Recapturing my Home

what sticks, what is forgotten, what needs renewal?

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My self review reveals: 
     I learned about what sticks, what is forgotten, what needs renewal. I've learned that others in the world of Nature's ecology enjoy reading & following my GU OP work, not only Gaians. I was more private coming into this degree. This survey brought epiphanies, some revolutionary impulses and more evolutionary tracking while delving into separate aspects of Home's place in my health, work & balance. My initial megaphone pathways broadcast outwardly and inwardly. My present inadequacy of home to provide size, scale and safety from sector elements is a big challenge which I show in constant listing of my relation to things, and in showing other writers do similar relating to things in the scale of the lives of things. It’s still challenging to work night time from exposure to the computer's drying radiating effects & my vision goes really slow speed. I was happy to spend extra time figuring out what goes deeper in the relationship of person to home, and see that am partly honoring, partly encumbering myself by holding onto my relationship with my 98 year old mother, keeping all her life artifacts as if they are clues to who she really is while she lets go from excessive care of her artifacts. I see how she really helped shape me though I thought I was being left too much to myself, compounded by a 24/7 working genius physician father. I'm still processing from investigating Home relationships of all kinds, moved by City Repair's deep neighborhood work that keeps people in contact with their needs not only a list of zoning regs. I show these thoughts are not new for me, how in my art these feelings inform most of my life since early childhood and I can stay in peace as always trusting my choices. Choosing a favorable location, and choosing to renovate once again leads to a model of the design for the world at large. I show the sashay between making do with much less than I need and having real abundance of life in all its forms via permaculture and SuperSkyWoman. I continue to learn that how to organize via design, tools, communication and methodologies and evaluating at all stages is a good match for my energies as a world changer. The next OP6 Learning review will help me measure how my branching out in first year OPs helped me come to the short term conclusion to concentrate on one deeper thread, or may still leave room for new branching out and surprise me. I am open to both.

        This OP can be easily overlooked, as relationship with Home seems plebian. Here however, is a beginning I can see go much deeper to inform my future, being beyond the hired stage of life. I was hired within a home summer camp business, but always my own employer. This OP has greater ties to continued right livelihood. What's going well is getting my work around more and being appreciated. My contribution is being considered & felt by those in touch with me via my new GU websites. Bioneers group Salon has made a place for me in their monthly audience participation between replays of talks. Biocouncil work is heavily ongoing and meaningful. Permaculture teaching has been effective as a listen-to-others way to learn, & action learning / unlearning shapes my exercises linking core work to body and land learning. Liasoning several commissions is helping me to bring clarity and transparence to town government. I've let go of constant presence at many groups: GM Know, Corporate Personhood, Food/agriculture policy council & social justice to see the greater links between them. I can see direct effects from the learning pathways of Gaia U. I count the supports immeasurable. My winter gardens begin to support me, and confidence in sustaining 'the problem is the solution' is feeling able in all my worlds. I can also go with less sleep when needed. And I see this is leading to designing for both crisis and real abundance. I still have time challenges with repair of my own energies after healing outwardly & look forward to long times for myself reading the many new books awaiting. Taking short times, multitasking, preparing food & celebration works for now.