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My Megaphone Support Web

Advance planning for help:

a. Ask for learning budget to work with appropriate coaches:

    Diane Dandeneau, my SFC Chair, Singer, Artist, Life Coach, Solar expert @ 3 hours $50 per hr = $150.

            Life Coach learning based on equanimity, compassion, calm

    Jennifer Murnan, JenLo Farm & my Permaculture teaching partner @ two hours $50 per hr = &100

            Indigenous Democracy, DGR, local home rule & policy rights learning

    Lori Kochevar,  my Permaculture student, professional brainwave coach @ 2 hours $75 per hr = $100

           Healing, Neurofeedback Brainwork Collaboration

    Rennie Davis, Earth Whisperer, hour+ @$120 per hour = $150.

            Earth whisperer continuation of prior orientation entry to responsible being

Total $500.

Ask for $200 in skillflex funds/time to work towards

    Charley Cropley Integrative Health Care Love yr Body skills @ $100

    Katerina Webber  Mindmapping @ $100

Outside Independent Advisor: Kathy Jacobsen, Life Coach, Author & Board of Trustees appropriate town life coach using reason, impressed with GU regimen -         

           Leadership skills training for town & SSW business -              


  1. b.What the self is doing as SuperSkyWoman:

Navigate diverse co-evolutionary cultures & species, within and beyond Town Government.

Plant talk: converse with nature beings on highest priorities,

Heal self and others + long distance Reiki & Tom Griner across fascia massage

Other methods, UN/L with vision of first ancestral world (OOma OO)

Keep hovering (OA) Objective Arbitration stance while in leadership roles

  1. c. Set Learning Intentions: reduction of talk and writing to concise yet retain oral effect, keep up Transition Town-style positivity in community, follow through organizing Colorado Permaculture teachers largescale Watershed mapping & design begun at Permaculture Convergence,

    listen, reflect, make a good Toolkit that can be exported

d.  Skillflex time balance: CA Fitts, Solari Financial Permaculture;  web design-Apple store; 3rd Architect-Nielsen Design, skin envelope for home.

  1. e.Elves: (no cost)

    Loretta MIllburn: Medical professional Library Board member, completed 6 hours

         left & right brain investigation + video

    Toby Russel: Nat Capital Solutions COO, accepted half hour session to teach

        me the Business case method for global change to satisfy start-up of

        SuperSkyWoman OOPS (Office Of permaculture Sustenance) business program

        from HOME.

    Tom Douglas: EDC Economic development Council & University Economics Prof

        accepted one hour to solidify local community as my pickleball resiliency &

        local play elf

    Ways to measure effectiveness-to my own questions:

        script continuing ethical Audio-video screenplays.

Ask SSW: Project-  Connect artists with Eco-Initiatives  -  Be a Bridge

    Learn the Business Case Toby Russel (Nat Cap Solutions) elves are local

      meets up with    adding layers between outcome & output & back again

Ask SSW: Skillflex

    Get help with finance (Solari Circles - I re-subscribed & am again connected

    Model making, Handbuilding (Tracie Sage, Matthew Pearce) My local heroes will help

My Core Values: honored & balanced

1.Health, work, mentorship, research and play, show love!

2.Practice  SuperSkyWoman’s attributes

3.Create win win win integrative successes, for community & earth.

4.See with permaculture keyline vision.

5.Evaluate what waiting my turn means to the discussion at hand.

6.Value and reward timeless indigenous wisdoms

7.Value needs of opponents

8.Value both brains’ abilities for creativity & deep connectivity

9.Use greater mycelial Earth power to re-inhabit Megamachine power

10. Ask nature questions to open up dialog, strategy and plans

  1. 11.how I operate via the 3 elements EER (evolution epiphany revolution)

Meta: team development for long term - Yang interchangeable with

Meta: communication with devas now- Yin Interchageable

Larger Arching Scope: Qs for my OPs  I aspire to fulfilling this scope so that I can then ask myself these questions.

1. How do I align my life choices with timeless indigenous wisdoms?

2.  Am I earning my living from Appropriate Business, Home & Town pursuits

3. How am I measuring 1st action steps while unlearning reactive defensiveness?

4. Am I Observing / intuiting proper fit to each occasion using both brains?

5. Have I sent my megaphone blasts to the universe & welcomed them back, Yin Yang?

6. What achievable living metrics can I show beyond monoculture numbers?

Treat like a book in 2 parts...