Op 1A     My Life and Career review

Coco Go aka SuperSkyWoman





Born: Genova Italy 1938, emigrated 1939 to NYC

Divorced 1977, widowed 1985, 3 children, 5 grandchildren

Moved to Lyons CO 2006 from NYC

Worked in Italy 29 years on large eco art projects

Fluid in Genres: Fluxus, Intermedia, Papermaking, Books, Writing, Small Press Publisher, Performing artist/ poet/ papermaker/ permaculture designer/ Permaculture-certified, teacher of PDC at Willow Way Demonstration Perm Farm

Formal education:

U of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2 years

transferred to Adelphi U 2 years

Degree: BA Art 1959

Re-enterd LI Polytech to study Architecture, after science studies decided to do what I do   best as an inventive artist, any advanced degree offered in the 70‘s was not applicable.

Gaia University MS Degree Integrative Ecosocial design begun 2010 in Portland OR

Post Study:

Stone Sculpture, Kunio Izuka 1971

Printmaking, Donn Steward ULAE master printer for Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, etc-1974-1985

Papermaking, Douglass Howell 1973-, Helmut Becker 1977-

Photo-Serigraphy, Margot Lovejoy 1975

Woodcut, John Black 60’s

Poetry Workshops with: William Packard, Stanley Kunitz, Bill Zavatsky, 70's

Consensus Facilitation course, Carolyne Estes, OR, 1996

Permaculture Education, courses, short to

5-day, 3 convergences, and 2 PDC’s 1990-1997

Certified in Permaculture:

Dancing Green, Deer Rock, Faber VA, Dawn Shiner 1996

Bill Mollison and Scott Pittman, 1997

Permaculture with Dan Hemenway, Northapmton, MA 1990

Gap Mountain Permaculture course NH, Dave Jackey 1991

Permaculture Convergence 1992

53 senses online group-led by Barbara Harmony one year long, 3 years repeated

Hands on cob at River Spirit, Arkansas

Financial Permaculture Summit: 2009 Hohenwald TN:

Presentations and Open Space for 5 days. Ran open space session to design a healthy local FP community.

Business: owner

Camp Wah-Nee-in-the-Berkshires,1965-75,1990-92:

Teacher: Stone carving, Arts programming, overseer infirmary and maintenance

Kitchen Director Planner- feeding 300-400 people,

Introduced local market gardening to 5 chefs

Advocacy, consulting, commissions

Worked with IRUM and other transportation advocacy groups in NYC, speaking to         Politicians and showing my slide show to reintroduce the Rockaway Beach Branch Line 1990’s

Started a Community garden in Allenspark CO 2010

Appointed to Sustainable Futures Commission, Lyons CO

Chair of Economic localization, Permaculture-Food, and all Water issues

Economic Development Council member, Lyons

CAC Citizens Advisory Council, Lyons

Contributed to the Public process, Lyons

SEP Sustainable energy policy Group, rep from Lyons to Boulder CO

Worked with WEDO Women for a Healthy NYC, led by Bella Abzug early 90s

Civic Alliance to rebuild Gound Zero NYC

4 years on lifecycle scorecard group

Advocated Sustainable empowerment to politicians and community Boards.

Attended WSAA, World Sustainable Agriculture meetings in 80-90’s

Attended IFG 3-day Conference at Columbia University,

keynotes by Vandana Shiva, Helena Norberg Hodge, Maude Barlowe, John Mohawk & others

Belong to Schumacher Society, Gt Barrington MA

Was part of Gaia Institute in 80’s led by Paul Mankiewicz

Bioregional Congresses

Involvement starts1987-present

Water Committee,

Forest Committee,

Urban Permaculture Committee

Featured poet, OACC Bioregional Gathering

Kaw Biocouncil

prepared the eco-art outdoor events for KAW Congress 2002

CBCX Biocouncil in several committees, 2009-2012

Teaching ongoing Permaculture 101 course for the Town of Lyons parks &

Rec sponsored by Transition Town Lyons

Suggesting Permaculture conversion of the 2 Lyons Community gardens

Second season donating work, time and expenses to sheet mulch demonstration plots, 1000 sq ft in community garden, thus far used to grow pumpkins for all Lyons children.

Designing a living fence for Lyons Community Garden

Presenter for Permaculture panels and talks

Interviewed for Transition articles in magazines, Ft Colins healing Path...

Healing courses and certification:

Reiki certification, Italy Luca Barberis

Mantak Chia Qi Kung 80’s NY

Tai Chi NY 80’s NY

Anne Wigmore 80’s NY- raw foods, health nutrition

Alan Kapular 80’s NY Old seeds

Alexander technique 80’s

Traeger technique 80’s

Body Mind Centering technique with Ildiko Viczian

Body movement with Simone Forti late 80’s

Contact improv with The Performance Project 1980

Chakra work with Linda Montano 80’s

Crystals with Andreana in Genova 80’s

Bach Flower Remedies course 1991

The work that Reconnects 2008

Awakening the Dreamer 2008

Transition Initiator for initiating team,  2008 Lyons CO

presentations, panels, talks, translations, 2008-present

Lyons Earthday Peace Umbrella

Is Venice garbage too beautiful for its own good?

