This entire LIPD Output Packet outlined in table of contents is fleshed out here. This is  the first of my 2011 Capstone year IESD Masters program outputs at Gaia University.

It resides totally on my website, in sequence, just click the page & proceed.

The intent of specifications is to preview what I envision my learning experiences will be as I carry forth world changing actions. After a first year using mainly intuition & chance seizing of the moment, I’m now paying attention to coordinating a thoughtful right / left-brain asymmetrical focus that continues my Wild Art within Projects & Skillflex documentation.

I announce SuperSkyWoman’s Matrix Map in a Timewheel of monthlong megaphones drawn in a circle. The Timewheel is presented in two versions: (orderly Timeline map) & (momentous Timeline Action Map). They visually & gesturally contrast my left & right brains.

My Smart Management Strategy is sketched in these time-wheel Matrix Maps, one looking very left brain (B1), the other looking very right brain (B2).  Uses of Elves & Learning Budgets lie on the spokes of time & involve others that collaborate with me more than before. I time their pace to reset my patterns I wish to explore more deeply:

1.Indigenous Democracy & Local rights learning (policy, rights)

2.Healing & Brain bio-feedback learning

3.Life Coach learnings, one intuitive, the other from reason

4.Business Case learning

  1. 5.Leadership learning


OP7-Year 2 #1-LIPD    Contents    Specifications    Megaphone Reaches Left Brain   

Megaphone Reaches Right Brain    my support web    My Goals   report 1    Movie  

Report 2    Conclusion   Digiphon   Supporting Evidence  

‘Da OP7 Meta Blog   Process Reflection

OP 7-Year 2 #1-LIPD Links:   Right Brain Wins    My Elf Replies  Megaphone Links   Rights

Rights 4Nature   Sunset Rights?   HowlTimeMovie

Home Page     

OP1A    OP1B      OP2    OP3    Links 3&4      OP4     OP5     LInks 5    Op6 LR    GU          

7-Year2 #1-LIPD     7-Year2 #1-LIPD Links         8-Year2 #2       

Links WW 8&9 Year2 #2 & #3       9-Year2 #3 Regenerative Healing

Right Brain 10-Year2 #4 Art in earth        Left Brain 10-Year2 #4 eARTh

Links 10-Year2 #4        11-Year2 #5        Nicole’s Elf reWrite 11-Year2 #5  

Abandoned 11-Year2 #5        12 LR Mahara     12LR i-web

709 words 3 images

Brain2. Timeline Map of Actions from Right Brain

Reports 1 & 2 have a Movie in between. Left & Right Brain research uncovers a source of their communicating. Thus the self & SuperSkyWoman navigate diverse cultures with wisdom & vision of the first ancestral world.

Continuing projects & new ones answer unmet enthusiasms.

  1. 1.Left Brain 

Movie- Elf Loretta’s Guidance to the Fractal Brain

  1. 2.Right Brain Parallel visual interpretation + project snapshots- no written description

I seek Skillflex qualities: reduction, equanimity & positivity, foundationally resting at the center line of my Capstone Matrix. My Invisible Structure Tool Kit holds: L/UNL, listening, reflection, Reiki healing, Financial Permaculture, Village Building, Permaculture teaching, Biocouncil, Town Commissions & a continued Transition Town penetration. SuperSkyWoman’s way of Right Livelihood is felt in her hovering, offering seeds & Creativity Coaching.

Projects in my planning zones 0-2 play out as: 

  1. 1.Designing & Recapturing HOME: themes, more zones, supporters & resistors

2.Wastewater Recycling Plant A&R: Action & Repair Comes to Town, manifest next steps

3.Growing year round: food & earth, home & community, Set models for consulting

  1. 4.SuperSkyWoman’s gifts: Objective Arbitration & Permaculture Sculpture function

  2. 5.Locally Invented Games for Positive Community: relax into Nature Commons

  3. 6.Reflection with Elves on how to make things operate better: Using life maps, journal entry, writing, video, how I do it & you can too

  4. 7.‘Da Meta Blog: Art Within Earth, Bioregional, Un-useful Essential Art reviving a poetic novel

  5. 8.The Business Case for OOPS - Office of Permaculture Sustenance: SSW Tangibles for Home & Government

OP 8 takes from these #s 1, 2, & 3    OP 9= 4 & 5    OP 10= 7    OP 11/12=  5 & 8

Conclusion: tells how I use this year’s writings & projects in the larger world. It Shares SuperSkyWoman’s operating methods with readers to ease them in.

Digiphon- you can read or not

Supporting Evidence: you can read or not, it links to materials that are useful.

    Learning Journal Extracts integrate throughout by association.

    Four Guild meeting minutes are documented with new deckmate from FINDHORN!

    Evaluation Spreadsheets will be placed on website & Gel site

    Links are placed on separate website created for that purpose.

Process Reflection illuminates aspects to which I have given much thought.

Brain1. Timeline Map from Left Brain


Coco Gordon aka SuperSkyWoman Mindmap- increases the vehicles for Left+Right Brain understanding


My Megaphone Reaches ‘way’ sounds out announcements of noteworthy actions while sucking back in to me from the Ancestors. How do right & left brains deal with an ooma-oo Ancestor statement I set stage for the reader, to feel shifts between deductive reasoning & creative intuition in this LIPD?

My Support Web outlines Advance Planning; who can help & how.

    The self as SuperSkyWoman navigates diverse cultures, & HOME Skin wraps an old house in a new envelope planned for effectiveness (the skillflex side.)

Goals flesh out on ‘My Goals’ page

Contrasting Projects with Skillflex becomes a repeating Invisible Structure.