Tom’s Photography
Recapturing my Home
I am Turtle, I can see inside my home under my shell, SuperSkyWoman (SSW) lands on my back, she sees she is home (double home), all see we have landed on earth as we know it (Triple home).  Nature is home. Under mushrooms.

SuperSkyWoman has me in tow, dances with me in the Matisse flow, rise & Slide. A live enacting of the Matisse dance as home around a home is a book one can find at Printed Matter in NYC.

Turtles in my life: PNAC steered off by Jane Doe, a PNAC escape on a Turtle comb, a Visit to Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiqui home supporting village artisan turtles. I deck one with rough gemstones on my back with memory of huge Tommy turtle showing up in Shadow Lake, CT.  Turtle on back of my permaculture book Getting to Know You features SSW’s version of this distorted statement: “Recently we were part of a medical breakthrough although he (Turtle) deserves some of the credit -phillips petroleum ad for Turtle TS-1 safety syringe using ‘K’ resin.

Turtle is Bioregional Home, an island, Turtle Island, Gary Snyder wrote in Turtle Island poems, We are a continent.Immigrantness-Rant.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
Turtle Home Movie:
Turtle prowls who prowls home waters...

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