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body like earth moves

water to the wrong places

+ healing (coco)

+ laughter/doodles ( Dad)


Bioregional jump into our watershed

Masaru Emoto


Main part of output packet:

Dad’s body-water research

In depth documentation

My Questioning via Earth:


1. Water Distribution in tissues & organs

2. Edema Statistics

3. Edema Basics body water

  1. 4.Measurement of Total Body Water

  2. 5.Cardiac Edema

  3. 6.Intracellular Water

  4. 7.Extracellular Water

  5. 8.Plasma Membrane

  6. 9.Glossary

My notes in red, Dad’s in black

our bonds
Water is compartmentalized in areas, confined by membranes in which life processes take place.


of total body weight

skin                   72.o                       20.6               

muscle                 75.7                       43.4    

skeleton               22.o                        5.5

brain                  74.8                        2.3

liver                  68.3                        2.4

heart                  79.2                        0.58

lungs                  79.o                        0.86

kidneys                82.7                        0.48

spleen                 75.8                        0.21

blood                  83                          6.45

intestines             74.5                        2.14

rest of body           63.o                        14.9  

Fat and water are often body-complementary.


%body fat

      40     *    

      30            *   

      20                  *

      10                             *                    

      0                                         *               

              40   45   50   55    60    65    70   75% body water

My proposed action: Earth-Water Distribution: measure the horizontal & vertical zones in which water resides: how much water is needed to support these without jeopardizing each dimension? Which layer is the most crucial for giving life? Is the land able to withstand damage to its kidneys if its skin dries out?

Ha Ha the water sprites dance!

Already Earth scale:

The small water (H20) molecule has an effective radius of less than 1.5 nm (1.5 A). Its nucleus has a spin of one half and can be conceived as a spinning positive charged sphere. Any motion of a charge creates a magnetic field. A spinning sphere resembles a small compass magnet which will align itself within one direction of a strong magnetic field. The spin of the nucleus aligns itself with the earth’s magnetic field to 90 degrees and by another 90 degrees within the longitudinal direction of a one Tesla strong magnetic field. One Tesla is 10000 Gauss. The earth’s magnetic field is 0.6 Gauss strong. The motions of the spinning fields at 2 right angles are termed precession, pr the magnetic moment = MY which obtains a frequency that is determined by the strength of the magnetic field, measured in Tesla.

   In a solution at 25 degrees C the small water molecule keeps turning over fast and tumbles every 2-3 times 10 to the minus 12th power. Thus its molecular arrangements are difficult to analyze. The positively charged hydrogen is bonded to the negatively charged oxygen as well as to the other water molecules, always maintaining a distance of 0.1 nm. In ice, the hydrogen bonded between molecules results in a 3-dimensional rigid lattice, forming an open structure with a hole through the middle of the hexagon of about 0.06 nm in diameter. When liquid at 25*C, a water molecule can be removed by applying 105. kcal per mole of energy to break the bonds that the 4 tetrahydrically arranged hydrogen bonds have with the neighbors. The water molecule in addition has a moderate dipole moment (1.86 debyes) that can interact with other dipolar and charged species. (3)

   Water, the only solvent in the human body, attached through its bonds to other non charged substances and to each other transports needed nutrients, removes waste, contributes to cellular volumes and structure. Water is compartmentalized in areas, confined by membranes in which life processes take place.

2. Edema Statistics:

1 CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE pulmonary hypertension##





6 E. IN PREGNANCY a.normal. b.toxic

7. PLEURISY (pneumonia, Tbc, Ca, other malignancies etc)

8. E. in CHRONIC VENOUS INSUFFICIENCY (or in venous stasis)





13. HORMONAL (endocrinologic pathology,: hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitis, medicated: steroids, NSAIDs, estrogens etc


15. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) see ref 310

  1. 16.Pulmonary Hypertension, and RVFailure

Translate this to earth scale:

How Does the earth get nourished to prevent these statistics and prevent need for drugs? Does keeping the earth fertile prevent loss of water in the right places?