Friend and consulting with Thomas Berry, Riverdale, NY 1985-late 90’s

I published Use is a Short Self-Lit Fuse, see my connections to his work: THOMAS BERRY jurisprudence.webarchive

Friend and worked with Quileute elders 1988- 1991


Turnings, director, poetry/art group 70's

Artist in residence in schools: papermaking, printmaking 1970s-late 80s

Taught: Papermaking at St Michael’s printshop Newfoundland 1978

Chair of poetry LIPC and editor of art & poetry, 70’s

Created my own Alternative Presses, Water Mark, W SPACE "Intimate" editions, and

TIKYSK artist book editions

Sponsored two Water Mark poetry book competitions: 1980, 1985, published 15 books for poets.

Water Mark sponsored Special exhibitions, concerts, readings

Gruppo TIKYSK created 1994

Hundreds of poetry readings

Ontological Exhibition: "il Sogno del Tempo", 36 ecozoic earth/ salt installations,

Messina Italy 1990, manifests Thomas Berry's Earth Philosophy thinking + Catalog

Published Articles:

Harmony's Aqua Terra, P Berg’s The Pulse; Ear Magazine, 2 issue Image scores critical writing, First online art magazine Art Com, Eternal Network, Lightworks Magazine, High Performance, New Observation, Lotta Poetica, Heresies,  + 38more

COCO’s Artists Books are sold at PRINTED MATTER, 535 W 22 St, NY 10011.

Coco Books published:

60 Coco original books in editions of 25-140, titles and prices are on request...

+150 one of kind handmade paper + Exhibition Catalog, Italy

+13 Interactiv books for: David Abrams, David Korten(3), Paul Hawken (2), John Grande, Stephanie Mills, Chellis Glendinning, Simone Forti, Sunryu Suzuki, Thomas Berry, Harvey Jackins

Three Artist Books published for Permaculture, 1992, 1997, & 2003:

Visioning Life Systems That Create Healthy Resources and Transform Waste: Artists Work From Their Permacultural Source, Water Mark Press, 2003

TIKYSK: Permaculture Getting to Know You, Foot Sq Space, TIKYSK Press, 1997

Artists Perform From Their Ecological Source: Working to Re-open Major life Systems of the Planet, W-Space Press 2002

presented along with organizing a Med Art conference, Sheraton Hotel NYC, 3-day program, talking circle, Coco Dreaming with Pauline Oliveros, art-health-talks, and large-scale eco-healing actions by artists


My group: Gruppo TIKYSK, introduced 1994 in Genova Italy at gallery v-idea

Franklin Furnace Alum,

FFFO Fluxus Group,

Congelo Collaboration (Coco & Angelo Ricciardi) 10 years, many editions

Khotopa Mir (Vito Pace’s the Peace office)

Cornucopia with Luc Fierenz, Belgium

Klemenz Golf, “My Home” projections on buildings in Dusseldorf, Germany

Oreste 1,2,3  three years including expositions at Venice Biennales

Markers group, exposition of banners and books at Venice Biennale

Art Biennales:

5 Venice Biennales, featured SuperSkyWoman in Italian Pavilian

Mexico Biennale of experimental Poetry

Brazil Biennale

Copliandia curated by Kirby Gookin, in Spain on a boat.

London Biennales

Istanbul Biennale


Fun of Fun: River Sile, Italy

Artway of Thinking: Art guide, poet for 100 people, Treviso, Italy

Pari Dispari many festivals in 80’s

Il fascino della Carta 1984

Films Featured in:

Ray Johnson movie, "How to Draw A Bunny"

"Connections RJ-Online", Lars Movin

Linda Hatterndorf, winning dozens of film festival awards for The Cats of Mirikitani

videoed my artist Mom and myself in Chappaqua.

I shot video in Pelestrina, Italy for future movie, "Orans," Ann Waldman,

Buddhist poet that established Poetry Project & Naropa U


1984 Lanzafatte, Italian thesis “Body Books” on Coco's work, reprinted

in catalog for Il Sogno del Tempo for large ontological show of same name in Messina Italy 1990.

1987 Women Studio Workshop grant for Dreaming 33 hour event

1988 Received Susan B Anthony award from NYC living in the Windo© Peace

at Sohozat.

