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2 hours; 3RD Session, Discussion with ELF LM: Holding myself & the world accountable

Add to the Meta analysis: COCO:

Interpolating one’s senses to make sense. Senses are many.

Making sense, putting into a story is a Right brained answer. Could be an equation or musical notes, or more scientific, stringing things together to make meaning out of them.

Logic covers all points of a story with stepping stones to get to a place.

The way I think all the things are here & around but not in a way to use as a story line.

When I write I make assumptions I know how things are connected. But it seems I don’t know the connections, so others need recognizable stepping stones.

My check list would be Megaphone, the carriers of the sound outwardly or sucked back into me. How I work: EER, evolution epiphany revolution. That’s personally significant. Use it as a tool to move around in. My thoughts could compare with someone else’s core values.

Elf LORETTA needs to know how things work- an overall picture that’s organized, outlines are sort of good. She sees them all at once, integrated.

Coco pre-integrates with both sides of brain. A Flow-chart can show how & where the wonderful things are. Left brain is a tight filter. But some right-brained output needs the filter to get through. When Balloon is here red, here green without strings attached, that’s how it feels. More than 3 attached elements is too much to learn the practice of what I do.

Example: Jon Young “what it means to be connected with Nature”; “How do we evaluate if we are connecting with Nature”


1.With Head there tail there one can synthesize the object difficulty of arriving at understanding when given more than 3 elements to weigh- challenge: putting the farthest things together & come up with a new thought - Pays attention to the peripheral

2.The art of synthesis allows the far edges to take in the whole picture but somehow my mind sees a little motion at the edge & there’s the mouse. As eagle I need to explain to the other species how it is I can see peripherally everything & know where the mouse is & can go directly to the mouse - Vibrational, Mouse puts out a frequency.

3.How does the eagle know? What is the Indigenous answer?

4.Appreciating visual art connects with the way brain has put together vision for evolutionary success 

5.Form color symmetry vs asymmetry are 2 points of view

Make a story. Tell the truth & tell the story in steps: Start with one word change one letter at a time to get to 2nd word & so on in 10 steps-makes it believable to go from Ghost to Fish. Add a word to another word & I end in a place I don’t know where it ends then string it together to make a story.

Aug 14th 1st Elf visit 1 hour- photos, no video, no notes

Sept 4th 2nd Elf visit 2 hours- shot video, & notes

Sept 10th 3rd Elf visit 2 hours- notes

2nd visit:

Noted by Elf Loretta (LM): I show her my map of brain interactions process where the bomb/bowling ball appears to break & reconstruct with directional connections.

LM comments on my mindmaps of RT & LFT brains, “It’s all my own feeling throughout, yet am making assumptions that my left brain functions at same level as the corporate structure. (am I rejecting the adversary, being the other?)

Organization & power reminds me spiral dynamics is blue, corporate authority,

Structures, organizational codes & principles, the Psychology of DNA, people in 2 lines

1.My internal experience, How do I make it change

2.Need for Truth statement what is my own left brain like?

3.Am feeling my way through this, so we are in uncharted territory

4.Right brain came into effect to create dream sequence of threading the needle for automated sewing, challenge to bring up the bottom thread, hole was at the wrong end of the needle

5.She notes my assumption of symmetry, is it to need balance of rt & left brain?

6.If asymmetry, find comfort in not being equal?

7.Anatomy way, intuitive belief system, work system, asymmetry, together

8.Evidence of asymmetry: work on wall together in group, one earing worn or two different on each ear makes being wired differently, the two brains manifest structure, process & end product, & different distances are measurable. Suggestion to put link into my mindmap description to an external page.

2nd mindmap explained by Coco: one side of brain, Right Brain is polyculture-3-D resilient-to-combined elements garden, a thing NOUN reiterates reinforcement, the other monoculture process is different, leads to process to outcome to manifestation, wiring is a verb, keeps an ample picture by changing process is way to manifestation, when brakes are on or in motion, my process is in constant motion. Left Brain is analysis, is reductive, keeps reducing till plugged into elements.

Structure: Analysis leads to fractals as solution for science not being able to figure out Nature. Deals with man-made geometry, seeks the repetitive pattern & what functions it can iterate, multiply.

Suggested I redo the mindmaps from point of view of brains being mine not trying to be the ones am trying to communicate with. SSW goes into both modes- listening & then taking action.