3. Edema Basics: Body & Earth Scale

Water, the most plentiful constituent of the human body, contributes an average of 55% to its weight, the remainder being protein, fat and inorganic material. Life on earth depends on the presence of water. Some 3.8 billion years ago, prokaryotes, the first living, un-nucleated organisms, (bacteria), developed the ability to use sunlight energy to extract hydrogen from water. The development of eukaryotes (nucleated cells) and multicellular organisms seems to have started as early as 3 billion years ago.(2)., which today include all flora and fauna.  Again, water is essential for the structural integrity of the living cell, the body’s homeostasis, the use of food as source of energy, the body’s adaptation to the stresses of the environment. The specific roles of water in each of these functional tasks have challenged the fancy of scientists and philosophers for 3000 years (1), and the past 100 years of biochemical and molecular research have yielded many final answers (3). Still, the direct observation of the workings of the water molecule in living cells, tissues and organs has been made possible only in 1946, with the discovery of magnetic resonance (NMR) by Nobelists Edward Purcell and Felix Bloch.(2), put to use by the early 70’s.

     NMR is based on the fact that protons with magnetic moments, among them the hydrogen proton, align within a strong magnetic field, and exposed to radio waves of distinct frequency, resonate with the frequency that among other magnetizing protons identifies it throughout the body. This hydrogen predominantly represents the 55% of body water, of the molecule of which it is 11% by weight. Smaller aliquots of hydrogen belong to the 7% of body proteins and the 12% of body fats and lipids. The method, formerly termed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), but not using nuclear radiation, has been renamed Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). MRI identifies specific biologic function of water in the body. To identify specific biological functions of water in the earth is a worthy technology to take into each industrial process, apply and observe as base protocol for greening industry without greenwashing now encouraged by advertising’s excess misrepresentation.

    BW is measured by means of the hydrogen isotope 2 HHO which yields some overestimation since it also indicates the presence of other hydrogen containing substances, mainly proteins (7% of body weight) and fat (12% of body weight), usually not more than 2%(301). 
      Another method uses bioelectric impedance plethysmography (BIP).  

Translating to Earth Scale: 
Can one calibrate total earth health by measuring total Earth Water? 
A Permaculture EarthWater design?

5. CARDIAC EDEMA (edema due to congestive heart failure):

GENERAL:  Individuals with a failing blood pump due to heart disease may be asymptomatic, as long as they are “compensated”. This means that the cardiac reserve is adequate for all the blood needed during the activities undertaken by this individual. .A diminished cardiac reserve surfaces during more stressful or energy demanding activity, manifesting in breathlessness, fatigue and edema. While heart failure progresses, exercise tolerance gradually diminishes to become inadequate even for regular metabolic requirements. During that downhill course less oxygen is extracted from the arterial system, and the arterio-venous oxygen difference increases. In practice, patients, especially if physically inactive, may remain compensated, and severe failure may emerge suddenly and unexpectedly. Edema may develop at any stage during this downhill course, but may become “pitting” only after a good amount of interstitial fluid has accumulated.

     In normal individuals, exercise temporarily increases cardiac output as well as arterio-venous oxygen difference.

    The hemodynamic and the pathogenetic roles of edema differ in left and right heart failure.

Translating to Earth Scale: Attention to bringing the Earth like the body out of locked in abnormally advanced stages of inundation or drought respond to generative retentive methods of permaculture into steady-state, entering exiting in the capillaries as well as the arteries...

  1. 6.Intracellular Water: Approximately 97% of total body potassium  (TBK) is in intracellular water, would allow an assessment of intracellular water volume if we knew intracellular [K], using the formula ICW= 0.97

 TBK [K] cell.

However, no method is available to measure [K] in all cells. What are the forces that regulate cell water content?        

Securing a stable cell volume is one of the prime functions in all living organisms. Most cells react to a decrease or an increase of their volume by establishing a “Gibbs-Donnan*” equilibrium. This caused cell swelling beyond its membrane’s capacity by invoking the “Double-Donnan” effect entails an active Na+ transport (by means of theNa+-K+ ATpase). In effect, this renders the cell plasma membrane

impermeable to Na+ even though it would be passively permeable.

