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Interactiv’ Samples:

Interactiv’ 1: from Use is a Short Self-Lit Fuse for Thomas Berry’s The Great Work

The Rind Song
The Viable Human, p.62  #6

Earth is a kind of 
sacrificial offering.

Interactiv’ 2 from  A Biomass Continuity  for John Grande’s Balance: Art and Nature

Egos Die As Systems
Cultural Break, p 18

These “egosystems” of expression can now be
contrasted with an art whose vision is more subtle,
but whose purpose and effect is longer lasting. The main
premise of environmentally-based art is a profound respect
for our ecosystem.
Art can be a form of “experiential nutrition”
for its audiences, and encourage us
all to appreciate life more fully.

Interactiv’ 3 from The Long Appreticeship to Freedom for Shunryu Suzuki’s  Not Always So

Be Do-istic
 Direct Experience of Reality, p.101

This strong conviction to realize your life 
is beyond “successful” or (-)“not successful.” 
Beyond any feeling of fear, you just do it. That is real practice 
and that is the way-seeking mind, which goes beyond 
the dualistic idea of good and bad, right or wrong. You just do it.

Interactiv’ 4 from Posers Wresting Authority for Chellis Glendinning’s Off The Map

Between Toes: Nest, Hive, Cave
 Empire as Map, Routes and Roads, p 17-20

They are to locate the most direct and 
practicable water communication across this continent for the purpose 
of commerce. They are to “fix” geographic positions by astronomical science. 
They are to research “the habits, locations, and vocabularies of 
the native inhabitants” and study the “soil and face of the country.” 
The instructions are suited not just for the fur trade we are told 
the explorers will accomplish. They are suited for wholesale 
imperialism.“We get displaced, we move, memory is lost….I can 
try to answer.” “Por favor.” He stands (:) 
straight up in the saddle and then settles back down into 
a comfortable posture for listening. “I met this woman from 
the Okanagan band in British Columbia. It was 1991, 
the year before 1992, you know, five hundred years, 
when Columbus came. She inspired me to find out who 
my people are.” “How did she do this?” “She told me she could never 
be a real friend if she didn’t know who I am.”

Interactiv’ 5  It Roars To Itself Alone  for Simone Forti’s Oh, Tongue

Common Web Designs
Soft Is Fast, p.50-51

Well, I don’t know. I hope East Virginia has mountains. 
Oh, it doesn’t matter. I mean, to me. Of 
course it matters. Tuscarora, I try a variation on pronunciation. I smell a 
different smell I’ve never smelled before. The words, my breath different, 
hair, flesh, feet. Can’t 
know. These words are so specific and out of my field of experience. Though I may be 
familiar with that grass and may even 
find some in the botanical garden, but no. one plant 
alone is not a bog plant and the garden holds 
no bog. Well, the brook, the mock brook with the real turtle, 
the turtle who watched us as we watched it so long, 
the brook may bear some grass of Parnassus.

Interactiv’ 6 Market Teacher for Stephanie Mills’ In Service of the Wild

The Endless Pulse of Undoings
 Woods, Woods, and Nothing but Woods, p.65

Only the 
late-breaking science of conservation biology has begun 
to articulate the consequence of extinctions 
of such wholesale land disturbance and deforestation. 
According to Edward O. Wilson: “Whenever careful studies are 
made of habitats before and after disturbance, extinctions almost 
always come to light. The corollary: the great majority of extinctions 
are never observed. Vast numbers of 
species are apparently vanishing before they can be discovered
 and named. Thus during that half-century in which
 the Leelanau forest floor was bared 
to light and summer heat and to the unbuffered 
impact of rain and wind, there was very likely a 
quantum loss in biological richness, 
creatures lost and gone forever, 
for we can never now all 
that was here in 
presettlement times. Botanizers and birders, 
naturalists and chroniclers of nature, seem to have 
been underrepresented among settlers 
in the Leelanau Peninsula.

