‘da winter extended gardens

‘da fresh greens

‘da Plantings & harvests

‘da multi-handbuilding desires

‘da greenhouse dewpoint pipes, Cruikshank design

‘da water moving & uses

‘da berming

‘da clever home extensions


‘da TIKYSK home gallery

‘da murals

‘da artist-perm inventions on the land to enable

‘da Water Mark Museum archived & outa’ boxes

‘da exhibitions coming back home

‘da WM Papermaking Studio

coming back home

‘da Vandercook Printing Press coming back home

‘da handmade-paper vacuum table coming back home

‘da fun with perm-art home occupation mentoring

Nature gives me only when I ask caringly...
& leave

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Way to Go 3: Home Bounty 
‘da Gardens, tend, recycle, save ‘da planet Way...& I/We get fed! Eating salads every day from my/our gardens! Glean while seed saving, small arugala fill’da stomach; these too are measurements in  ‘da survey...
Nature / recycle art
Keep it simple, Art from not throwing anything away, custom-made gifts to myself, wall paintings, upcycled interiors, land design, systems inventions, renewable energy to come, appropriate earth-dwelling architects, stay healthy, time is time to timeless time & enjoy, prepare home for ASK-SSW (SuperSkyWoman) continuation of action work & living, set-up re-use business plans, Earth Public Policy consultation, how does my vision feed me & grow?
#2 of 3 winter gardens
adding straw-clay insulation
Have you played the NVC dance-floor inner-outer game yet?