p 24: “I was looking for a better blood flow measuring method and found Alexander Kolin who had worked out a clever electromagnetic induction method (independently also developed by Wetterer), using a magnet surrounding a vessel under scrutiny. K. was also the author of a text on physics, was a first class violinist and played chamber music at home. There, once I had the pleasure to meet A. Einstein. 2nd violinist in this group. Kolin recommended the brothers Harold and Milton Goldberg who had worked during the war with Peagram at Columbia University ( Manhttan Project). We soon figured out a method adaptable to clinical use, based really on Faraday’s 1834 discovery of electromagnetic induction to measure volume in arms and legs to measure blood flow which we patented”.
7. written from my experience at the Quilieute nation 1988-91
8. nonna’s buckles photo below.
9. Clearcut old growth trees are kept in inventory deep below sight where they are preserved for future profits.
10. Edward Gordon Craig, exiled from England, was the great British theater producer, son of Ellen Terry and boyfriend of Isadora Duncan who had been strangled by her scarf while riding with him in a car. He complained of chest pains as though on a stage. Sensing his real trouble, Dad admired his performance and asked for a repeat which he gladly did and which established a friendship. He enjoyed meeting “a doctor who understood drama”.
11. Yale University Press 1979
12. Huntington Museum show- the carriage house doors open to 70’s pouring paper, Vandercook press arriving, Raw Hands & Bagging, Coco’s first published book in tandem with her exhibition in the Huntington Museum of Art 1978.
13. Dad often spoke to me about Roger Granit’s engram work.
14. The sacred torah scrolls were kept in this box.
15. Hammock with webbed feet, Body Books show, Central Hall Gallery, SOHO, NYC 1984
16. Ree Morton bridged painting and sculpture, as seen in her Whitney Museum show before she died in a car crash 1978.
17. Coco does the Matisse dance with Skywoman, SuperSkyWoman and the three animals that slow her fall.
18. Sohozat, Canal Street and West Broadway, NYC had a history as underground magazine store.
19. Coco’s Infinite Bottom Line, made from pulled out plastics strangling life in the Lido waters, was hung at Emily Harvey Gallery in Venice and become subject of a book in Markers Venice Biennale artist book project.
20. John Bonner, p 254, Chelsea Green publisher
21. In Bioregional congresses nature is us.
22. Curb cut photo by Coco in Portland. See Brad Lancaster’s books for more intro. 
23. See the Bioregional jump tailored for  Willow Way Wellness location, see below.  
24. Community Clearing House was a concept amazement drawn up in an Honoring the Elders Open Space mapping session, see picture of the scribe below.
25. Willow Way Demonstration Permaculture farm is conducting a weed control study with CSU funded by a block grant.
Earth Guardians weblink, and
27. Sandra Semchuck will be an OP: Canadian, part indigenous, 1980-present from Saskatoon, swimming with loons in Emma lake, hundreds of collaborative works in Nature learning about relationing with animals, confluences, stark settings, Chaco Canyon, Kuan Yin, Tree work, Play as discovery, innocence, the Buffalo, Vancouver, Alberta Reiki, a life intertwined. Her mate fell off a cliff & died 2 years ago I lost her to that tragedy, silence, trying to find her she emailed twice asking where I am but it is she who is lost and cannot answer. She used to call me whenever I thought of her, as when washing things. 
Mind, Life, and Universe: Conversations with Great Scientists of our Time, Chelsea Green, 2007, p. 187




The Bioregional Jump

One fun way to shift gears into a more ecological perspective of looking at your home is to do the Bioregional Jump.

