‘da value & value-added

earth’s gifts, leaving messages in a sheltered kiosk like City Repair

‘da recycling programs & materials treasures like Portland’s ReBuild & Communitecture offerings, Financial Permaculture (Solari).

‘da SADIE: (Survey-Analysis-Design-Implementation- Evaluation) for inner health, aging, safety, food, energy, storage, supply, hand-tool library, alternate first aids, home remedies, skills,  currencies, reuses, compost teas, income streams, safety nets, community exchanges, charrettes for gleaning without bidding limitations...

‘da EDAP

design for resilience, Survival needs,

keep earnings local, use PPP market surveys...

Megaphone income streams, who to know, who to trust, parallel currency, workshops, teach the trainings, Community Interdependence & Bill of Rights, design for what if’s, surplus abundance, Will door-reuse enable my business edge? Gifting intelligence,  practice site design, drawing my field, backcasting from years ahead,  know my food forest wherever I am...keep  ‘da worms happy...feed’em!

 All Attrezzi for my planetary home, (all things that matter), practice conversations that matter (Theory U, World cafe’, Open Space, Fishbowl, have a Commons song without possession, sing it! (Earth my body, fire my breath...)
Placemaking: These are measurements: I live on a Highway & can do Kiosks, Appropriate Rebuild, Increase Neighborhood Eco-social Value, Paint an intersecting driveway Mandala, Design my Block Repair, Nurture relationships, Eat from my front & Winter gardens, Show ‘da Way by example...block repair is so cool, neighbors design for birding & use common space together, my kiosk will have a green roof & Neighorhood-building you-to-me-to-us actions...

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Way to Go 2:
‘da Financial Permaculture Model Way...
No Studio? make outdoor sculpture