Megaphone Reaches- Left Brain

  1. a.Project: I morph from my orientation plan where I defined HOME to extend out from OP5 throughout my Capstone year, to now re-establish a regenerated Earth Commons for giving us a better place to communicate...

~I lean into meta arms that cradle indigenous-guiding thought-bubbles which first led me to ‘Recapture HOME’ as a survey. MY epiphany at GU orientation: It is good to speak with aspen, willow, that pine with three third eyes who led me to ask spider on the bridge...

~A peer validated my OP 5 as a relevant Home umbrella for him. He’d left home and loved ones behind to seek service far away in a land of professed quality of ‘home-ness’ called Transition Town, a saga in itself that led him back Home. As SuperSkyWoman, I related to this long distance hopping & hovering to find my next good deed, unlike the Vvoom action-heroes of my ‘Age’. HOME was worthy of all my attention. I wanted ‘appropriate invisibility’ while being visible to GU & the world. Tho a conundrum, SuperSkyWoman could lift off & waft down as needed~

~The Learning Intentions Pathways Design had all aspects of focus on Home. Pressing indispensable aspects. Community participation, a Nature Business plan for SuperSkyWoman, shelter for me & all beings. A place for aesthetic living, saving old skills. The Permaculture systems infrastructure, & my body’s ability to house me.

~At best, homo-’Terra’peutically, I learn from any Nature being. The Commons is my place. Yet, I haven’t given up my own Home as a recapture zone.

  1. b.Skillflex: The feel of a web page connects reader/viewers as

one poetic, one realistic

whose part poetic calls up integrative collage (inspiration, ideas, examples…)

whose other part is realistic, (very clear report style text) –

for which I can use a different quality or placement to differentiate:

one intuitive/ inspiration/collage/examples/poetic/puzzle/cryptic

the other

clear/report/text/realistic/ deductive/ reasoning / easier understanding

When I mindmap my socially expanding Brain, I arrive at a complexity that has me

decide my LIPD doesn’t need

so elaborate a scheme:

Q. How will I charge my Elements to converse simply with

the earth & not be violated?

  1. 1.A&R Action Repair holistic design for industrial to

biological wastewater treatment. Jon Todd in Lyons.

  1. 2.Bioregional planning for Congress in wilderness

of Klamath-Siskyou/Cascadia/Shasta corridor.

  1. 3.My assignment is accepted by Permaculture Teachers to

Design Large-scale Permaculture Watersheds, begun @ 

Growhaus Denver Permaculture convergence Sept 25,11.

  1. 4.Handbuild beyond my home, for Earth Policy, Home Rule

  1. 5.Keep ‘da red worms everlasting, make Fertile soil,

under protection for a greens-eating winter

  1. 6.Lead Town Commission-work as evolution to better

decision-making. SuperSkyWoman remains out of view.

  1. 7.Breathe in the healing...AHHHHHHHhhhhhhh

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Home comes with a price in life to earn, and real value received:

Once invested, it is anywhere everywhere. I reorder goals, strategies, formats, divvy priorities, get the work done by following one thought:  What works best might fail. I fit my visioning into megaphones that let me share with you, using the principle of blowing out wide & sucking back in together with you, alternating, not getting into arguments, keeping the original focus, sliding into another persona, gentle stops, confrontations.

My challenge is for Home to be subset to EDGE as top-honcho determining the center.

Rather than the center radiating out, try darning a sock on the ball of this earth, zig zag to the center to stop the hole over your toe.


‘Akua  the  word for origins,  I prolong its glow’

How can this statement of mine be put out as deductive report? Can it begin to fulfill the descriptive mindmap for Indigenous Spiral Dynamics Andy Langford has been looking for & asked us to contribute...?

Try your own Left Brain Translation Please

 ...Disclaimer, Yin/Yang exchange

  ...The deductive

case for Home

As supporters plowed through the green revolution monoculture, creating luxury for the few, there was a slowdown so big it engulfed the entire planet, food became scarce to more & more & a small but powerful class of opponents called ‘homoindustrialis’ took rein, increasing virtual and fictitious invisible structures to amass an exponential  creation they called  ‘economic growth’. That the indigenous did not own land is a significant & illuminating buried-genocide fact. Resistors have become mechanically robotized...