Translating to Earth Scale:

The difficulty of keeping nourishment high, ample and stable by keeping permeability where intended & maintaining organic fertility in soils is a visible translation of intracellular water’s nutrient vulnerability as maintained in the body.

7. Extracellular water (ECW) is defined as all water that is external to all cells, including RBCs. This compartment includes water inside and outside of blood vessels, in the interstitium between cells and the water that has crossed epithelial cells (e.g. saliva and GI fluids). Thus, extracellular water is plasma water + interstitial fluid and lymph + trans-cellular water + inaccessible bone water.

     Normal plasma volume contains 6-7%  proteins and lipids and  93-94% water. Measurement of plasma volume therefore practically determines plasma water in a normal subject. It takes into account that RBCs and albumin are mostly intravascular, but if albumin is measured by diluting labelled albumin, “zero time” must be included in the  extrapolation, since albumin, especially in pathologic conditions (hepatic disease, burns etc) leaks into extravascular space.

      Other compartments of extracellular water are difficult to assess. Of these, transcellular water, including the secretions of pancreas, liver, sweat glands, thyroid follicles kidneys, etc are too uneven in concentration and rates to yield meaningful data. This also includes the joint spaces, and the intra-thoracic, intra-abdominal and pericardial fluids.

Translating to Earth Scale: For example, trees and their water sequestering, transpiration and hydrological abilities- this shows how infinitely useful it is for forests to be left undisturbed for achieving total effect value, to bestow water needed by all living beings to survive.

8. Plasma membrane:

Nucleated cells in all multicellular live organisms are surrounded and often internally divided by a plasma membrane and suspended in an extracellular fluid environment. Survival and function of the living cell is contingent on the maintenance of its volume within safe limits, to protect its membrane from undue pressure and to assure undisturbed intracellular metabolic function. At the same time, the transmembrane exchange of  metabolites, waste products, small and large molecules, solutes, substances that carry usable energy from the environment must be secured. This complex steadily ongoing task on which all life depends, is accomplished by regulating cell volume and internal pressure by the laws of physics and chemistry, working simultaneously for and against the third law of thermodynamics: The intra-and extracellular osmotic concentrations always tend to be equal. Therefore, the  trans- membrane osmotic gradient created by changes in the concentration of either solute will prompt water and easily permeable electrolytes to move into or out of the cell to recover equal osmolality. Since the anionic proteins are not permeable through the membrane, other negative-loaded molecules (mainly chlorides and phosphates) which are permeable will have to exit the cell by the laws of Gibbs-Donnan* equilibrium.

translating to earth scale:

Intuit earth scale waters, rocker-bottom toxic conversations killing spawn in flammable lakes ponds, rivers, seas, oceans…hydrological cycle without tree respiratory balance, less holding places. Intuit deep, permaculture swale gabion lateral flows, foodforests restorations, earth water tanks. Watershed design mimics natural pumping. Who lifted all the

pumps, where are the tight stockings for earth?


Traveling into water

this is no ordinary journey
it fails the inexhaustible barter of life
each time we lift a page of water
gravity has its way
viscosity loses, dykes breach, devaluation

becomes instantly overwhelming, visible

on ourselves yet in us
we cannot train our pumps they float
as ankles legs into the heart loop
leaving invasive damage

mud is everywhere
in the herb tincture garden
over the cochia

that outcompeted the bindweed
stained to the top amaranth
what will we do for salad?
sun allurements?

hope for lambsquarters
the most exploited class

multiplying seed?

old growth doesn’t just

happen anymore

we return to too much too little

too soon too late water
our insides dessicate, bloat memory

for each million kilo cut we get

plastic or benzene or toluene

let us not count the waterways...

when Water subsides

tides smaller fuller we try again

not needing lungs yet

adapted to cave transparency
we orient our faces long before sunRA

the sun RAsunRA arrives with


ecozoic will be bacterially safe

no false no detour no claims
All live here in a wish with
open eyes...

Rocker-bottom  feet less surface on the ground cause falling, from diabetes, dehydration & water bypassing membranes.

Dad’s drawing for a Lobster Bird Rocker-bottom Shoe:

Heal before you get to this    `````

9. Dad’s Glossary:

follow links of industry that create forced water abuse

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