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adding its non-centralized core that begins to express the way I relate to my brains and begins to link the relationals, starting a flow pattern that would recirculate a stacked function in the left brain...

announcing themselves as a collaborative and interdependent process of edges creating their unique yields... not able to be increased by monoculture rows of sameness as once designed to emanate from one center of authority...the already increased conversations increase exponentially via each other’s connections to the outside world (megaphone reaches)...

jumping to a goal to mirror my two brains in a balance, but how would I get here from there?

relationals detached, I’m looking for a hidden process not available to me. I let the Left brain muscle in, which effectively knocks off my creative source...I hope that would only be temporary as I love my creative source and trust it implicitly... I then let my left brain remember back to how humanity went through a long industrial indoctrination of centuries before being able to leap to synthesis of the Quantum brain...and I let that left brain do a detailed analysis, in the way I hope to do in this LIPD for the next year, seeking clarity for my EE, (Evolutionary Economics), Home, my OA (Objective Arbitration), SuperSkyWoman, EcoMachines, my town L.A.S.T. (Locally Active Sustaining Town & the OOPS (Office of Permaculture Sustenance) which could continue to solve and be solved as edges building independently then at some point, all informing a new composite center...

Megaphones Reach Center from their Edges

I find my first elf, Loretta Milburn, retired medical practitioner, who is helping me access my left brain.

From our initial conversation August 14th she showed me how both of us being wired for Right Brain can produce very different behavioral and perceptive qualities, with totally different manifestations in how our work and lives look. This made me jump to a thought of her helping me organize my two brains. The process of my change is wanting to reach left brained readers of my work. The first output of this thought has been to make mindmaps of this change process: I began by remodeling the usual center radiating out to many directional relationals...the big black bowling ball “blot” arrives...

My Question then is how far do I go with my brain integrations to satisfy enough understanding by those reading my output packets?

And will this increase of integrations ensure a world, or even more, a universe of disparately prepared receptors for understanding my work?

Meta team development for long term?  Go Speak to the devas...

learn from their response mechanisms?

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