Recapturing my Home


herewith: a rattle of skillflexes, my interactive organizing umbrella + my professional strategic media-full & survey development. It includes what I have written, thought, felt, pondered  and journaled & spans survey for design of my personal,  peer, professional,  political, project, pathway & planetary development:

Interactivs 1-13

1- Use is a Short Self-Lit Fuse for Thomas Berry ‘s The Great Work

2- A Biomass Continuity for John Grande’s Balance: Art & Nature

3- The Long Apprenticeship to Freedom for Sunryu Suzuki’s, Not Always So

4- Posers Wresting Authority for Chellis Glendinning’s Off The Map

5- It Roars to itself Alone for Simpone Forti’s Oh Tongue

6- Market Teacher for Stephanie Mills’ In Service of the Wild

7- How Nature Guides Humans for David Abram’s, Spell of the Sensuous

8- GoldenMean in Your Eye for Owen Waters’ The Shift

9- Value Added Life for Paul Hawken’s  The Ecology of Commerce

10- Taking Turns Petals Open for David C. Korten’s

When Corporations Rule the World

11- Subsistence Nosedive for David C. Korten’s The Post-Corporate World

12. Harbinger Days: The Last Blip for David C. Korten’s The Great Turning

13- Blip Blanks Out for Harvey Jackins’s RC Manual


Sept early frost cull to carve

Derek Jensen’s movie,  I am the Water slips on with me...

Francis Ponge, The Voice of Things

Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

seeds are still sprouting...


New interactiv’s to write:

for Paul Hawken’s Blessed Unrest, Starhawk’s Fifth Sacred Thing,  Joe Bruchak’s Sacajaweja, David Abram’s Becoming Animal...& how these books intersect with my Capstone  Home Permaculture design...

A Shell is a home, a sheltering place (Ponge, Bachelard) ../LInks_Appendix_5/Home_Is.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
Nature + 1st Clan Culture = Resilience (bioregional)
Home is Transition to a web of Resilience (60s Art)
Home=revolution, evolution, epiphany, ooops, zzz, mmm

My Home has always been my process. Trying out paint to choose a color, Kokopeli jumped in & teased me to keep his mischief on the wall, so I did. When a home has quirks, it is easier to use wallspace as a canvas. Mom had told me when she found styrofoam already covered with marks, it encouraged her to also make her own marks, which she did. A pre-requisite to making a Home is to keep enough oddness to stay creative, and play with it, let it lead. I kept this mural. There will be more murals.

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Fibonacci Thoughtszzz...
Opening the root & Quieting seeds, I am supported sorting the elements...
a key to forming a home is like feeling my hands without self-consciousness of documentation, so that I can feel all the essence of that feeling in my hands, an experiment I tried in 1984 & do again here for Gaia U, recalling ancient energy.

O No Colonization Song, Venice, 2008