1989, Met Ala Marinetti in Rome

1993 Studio Pass Grant for recording studio project for Austria

1996, Robert Winner Award for full manuscript, runner up, Poetry Society of America


The Banff Center 1990

Steirischer Herbst Avant-Garde Festival

1993, Harvestworks NYC, music, 1993

Djerassi 1996

Oreste at Zerynthia italy 1999

Santa Fe Art Institute 2002

Emily Harvey Foundation 2008 Venice Art residency, 3 months:

41 interviews of Waters & Their Friends 2008

published three chapbooks with edizioninedte

Exhibition of 75 new works

Featured presentation/performance in San Marco’s famed gallery space

Performed Water interviews interactively with Estes Teatime readers poetry group,

Estes Park Public Library, 2008

I love my carnevale wig

Large land art culture projects:

Austria, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, BC Canada, Ontario, Pender Island, Saturna Island, Saskatoon, Montreal Mt Tremblant

International Collaborations:

Marc Dachy, critic

Alison Knowles, Betsy Damon, many other artists

John Grande, Angelo Ricciardi, Vito Pace, Katerina Davinio,

Agricola de Cologne, Klemens Golf, Luc Fierens, Martin Krusche, Tamara Lai, Artway of thinking, Sassu, Roy Staab, Helmut Becker, Barbara Roux, La La Press, 

Sandra Semchuk, Canada- Pender Isle- lake Huron ice waves, self photos, Emma Lake with loons, Newfoundland, Chaco Canyon with 4 mud covered women

Books ready to edit and publish:

Linda Montano correspondences and dreaming sessions from 1983

Ray calls, 15 years of Ray Johnson telephone notes

Dick Higgins Zebra letters

Skin: memoirs and a 12 person flax paper art project

Ed Pennant- poems on handmade paper

Solo Shows since 1963 internationally: 

Curated by Lucio Barbera, Sandro Ricaldone, Rosanna Chiessi, Leonardi V-idea, Venice Biennale, Oreste, Corallo Theater Napoli; Fiera Camponaria, Galleria Hobelix, Libreria Hobelix, Galleria Il Gabbiano, Foro Boario, Italy; KunstKanzlei-Interart, Christine Jones, Stadtgalerie, Kulturverein Schreams,  Gallerie Klinger, Vienna-Austria; A taste of Art, The Deep Listening Space Gallery, Window Peace, Sohozat, Galleria Dell'Occhio, Central Hall Gallery, Emily Harvey Gallery, Art-In General Elevator Sound art, Gallery ONETWENTYEIGHT, Art Initiatives, Attitude Art Window, Small Press Center, Bodley Gallery, Sandra Gering NYC;  Heckscher Museum, Wall Street Gallery, Womens Studio Workshop, Peopleart Buffalo, Foot Sq Space, Sea Cliff Gallery;  Real Art Ways, CT, Fairleigh Dickinson University;

70’s handmade paper inventions to enter, wear, sound, inhabit: liquid pools, clothes, hammocks invented Sounding instruments (drums, rainsticks, pillows, shakers, strummers, famous John cage inspired hairy pianos. 1978 began using paper instruments interactively.

Mid 70’s - early 80’s taught many artists to create their own papermaking studios and equipment, master-working their large paper installations and Projects

Selected Collections:

MOMA Library NYC, Whitney Museum Library, Fogg Museum MA, Museum of Women in the Arts Wash DC, Smithsonian Museum, Ruth & Marvin Sackner Archive, Provincia of Messina, Univ of Alberta Edmonton, Spec Collections UC Santa Cruz, Brown University Library, The Banff Centre Library Alberta, KunstMuseum Lenningen Germany, Getty Center, Vasari Futurist Collection Sicily, Heckscher Museum, American Craft Museum + many more

Major websites to find Coco's art, works:

Transition Profile page lists many Coco websites + hundreds of art photos, leads to discussions, blog, Transition cross-pollinating groups. all websites listed on Transition profile.

Transition Town Lyons page with events, discussions, and Transition history of my town going back in time.

Tamara Lai’s French site features Coco’s “Bye Buy”s.

Martin Krusche's Austrian Kultur site published SuperSkyWoman's action website, also featured as Jane Doe, Kultur published Coco's poetry "Interactive" and artist books

You Are Poetry, global poetry Day to heal Ground Zero in NYC with action.

Selected for Violence festival, featured artist selected for Self-Representation feature site: featured artist. grasses

Powerpoint presentations to present:

from learning at the FP summit, including The Farm and other closed loop models, Katherine Austin Fitts Solari Tapeworm Economy warnings and positive suggestions, Ethan Rolands Nuevas Raices- Our Seeds project, Ken Lassman's niche-in-time mandalas, Polyculture, Value-Added products, and SuperSKyWoman FP- Permaculture wisdoms, The New Wealth.


1988 worked with Quileutes, La Push WA, proving their culture was still viable to not lose reservation status, by learning from elders and helping re-teach their culture, crafts, make my adze, weave, spline baskets, belts, headbands, find the gauze inside cattail leaves, fish the birthing stone back out of the ocean.

