Learning Journal extracts throughout, (art, drawings & DAD’S JOURNAL DOODLES)

Resource Supports:

1. Briefly annotated list of resources in project & creation of output packet: Dad’s and my archives well filed, Seizing and employing instinctual first thoughts.

2. Sharing ideas, designs, experiments, outcomes of paired & stretched imagination. Transmitting useful medical professional data. Vital feedback is internalized in collaborations and externalized to those reading the Output. People who not long ago asked me to find informations for them to use, now send me informations I can use.

  1. 3.Investigative skills being transmitted. New alliances created in community, feedback received & public comment on articles  published in local newspapers. Books I create to prod heart & mind put out new juicy thoughts, enabling stretched minds to foster informed decisions.

  1. 4.Digiphon tech aspects what software used:

new MacBookPro OS 10.6.7, scanner, screen shots, jpgs, photoshop CS3, I-movie, MobileMe i-web, Apple Store one-to-one & tutorials.

  1. 5.Digital literacy required: weblinks, interplay

of i-life, fonts, software on my mac, inventing modes, formats & shapes for content to fit, layers, willingness to improvise, and graphic design.

  1. 6.Useful resources in project & output:

integrative curiosity, intuiting quotes, messages, titles, visuals, editing

Multiple inputs: Dad’s bibliography, glossary, drawings & The Bioregional Jump.

Key words:














water is polar, it comes in Four states!
Ice, Water, Steam, Plasma

cold, divisive, changing, behavioral, defined (geographically),  imbalanced
physical property of a substance, arbitrary border,  particular quality, mood,  speaking out
so what does it mean for water?
Polar thought: Rearranging its own atoms, water is a process which  removes it as a solvent...

WELCOME HOME Entering the 11th Congress, August 19-27th in  Klamath-Siskiyou Birch Creek watershed wilderness, NABC 1, 1st Congress made an invitation vs a manifesto, thoughts posted on side of barn + implicit natural order, adopted by consensus as the overall statement has served as credo for bioregionalism ever since.

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