            Get outside in your yard, along the river, in a field, in the woods, anywhere you are inspired to do this.  Do it by yourself or with friends, and read the following declaration out loud, tailoring it to fit the spot where you do it.  It has been tailored for Lawrence, Kansas, but obviously it can be used anywhere on the planet by plugging in the local places and names:

“With this jump, I am jumping out of Niwot.   
I am jumping out of that legal description called Longmont, Boulder County. 
I am jumping out of all those artificially imposed boundaries 
that obscure the reality of the earth around me.   
I am jumping up into the air, out of Colorado, out of the United States, 
into the Rocky Mountain winds. 
When I land, I am landing on the plains of a slope of my watershed that is full of all kinds of life, 
of which I am a part.   
When I land, I am landing in the Lefthand Watershed ecoregion, landscape that holds desert, niche microclimates, willow, cottonwood, rocky range and plains. 
I land in aland that drains out from either side of the Wilderness Peaks and the Continental Divide, which flows ultimately both directions East West into both oceans. 
I am landing in the ecotone of front range Lefthand Watershed tall peaks and plains Bioregion, landing on the Earth.” 

            Then with a whoop and a holler, make that small leap for a woman/man/child/, and a giant leap

for the Earth.  Welcome Home.


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Specialty Crops Program  
Grower Research and Education Grant 

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Coco speaks Permaculture with Economics Nobel Laureate 
Franco Modigliani in Rome at wedding of their mutual cousin


turningpoint memories in timelessness

You see, that is an action-learning private school before she knows it.

Ancient preparation ritual song.
We forget we are always singing.
We forget how to wear our own clothes
we forget skins deer ourskin
they want us to be like them
convert deceive teach lawabide
guilt and sympathy will
save us from extinction.
They discover native is basic
they try to become us
drum our drums
dance our sundance
demand protection from our shields.
Amok among us
they don't accept us
they give us good grooming
they want us to scrub
they want us manufactured pure
they want us white
they give us pharmacies
we buy mirrors
we feel dirty
they take away our earth
they leave us dust.
They take away our cultivating
they take away our minerals.
our water vanishes.
In its place
they give us tailings
rearrange the great spirit
in the image of ostrich
extraction insures us earthquakes
take out the ostrich head
and you see us in full regalia
of genetic manipulation
They Give us They Take Away   Coco Go, Blip Culture1991, published by Color Wheel, 7 Elves Press, NH, winter solstice issue

They give us Christianity
they take away our grandmothers
they give us new
they take away our 'way'
	our burial grounds
	our tunnel to underworld
	our giant worm access
they give us holes in the ground
they give us cat tractors
they give us quick solutions
they give us light
	catholic, babtist, 
	7th day adventist....
and haste to save us from 
'the dark'. Bring back
our seventh generation our
children our elders.
They bulldoze our dead
erect high tensions wires
set unsuitable laws 
over our ancestors
eliminate our justice
we forget how to protect ourselves.
They invent who governs us.
They give us gambling, tactics,
we're conned by introduction.
We seek out black white magics!
We call on our black white magics!
They give us booze to forget
they give us more booze
we become dependents.
They give us dependency
named charity  named sitting duck.
They take our rivers our balance
they take away our good water
we give what there is left to the salmon
we buy bottled water.
They take away our work
they leave us broken
with all their learning
they can't take away our storms.
We lose our tongues our understanding
we bury our way  to keep it alive
we know our clans
honor our elders
they disperse us
give us new homes
their schools off our land
textbooks from our trees.
	after reservations
	after the state forests
	after the cutting down 
	tree grandmother acreage,
	the great shrinkdown
they teach us laws of property
they teach us corporation 
Some of us assume their greed.
We stop making baskets
they give us plastic, packagelife
they uproot our fibers
for kitch for five and dimes
consume our wetlands
our forests our prairies
strip our grasses hybrid our seed 
they give us medicine 
chemical substitute.
	Reverse economic growth!	 
	Sustain sweetgrass! 
We live on the head of a pin
once a chain of mountains 
They take all-that-grows-balanced
with roads bulldozers crafty cuttings.
They give us money for their cuts
we forget which seasons
to leave roots undisturbed.
Root wads climb our beach heads
stumps each year longer 
each year fatter 
ram our setting out  (by water)
our return (by water)
	Dig out a canoe!
	Go out at twilight!
	GoMeet the dark!
They give us TV
obliterate the dark.	
We forget the mushroom
we forget the sweetgrass
they give us synthetics
raffia bleeds.
We forget the the birthing stone
to strip cedarbark
we forget how to plait to knot to spline.
          Make a loom
Practice headband! Belt! Cape!

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for Sunryu



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