Recapturing my Home
Survey ‘da history/herstory

Looking at Myself  & Carrot
In my 1988 book, a dream of my home with 7 pianos is a window on my consciousness needing practice; why else 7 pianos in one home? Link this to my current need to jam & the Art/Life Art I do, Planet Bluegrass concerts in my window.

‘da good permaculture design gets basic principles + intuitive epiphany.

‘da present
Marking contours of my land with an A-frame we teach Permaculture on my site visit, helps me prepare for disaster

‘da future
Move & Cob ‘da shed into new use elsewhere, will the  original cottage charming  peek out of a 2 story envelope? My feeling of personal expansion depends on a 3 shell game of skills allocation.

‘da Pruning &
 ’da Mycology
Elm tree thanks me for heavy pruning, no longer sheds. The tree laughs with the sparrows and pregnant robins, Oyster spawn awaits its next preferred-seasonal show. New spawn to  order next season, plug-into elm.

‘da Models
‘Da straw-clay & ‘da cob awaits  sculpting model choices...

‘da Interviews
interview architects with questions of value, like Marcel Breuer who let his vintage camper peek out of his home as kitchen...yes to such models & yes to virtual & real interviews...

Simplicity is a direct proportion of ease to dis-ease rather than scaling back to idealized size, use small & slow solutions
Just Do it
My 2007 design for turtle sheetmulch
sculpture will crawl into the top tier grand picture, reflecting my St’at’imcets circular elder oral nature. It shall have reposes wherever it goes, melting as earth- art on the patchy upper level.Specifications+.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0
Winds ferocious pulled out all fence anchors; not rebuilding offers temporary shelter design + time to time it with my home redesign.
Way to Go 1: be my intern 
‘da Permaculture way?
‘da addition Planning...
After long observation, Observing ‘da principles,
Any action is predicated on one moment of decision.
Gonna wrap the house & reform the shed with cob
9’X 15’  should do for turtle sculpture growing more food & sunken Greenhouse beside it in this open-space rocky steep land behind.

I’ve got the handbuilders lined up: From Ft collins: Strawbale wall raiser maven

From My town: new handbuilder on the SFC

From Perm contacts All Appropriate Tech Jeff will help with solar

For workers, lining up those who offered with New zoning regs ability Key players: 4 architects, am hiring the 3rd in now for earth-berming

Whole house filter-out noxious fluoride & chlorine from city water, Rob’s system

A John Cruikshank passive geothermal dewpoint perfect piped Greenhouse

I have the perm design for a Watson’s Wick filter under the sunken greenhouse

new advances in Petra Community Solar avoids cost for solar gardens

Permaculture design for roof & terrace runoff to gardens+ new gutter no drainpipe

Permaculture habitat for wildlife, notes from Becky Elder

I took lots of pictures on tour of the Maddux strawbale hand-hewn house

New water uses at BGBG updates what can be used in Colorado

Parmaculture seat of the pants surveying, marking contours to sink the water

Am very excited to rebuild my entire site & home, have the practice

Lyons choice Land & stars at night, walking to everywhere, redstone surplus!

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‘da fence Planning...
Survey all wishes & all actions