Recapturing my Home
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Mismatch:  Current home is highway exhaust, no storage, no garage, no basement, no attic, my neighbor’s water runs through my crawl space, minimal 1903 cottage, leaks, tiny proportions, bump & crack bone...


Retrieval: Integrated work & play NVC, mentoring, Papermaking, invent storages for art, archives, clothes, documents, library. Large work-tables, tall ceilings, meeting room (unMeg classes/ poetry readings/ avant-garde Art/ Water Mark Press publications), leave some empty space. Leak & wind proof, windsail, dust-busting double entry, solar chimney, wrap-around-home envelope, potting-spiral-stair to deck, deer corridor, wildlife habitat, creative fence,  Arbor-platform to prune pear tree & reach fruit. Extend redstone path, increase winter gardens, more food.  Organize final years in community, ceremonial Turtle home + innovative systems blend architecture...a land trust???


Food-bearing trees, sunken bermed greenhouse, passive geothermal tubes, solar kiln, solar dryer, roof gardens, functional rain gardens, art-making from Nature’s gifts, living sculptures, pervious paving, maze, local Poured Earth, strawbale, straw/clay, cob, hammocks, nests,  serene night skies, migrations...

Looking South from my home at my R’s poem in Elm branches

organized happy final year days

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Begin    Again...

My body as home as ground Zero as zone zero as re-re-re-starting from zero

        In relating what is working well to my advisor, it’s been suggested to make what I am intensely experiencing into my next OP. 

Embarking on a remodel of my 6th home opus, this one small, actually too small but located perfectly for all my needs, I decided to recapture my home on all meaningful levels: adaptability, self-sufficiency, passive energy, former renovated ease of live /work, love of aesthetic contemporary organized spaces, furnishings that unburden & make huge loads of work & relationships go smoothly with minimum maintenance. Finances were and still are a limiting force. Thus begins the Survey.

        In 2006 I moved into a new old 1903 Lyons railroader’s cottage one can still see in Town Hall on the large map behind the Board of Trustees. Making my land bear good food year round was achieved within 4 years of a neglected weedy rocky start. It serves permaculture to see what works best & tweak what doesn’t. In 2007 I wrote My Perm Vision-Statement. 2008 took me to Venice Italy’s waters, who kept chattering about currency, health & personal visions. Home again I created gabions from plentiful red rocks to stop constant red earth erosion into the street. Home began to feed me.

        This OP5 survey if part of my Capstone Project, will lead to OP 8,9 and 10 + an in process  Recaptured Home chapter, an Involvement with LAST (Locally Active Sustainable Town) projects & implement SuperSkyWoman’s Water Mark home business OOPS using NVC & a new OA (Objective Arbitration). This HOME base intro, Way to Go 1, 2, 3, ‘da Turtler Way is the report, prefaced by Output and Project Specifications and followed by Fibonacci-Thoughts Pathways Analysis & Raisons D’Etres Immigrantness linked & punctuated by reference to symbolic ‘Moving-Mouth’ leading away from the American cookie-cutter way of building. All links lead to a second website.

         I’ve always designed my own alterations & acted as contractor. 2009 I dared working with young architects for chunks of time targeting unique visions for entry level investigative stage. One gave exterior ideas to keep the original cottage visible, the other designed hand-built spaces. Next ushers in pragmatic contemporary design with compliant permitting and contractor timing...

         This house is not coming easily to design. The elevations baffle me, on three tiers, carved from former open space land, orientated long on south for passive solar, berms perfect for passive geothermal. This is my first home in a dry tropical sunny zone, 1/8 acre with zoning options for making School, Museum or multiple dwelling. Op 8 Model-making will prepare for other kinds of modeling.

       It’s never too late to change a pattern, survey it to find health, and work ecstatically.
        Connected with right livelihood, the name of my Art movement has become the name of my home over my front door, TIKYSK (Things I Know You Should Know).  10 Years of caregiving opened up choices, a new life in the snapshots of my mind; the treehouse of my nested enjoyments becomes, finally, Living in the designed site of my dreams.

        OK I’m exaggerating. With unlimited funds, maybe. Like a clearcut, this home is buffered by one row of trees to the view of highway people passing by....but not all is measured with affordability. Hands help. Also, being SuperSkyWoman, danced into earth by Turtle helps.
Can our Home journey recapture what one never had, but in remembered feelings, everywhere loved?