(see glossary):

Silent calming energy of

ordinary indeterminate

life (John Cage)

interactive books,

land trust,

Gaia’s needs felt

from the head of a pin,

Income stream

         dreamzzzzzzzzz OP 6?

   Dreaming in


           Helping Starhawk find

her dispersed group

in NYC @ G9

            Daytime watering

in Lyons‘ Bohn Park,

            Radical food,

Bye Buy’s,

            Protest letters composed

Epiphanies (web catchers):

Sudden Discoveries, understanding Mom, Dad,

Knowing We strikes me as I walk uphill in Portland, Op 3?

Evolution (long timelines):

food shelter DIY, inventing occupations, 67 years making art languages, Bioregionalism, Permaculture, GU, year-round gardens, planetary universe stories, what takes so long to grasp, women evolutionists, Op 2?

Trace ASK-SSW Process:

Original mindmap for ASK SSW

Next mindmaps through Evolution/

Epiphanies/ Revolution

Action: Popcorn Interviews of sage Authors

Tom Kirkwood’s Gaian Soup

Tom Kirkwood’s Unlearning

Tom Kirkwood Expendable Soma

John Bonner, Amoebae lit by their group

Epigraphs, equations & snippets from Mind Life & Universe,

Blessed Unrest and other books

Popsicle Index

Healers Given and Giving: Martha Cortez, Tom Griner, Abby Kurtz, Dick Bernstein, Sandra Semchuk, Ildiko, Andreana, Med art talking Circle, Dad…


The New Collective Intelligence,

list intelligences used so far: Defensive Intelligence, Unframed Intelligence + in Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest, p 143, 165, 177, &190, Living Intelligence, Endemic Intelligence, Puzzle Intelligence, Immune Network Intelligence, Free Intelligence Organization, (FIO).

My Chakra Drawings from Saraswati

directions for assuming postures

Body Books, Paper Clothes, Nature Connects, Neem oil, Tumo breathing…Mom Stories & Song,

Attention to Jolts, earwigs, wilt…

Reggio Emilia: 150 book show

(I Libri  Aperti) The__Reader,

SSW Da Da Da trainride piece

Great Uncle, painter Aldo Carpi’s Gusen

concentration camp drawings

Kicking up the Bottom line of splined leaves

Wild Feet Wanted

My Lincoln Center & Florence Gould Hall

Tibetan Singing Bowl concert participation ‘On Stage’.

Vuja De’ (see glossary):

There are no conclusions

(All documents are living drafts)

All is in Flux

I-Ching (Gallery 128) Rolling skateboard

Madrone Burl Feet installation

Downstream effects

Empower VS Power-Em’s

Braiding entitlements of the Ooma Ooo

ancients, a movie?

Immune disruptors: 1965-1979-81, 2001

Moving lymph, muscle spasm healing

Markers in Dad’s medical books decades before I

    am identically stricken,

Walking sticks, Handmade paper instruments

Food & sprout installations, Elevated vibrations

Presaging Spiral Dynamics (Blanche Merz)







principles of social permaculture.pdf

Everybody Eats

Financial Permaculture Overview[1].pdf

Village Building Convergence:


Exponential functions of


Pattern Language

Nesting functions, Systems within Systems

Zero in on Sinks, increase water, make earth

Soil Fertility, Inoculum, Worm aeration

Plant bulbs to loosen Compaction

Contain, Dissipate, Stack, Coil, Curve

Resonance, Capacity, Niche

Create Increased Resource by

creating Surplus,

Mollisons what If’s,

Hammocks as Placemakers & rest

Subliminal processing

My pattern making books:

Music of cracked Brick,

Learning to make our own Patterns

Mom’s story sewing our clothes by hand as

emigrated+ machine still locked away,

Ridge-top power over Life teeming below if

we know how to use our contours, Keyline,

maximum sunbelt...

Megaphone PATHWAYs
redirect media use



Megaphone Trajectories as Learning Matrix for selecting Priority OP’s (for each megaphone see mmore core images)


change ordinary usage of megaphone, amplify from

individual to specialized

group supported



Revolution, Epiphanies,


Trace ASK-SSW Action,

Healers Given & Giving, Formulations,

Vuja De’*,



Here are the Methods. I learn from experienced others: Hunter Lovins & selected


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