‘Da Water Juggling Act
‘Da Water She is juuuuuuuuuggling...rivers to the sea
Age: in your veins
Birthday: every season
School: Nature
Favorite vacation: undiverted
Favorite book: who me? why then, Masaru Emoto! & Barbara Harmony’s Memoir-in-progress...
Favorite movie: Gasland!
Favorite quote: Water, the only solvent in the human body, attached through its bonds to other non charged substances and to each other transports needed nutrients, removes waste, contributes to cellular volumes and structure.
    -from Edema, as researched by Heinz I Lippmann
my our water

favorite water places

Water, the great energizing balancer of body & earth functions helped me deal with World Trade Center injury on 9/11, reducing me to few words, but great energetic spirit, simplifying  my messages to make NYC a model Sustainable City, restoring health to Ground Zero. I felt the water energies right under my building in NYC’s Tribeca as a floating feeling on top of five-fingered Collect Pond, was soothed by Jamaica Bay’s migrating flocks of geese and duck waves of love amidst airplane-land-JFK, felt the old canal still surging in empowerment under Canal Street, and was beckoned like a siren to vaporetto and gondola sanity of water energies wielding their magic reflections in Venice Italy, intimately grateful to my pulling out plastics from Lido Beach, to make words & water restorations as concrete art of upcycling nature.

The sound of St Vrain Lyons river confluences: transforms Transition Town friends shaking, drumming, thanking, with appreciation & rainsticks;  The Yoho / Kicking Horse river confluence in BC magnetized our water bodies to perform our piano-trap operas using props we made as  explorer/ artists, Sandra Semchuk & myself in protracted water-play. 

Swimming in parallel with loons in Emma Lake, Saskatchewan; straining good structured water with our home made spiral branching sieves as four artists in the middens on Saturna Island; making paper over high energy riverstones with Betsy Damon, my artist-healer kin: these are some of my best experiences with elevated  energies of water given solvency & supports.
hands off ‘da connectors

When I look at dad’s precise medical drawings I see through a lens of high magnification, into core relationships: where molecules per unit cell expand, keeping them lighter than water; where chains dance, small sphere hydrogen twirlings with large sphere oxygen on hydrogen-bonded disc-connectors. Looking down the c-axis’ open shaft, ice floats on liquid water. The connector in highly-exacted drawn models & interpolated lessons of ‘New Yorker’ humor, as in this balancing duo of men, one overly-nourished on a scale of ice floating on water, equally balancing the underweight man who has shrunk inward from deprivation in minus-concave, shows water  provides transport of needed nutrients and removals of waste & this scale offers trade-offs: temperature control and stabilization of  organic cellular volumes, in short, both men are struggling.

The connector is what I have already learned personally: that most cell volumes are kept constant by intricate systems of electrolyte transport in and out of the cell,  protecting its membranes from rupturing.  The sodium-pump, the active entrance of 3 sodium and exit of 2 potassium ions, aided by ATPase accomplish this task. When I drink salt water I am re-calibrated, to match what I need as a living being, restored from extractions and engorgements of available food & air beyond what I eat: organic, raw, unprocessed - beyond what I breathe turned to water in wrong places: trachea, lungs, skin, & inherited venous insufficient circulatory system compromised by industrial violator’s effluents.

Natural pumps of 96% reduced forests has been the counterpart of body personal connectors as life system ruptures. Pumps of energy vs mechanical gadgetry add a vast dimension to water’s delicacy & prowess.

water, ‘da connector, has rights...in your veins & springing from your water table...

WHY WATER IN THE WRONG PLACES? Enough water and watchfulness of swelling, slowing activities to heal, legs up in air, dry brushing skin, not eating sugar, edema flattens. On the macro scale, stripping away forests has taken away water’s supports of earth tanks, changing how water swells, floods, dries up, encapsulates salt: Greening the Desert Arrives!

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