Projects 3: Settling / My Invisible Support Structures, a latest Permaculture instruction


The Invisible Awakening: Regenerative Systems:  LD/lucid dream, TAV/thing as verb (action),

PS/personal symbol, PE/performed event     (there is a wide latitude for how this is lived on earth)

          ∆                                     ∆

    Fractal divisions of labor nesting

    An Action Design Team

    Emergent Systems are greater than the sum of their parts, long term solutions become pattern   

            language, when understood I feel whole & I belong, I can access the great beyond

    Watershed, roots, capillaries translate into living-being affairs, autonomy, mutual trust that

        branches, mycelia spread into flow, mass media moves to local resilient affiliates & governments

    Who do I Love? My primal Question, I know, do you?

    How to love the Pacha Mama who is feeding me?

    Evaluate: will it serve my land & my tribe?

    Over-emphasis on efficiency leads to brittle failure of my system

    Plants & Trees are pumps for water; my leg & ankle pumps need to work for my life

    Window into my awake mind

    Which patterns are appropriate for which structures?

Nature Speaks

                                                Q & A, cryptic clues,

                                                then Hugs, is how I

                                                relate to Nature beings,

                                                they care for me...

                                                (Performed Events)

Make a Water Currency water says, (Concrete Experience)


Democracy school is deepening from 90’s IFG (International Forum on Globalization) teach-Ins              

      Home Rule charters written by CELDF is the next hope to break the legal rule of corporations

            The Proactive Charters for what a town wants, unlike Statutory parenting of State.

      Meme Change shown in Spiral Dynamics & Owen Waters book, The Shift , knowing where we are 


EDAP- Energy Descent Action Plan of Transition Towns, knowing where we are going out & inward


Permaculture Basic Systems Integration to know we have done the max for Earth

    Watershed design from

    ridgeline to bottom, lateral

    spread of water increases

    sink & store, earth = largest

    water tanks, sheetmulch +

    worms & mycelium, keyline!


        Bioregional -

        Welcome Home

        Ceremonial Village

        Continental Congresses, #11 in 2013, A new Biocouncil works with each new site, know my Home


DGR- Deep Green Resistance, Derrick Jensen, my next elf consult, Jennifer Murnan & Lois Hickman

        a place to put our anger for the loss of indigenous nature

Earth Whisper Training a huge selfless task      

     Asked to leave all prior training behind. Life begins before birth. Make no comparisons. Defend Earth.


Land Learning Lab The Permaculture life as we want to create it creates wholeness within

        UnMegamachine Course (Lewis Mumford-inspired) confronting & breaking bad habits with

        Conversations That Matter

              One-on-one,  think ‘n listen, easy when I hover & float my better judgments

        Mindmaps- can we invent them to appear when we speak?

        Self Sufficiency- feeling safe

            Right Brain / Left Brain / Whole Brain

                Sew, cook, cut hair, build, design, garden, bike


ART within EARTH: The Gut & The Well:  A MedArt World Congress on Arts & Medicine 6-day healing program, I devised an Eco Room in 1992 at the Sheraton Hotel in NYC, brought to the public advanced healing techniques artist are still devising for the earth. Indigenous friends, harlem gardeners, ecologists, famous eco- writers & artists presented & took part in a Talking Circle, a live Dreaming-together overnight event with world composer Pauline Oliveros, Live Artist actions around NYC, featured projects, & an Assembling Book of the artists’ created pages, Artists Perform From Their Ecological Source: Working to Re-Open Major Life Systems of the Planet.     

Shusha shushi et non se peut’

Mom saying in French, if you blow out & in at same time you can’t do it, & Nonna would say, You can’t sip and spit food at the same time, but I say I can, & this is how, with megaphones that call out to the ancestors & suck back in their answers, our two-way reciprocal dialog, walk the talk first clan regeneration...

SuperSkyWoman’s Invisible Healing Structures hold the hard work in place...

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