Did my invented Design Methods

  1. 1.Intuit/ evaluate criteria for my LIPD? YES

  2. 2.Honor my values? YES

  3. 3.determine if I was clear in required parts of outputs? To me, YES

  4. 4.Pioneer acronyms to project meaning for joining me?  YES it is happnin’

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This Capstone LIPD is creating a larger toolkit for me to align my projects for Gaia U work & my life Leadership hats. I am choosing ways to document projects, state values, list learning objectives, & select a scope that is useful for each project, predicting how a project gets completed. Asking myself how I measure to my intentions, I can share processes more fluently with myself & others. 

I’m making use of elves for each OP. I’ve projected my learning needs & budgets, requesting help from well-qualified town folks working on tangential commissions. involving them in my Gaia U work is opening up new dialogs and collaborations in community and supports us mutually.

Am amazed at how GU orientation aids in getting things done help me with my dislexia.  GU Skills lead to resourcefulness, sidebars, favorites, links, & satisfaction.

So Tired
in a frame of grasses
in a frame of roots
in a frame of mud