Interactiv’ 7  De-Signed Intelligence for David Abram’s  The Spell of the Sensuous

||:To Speak Without Mouth:||
 Philosophy on the Way to Ecology p.56-57-58

The brilliant forerunner of today’s “cognitive” and “symbolic”
 schools of anthropology, Le’vy Bruhl used the word  “participation 
to characterize the animistic logic of indigenous, oral 
peoples—for whom ostensibly “inanimate” objects like stones 
or mountains are thought to be above, for whom certain names, spoken 
aloud, may be felt to influence at a distance the things or beings 
they name, for 
whom particular plants, particular 
animals, particular places and persons and powers 
may all be felt to 
participate in one another’s existence, 
influencing each 
other and being 
influenced in turn.
The spectators’ eyes, already drawn by the coin’s fluid dance across 
the magician’s fingers, spontaneously fill in those gaps 
with impossible events, and it is this spontaneous involvement 
of the spectators’ own senses that enables the coin to vanish 
and reappear, or to pass through the magician’s hand.

Interactiv’ 8 Golden Mean in Your Eye for Owen Waters’ The Shift

Is Nature 
My Subconscious Mind?
 You Are Changing the World P. 89-90

It is also in 
communication with the universe as a whole. 
In particular, it is connected to the global, or collective 
unconscious, mind of humanity. 
The subconscious mind is, basically, 
the ultimate information source, one which is ready to 
provide information about anything upon demand. 
With kinesiology, the subjects’ conscious minds are bypassed 
in order to receive clear answers directly from their conscious minds.

Interactiv’ 9  Value Added Life  for Paul Hawken’s  The Ecology of Commerce

Futurism Recurs
Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce, The Size Thing p. 101-102

We are not shown the manufacturing facilities, the noise, 
the dirt. We do not see distribution centers 
that cover forty football fields, or the massive 
amount of waste that is generated and discarded. 
General Motors will exploit the image of small towns 
near the Kentucky Saturn plant, but not show us 
the ghettos of Flint, Michigan. Pepsico, the Corporate 
owner of Kentucky Fried Chicken, will show us a reunion 
under a chestnut tree where an extended family dips into 
buckets of the Colonel’s finest “original,” but we are not 
shown the mile-long conveyor belt of factory-produced 
chickens, pumped full of sulfonamides, and nitrofurans, 
being stunned, killed, scalded, defeathered, decapitated, bled, 
eviscerated, and dismembered at the rate of ninety a minute by 
low-paid workers who report high rates of repetitive-motion injuries

Interactiv’ 10 Taking Turns Petals Open  for David Korten’s When Corporations Rule the World

Creates Couch Potatoes
David C. Korten, When Corporations Rule the World, Buying out Democracy, P. 144

Established in 1972, the Roundtable was founded in the belief 
that business executives should take an 
increased role in the continuing debates about 
public policy. The Roundtable believes 
that the basic interest of business closely parallel the 
interests of the American 
people, who are 
directly involved 
as consumers, 
employees, investors and suppliers.

Interactiv’ 11  Subsistence Nosedive  for David Korten’s The Post Corporate World

Lose Democracy Fast Track! 
David C. Korten, The Post-Corporate World Prologue p. 7

The timing of the book’s release coincided with a receptive 
moment, a turning point in public consciousness. 
Corporate excesses were becoming ever more obvious and a 
significant segment of the population was becoming fed up. 
A number of citizen groups were beginning to take on corporate 
power and the related issues of international 
corporate-rights treaties disguised as 
trade agreements. Though the corporate-controlled 
press took little note of these initiatives, a variety 
of books and articles began circulating, mainly 
from small and alternative presses, and conferences, teach-ins, 
and rallies were being held 
with support from union, religious, environmental,
women’s, peace, consumer 
rights, and their citizen groups. In the United States the backlash...

Interactiv’ 12 Harbinger days: The last Blip  for David Korten’s  The Great Work

Nature Needs No Publisher 
The Opportunity p. 82-83

The computer communications revolution is transforming 
the very nature of news and opinion media 
through an unprecedented process of
democratization. Public interest groups are rightly 
concerned that a handful 
of publicly traded corporations have 
monopolized conventional print, 
radio, and television media outlet 
to serve purely commercial interests

Interactiv’ 13 The PSD Quandary  for Harvey Jackins’ Fundamentals of Co-Counseling Manual

Attention Repatterns
The Rational Needs of Human Beings p 24

Check on the 
quality of hugging. 
Is it good? Some places in
 RC it deteriorates into unawa
reness. The patterns take over.

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