Was a friend of Thomas Berry in Riverdale NY, since 1985, exchanging our books, he wrote a poem for my 1992 book: Artists Perform From Their Ecological Source, created for my 3 day program of eco-artists to showcase at a Med Art Conference in NYC Hotel + a talking circle with indigenous and eco-illuminati to show creative forms of healing.

Became Fluxus artist. Worked in Austria and Italy on large culture projects I devised to give back old ways lost, performing art, dreaming, installation, books, soundworks shared with the local people. I taught advanced papermaking since 1975 to artists, reviving making equipment of almost lost old knowledge, eastern and western. Grew flax in Canada.

One of my heart-lightening twirls

Made eco-art at Mt Tremblant. Playing similar roles in Lyons CO, raising the bar for community building, year-round sheetmulch food growing, doing walktalks with nature, invented writing of Interactiv books for sage writers. Waters, trees talk to me.


Start a course via my own WATER MARK OF LYONS PPP: LLC business: Practice letting go of the Industrial Megamachine with others, using design methods in venues, studying Conversations That Matter: NVC, RC, Theory U, Open Space, Conversation Café’s, Check-ins, All Species Representation, Joana Macy Work that reconnects, Dreaming, Back-casting, Transition games.

Present Permaculture as Healing, Plant communication, Perming the head action, teaching the Bioregional Jump, experiencing with all >53 senses.

Make a good business case (FP Value) for Permaculture Food Sheds, No GMO organic food farm sheds.


Raise level of government visioning slowly by repeating the values of conservation strategy vs purely taxation base for budgeting.

Picture riparian corridors evolving into value-making and value-adding local business and services that stave off big box development targeted by annexations promotion.

Use the Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan to form a strategy to support and honor those who do exemplary Sustainability work.

Use integrative ecosocial design training to expand understandable language and technical presentation skills.

Find appropriate mentors.

Team up with effective researchers, like Hunter Lovins who gathers data that educates developers, corporations, towns and community leaders. Manifest pro bono.

Design closed loop circular FP maps to keep resources in the community.

Teach village building techniques to town governing bodies.

Form a Permaculture integrated-town design Charrette. Use grad students to assess optimum green practices and design strategies. Make a team from those who know how to.

Use success to Set up Skillshare, New currency to keep local systems wealthy.

Build on successes.

Earth wealth-making attracts newly rich visionary people to grantmaking.

Groom elder residents who mapped a storefront Community Clearinghouse to support their plan as an earth wealth program that enhances their quality of living.


Brand SuperSkyWoman to promote community, plant communication and permaculture; Continue conversing with Nature beings, carry out their cryptic visions (Start a Water currency); Make habit changing movies from completed video clips; Get SuperSkyWoman on Lecture Circuit; Stay ecological, new technology informed; Observe People, Nature-beings voice their paradigm needs; Bioregional engagement, help their forming of certification curriculum; Design interconnecting Bioregionalism, Transition, Financial PC mandalas. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!

Form a land trust for artists, inventors and permaculturists to design aesthetic, functional living earth systems; Develop Low Cost winter gardens; Remediate with inoculum I grow; Continue Planetary EcoArt using hand built natural materials; Fabricate large landwork sculptures from old and new maquettes and drawings. OBSERVE OBSERVE OBSERVE!

My posthumous Ray Johnson Blue Eyes Club meeting at Pollock-Krassner House E Hampton

Stacked recycled sawn off edges of doors from chalkboards I made for the sculpture trail


Keep writing critical intuitive interactive books for sage authors; Artist-books with sense of play; Self-photographing magic earth-to-SuperSkyWoman set-ups begun 60s; Writing experimental poems; Add new characters to my experimental novel, Where Dead and Warm Meet; Edit my unpublished 1980’s Book of Skin as Strong Women memoir; Continue translating Italian poets; Publish planned and unplanned projects; Continue 60 book series published by my W Space, Water Mark and TIKYSK Presses.


Continue clothes cuttings/restylings; Daily piano improvisation and sight reading; Continue timeless evolutionary travel, feeling my cells as sun’s first allurement energy; Observing reactive emotions express their moment then release like fluid sectors.

Practice my healing arts. HEAL HEAL HEAL!

Develop a Model Permaculture Greenhome renovation 2011-12 with space for: an elder-designed community active clearinghouse, all my archives, handmade papers, poetry, eco, litmags, fluxus art; Establish an empty room ready for anything everything heart-think tanks to build the new public policy; find brilliant collaborators. DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN!


(strengths Weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

(Observation, Boundaries, Evaluation, design, Implementation, Maintenance)

(Survey, Analysis, Design, Implementation)

(Design,  Build, Operate, Maintain) EVALUATE EVALUATE EVALUATE!

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