Finding Timeless Ease in an Age of no Time Left

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synesthetic action  is where it’s @: teaching becoming action learning...

Listening to my advisors, buddies and reviewers has set a path to state intentions, name values, refer to set questions, and measure against my larger arching scope, thus making a replicable process I can use throughout my Capstone year & beyond into my professional needs. Diligence on my part may prove less onerous than my usually artistic creative poetic totally intermeshed-with-visual up-to-you puzzle-solving approach. See, that mouthful is my usual way of writing. It is how I think, & what I like to read in others, not straight expository clips.  I find editing myself far into the horizon is critical.

I still tackle dyslexia, directional process is difficult to get right. Notes on paper need hard concentration. I must constantly use intentionality, sequentially, colored notations or I lose time reinventing what goes where. This Output packet writing is a gift beyond measure as I share my processes & learn from others. I naturally prefer dense, well researched writing interspersed with original elements to make others think & feel. I was most comfortable last year in my own style I could recognize, but am learning to be selective. I work toward my Capstone year to reduce, simplify, give samples, not the whole enchilada, communicate more effectively & still be me.

Thinking ahead, to a year structured by LIPD bounties. I have learned at least 25 ways to do design analysis & still come up with my own ways of left & right brain coordination, the EER of Evolution, Epiphany, Revolution, quality-of-entry into consciousness analysis, and Megaphone Reaches that are capable of sounding out + suck back in at the same time, like a didgeridoo, which is difficult to do. I like challenges.

Q & A:

What challenges have I met with this OP?    Time management & dislexia

What next steps from my LIPD have I taken?    Advance prep new videos

How can I adjust my scope?    Be watchful, listen, explain draft mode

Have I learned new values?     Learning to pre-edit.

I’ve been asked to Share how my website content & design reflects my life:

I rely on my SuperSkyWoman Persona to kick into high gear. After 21 years of knowing yet keeping it quiet except in Art, my persona now has an intelligence of its own for when & what needed. SuperSkyWoman researches, & is getting better as a people person. She did fall  long & far through many worlds to get here, landing on turtle’s back. She’s never stressed out.  When I react normally with emotion & disappointment, voicing out to myself, I know special stress is spilling, over needing SSW’s Attention. This nudge shores me back into my persona, feels strong, cool, non-committal, non-judgmental, careful to listen & observe. The OA Objectively Arbitrates its way, acknowledging & proceeding with what others perceive as mystery, or a crone in trouble. This leads to meeting one-on-one, not emotionally drawn into sympathy. I find common interests, question neutrally. This attitude has enabled me to contact people I don’t know. My office hovers in space, no judgement for where we meet. I don’t have to “possess” the “right” venue. It feels liberating to both of us. That is how I came to call Jonathan Todd from website info. He actually answered, we spoke for 40 minutes. Fab collab design team can come together. It needs more steps. SSW’s only thought: ‘just do it’.

How did I recognize Skywoman if not for being prepared long before? My feeling comfort as artist and writer since age 4, nurtured my departure from social & fashionable dependencies.  As I read Paula Gunn Allen’s Grandmothers of the Light, I entered creation myths of timelessness I’d already felt. My father had genius gifts in medicine and music. Some of this DNA surely took a different route in me to long ago, back so far I told my art critics to go beyond the caves of Lascaux, to sun cells themselves for my influences. Was this vision, or just acceptance? Both. Nature as one with our species. SuperSkyWoman saw the slight twist of humor of trees, moss and streams. For those who would like to enter suddenly into their own persona, everything is accelerated now. Everything is possible, if it has been done before it is easier now. If it has not been done it may need concentrated listening & observation tapping in. I had to learn to draw a contour line for 50 years before doing it in one gesture; that doesn’t mean you cannot do it right off. As time accelerates, so do abilities. So Just be Do-istic. One thought. Be the Action. My website content is the holder of all action aspects of myself as SSW.