Chief Golden Eagle calls

Chief Golden Eagle calls all Ikce Wicasa, medicine men-women, people of all nations, all nations of black, red, yellow and white, all nations of color and heart, to spend a moment on 1-11-11 at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm, to pray for the Nations of Mother Earth to Wake Up!

The AIR is polluted, the bird nations have spoken with their lives. They have given of themselves to remind humanity that our AIR is contaminated.

The WATER is polluted and the ones that swim have spoken with their lives. They have also given of themselves to remind humanity that our WATER is contaminated.

The FIRE has been abused by man. Atom has been split, atom bomb, hydrogen, bomb, many others beyond the mind of heart.

The Earth is being shaken by the toys of man, yes mother earth smiles, but she also can correct a child, just as two-legs correct their children.

Take heed people, karma follows every action, every word and every thought. Karma follows all those that allow atrocities to fall out of the natural rhythm of the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator, Universal Mother and of Creation. The sisters, the children and Mother Earth may soon speak their message through the word of the land.

Allow our hearts to be as ONENESS on 1-11-11, through this Law of Attraction, of Light, Sound and Vibration we can and will succeed. Plant the seed of Peace, Love, Respect, Harmony, Honor, Healing and Truth. EARTH, AIR, WIND, WATER.

The nations of peace have arrived, and as Patriots of Light, we must light their path through our actions of love. Therefore, understand, O Peoples, that the Healing Prayers and Powers are indeed flowing through your forms even now. And through these prayers and powers - the Thirteen Rainbow Powers of the Sacred tree of Life - you may send Love and Healing to all of your Relations in any time, in any place, in any dimension of life.

The Creator does bestow the responsibility upon the Peoples again. For the Two- Legged is the steward and guardian of the Earth and is responsible for the Kingdoms of Life to be in balance and in health. This is a health which transcends your physical dimensions and dost reach unto the Stars: for every plant has its Star Clan; every Stone has its Stellar home; every Animal is a consciousness from Elsewhere; and every Two-Legged indeed is Starry born.






  Mitakuye Oyasin

  Chief Golden Light Eagle

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 We are not alone!  There are a number of other organizations working on related issues:

United Nations University Institute for Advanced Studies Traditional Knowledge Initiative is housed in Charles Darwin University, Australia, and has programs on Traditional Knowledge and Climate Change, and Traditional Knowledge and Water Management. 

Tebtebba is "Working for the recognition and protection of indigenous peoples' rights".  Based in the Philippines, they are active worldwide on cultural rights related to natural resources, including water.  Tebtebba is the lead organization in the recently launched Indigenous Climate Portal.

Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), based in the United States, is a "network of Indigenous Peoples empowering Indigenous Nations and communities towards sustainable livelihoods, demanding environmental justice and maintaining the Sacred Fire of our traditions."  Indigenous water issues are addressed not only in IEN's Water Program,  but also in the Mining Program and the Native Energy and Climate Change Campaign

UNESCO addresses indigenous water issues through two separate programs:  (1)  The Water and Cultural Diversity Database, which is part of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP), and (2) the interdisciplinary program on Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems (LINKS). 

Winona LaDuke all moons none named for an empire-more sustainable!
What YOU Can Do: 
Treat Water as Sacred.
Respect our traditions. Pray for the water, make offerings to keep water pure and available for the People and all Life. 
Be a Water Protector.
Be aware of water sources around you and make it your business to know these water sources are safe, protected, and/or being managed properly. Be cautions of mining, energy power plants and agricultural and other industrial developments that use and waste great amounts of water. 
Be AWARE-Know where your drinking water comes from. Recent trends are to privatize both drinking water and wastewater systems. In many cases your tap water is of higher quality that bottled water. 
Conserve Water-Whether you live in areas of lots of water or where water is scarce, remember water is a precious resource. Whether in the home, in the tribal community or within industrial development, we can no longer afford to waste water. 
Avoid Consuming Bottled Water-Unless it is an emergency, bottled water is not the solution. Fill re-usable containers with tap water and take them with you. 
Do Not Pour Chemicals Down the Drain-Watch what you pour down your drain and what you put in your garbage. Everything you throw out will find its way back into the hydrologic cycle.