report 2

U/Learnings leading to Reflections:

Healing energies meet blood-flow.

I contract for brainstorms & refer to dad’s creatures, do they fit as unlearnings in my learning contract? How much did Dad contract with me to hear me out? He shared his most promising work with me and welcomed my thoughts. When he could no longer breathe he saw patients, I told him I’d publish a book of his + doodles, honoring that contract by publishing his work here as a website, no less evocative.

my contractual water systems are affected by Thomas Berry’s Bioregional passion for his Riverdale-on-Hudson sentinel position & caring attention of one bush, of which he contributed a poem, “Witch Hazel in January” in 1992 to my Water Mark Press book, Artists Perform From their Ecological Source: working to re-open major life systems of the planet.

Brian Swimmes’s first allurements open up  water-rich cells contracting for never letting go of cosmological beingness.

Mindpoems follow down to Spiritual ecology down to Breakdown levels down to Medium merging projects of 3-d permaculture process vision down to Meta perpendicular detail= specific project content where we are going together across the seas is the Q, and my Real & wild feet show the past, future, next wild steps through water’s solvency & the supports we continue to  give water. dad’s doodle of one rocker- bottom lobster foot I now genetically feel in my feet.


 Water Contracts are always out there waiting...

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