My two Permaculture Certificates+ Reiki + Diploma + noteD Study


1996 Deer rock, Faber VA 

Dawn Shiner

we visited Joel Salatin’s polyface farm, oh wow what a treat no odor in the chicken coop, no pathology

and, we learned to dowse for water & more!

1997 Ojai, CA

1997 Ojai, CA

Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman

There were 100 attending, wild stories off the cuff, a passive geothermal tube entering our meeting space and boy what fun, that’s where we learned about the Watson’s wick

I am forever grateful for learning how to


the land wherever I look

thank you



And thank you Reiki


by Luca Barberis

i n Genova Italy

where I was born

all the instruction was given in italian

my first language

tracking to and after my Bachelors Diploma


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