Land Learning Laboratory.

Pathways through

Work flow as part of learning contract-

to be out there.

Distill from immediate family, species, predecessors.

Distill from Indigenous, Scientists, Evolutionists.

Find Our Anchors.

            Meta Meta Level = Mindmaps

Meta Spiritual Ecology Level down to

             Breakdown levels

Meta medium projects = 3-D permaculture

   process down to

Meta perpendicular detail = specific

   project content

Alexander’s Pattern Language

MY OP 2, 3, 4, 5 projects will: take stock of Timeless achievements & ongoing Vision, circulate quality in alive outputs, set examples, vary expressions to reach varying cultures, groups & individuals, show strengths and weaknesses regardless of age, young to old, delve into past actions to find the seeds that survive, similar to the predisposition to favor evolution of species and planet.

Together We is taken up by interweavings, well-being, balancing of good health, bringing back the rightful Commons to all, giving energy to get more energy in return, not impossible as was taught, unlearning teachings that stop people and other species from being what their being intends, hopping easily to discovery at earlier stages.

Process Progress: I learn alias on desktop,

expose’ and spaces functions

Val suggests reducing to short designations. filing titles.

Skillflex Thoughts: Invite Katherina Webber re: mindmaps, Apple Store help in i-web, i-photo- i-life,  Using Book Manuals bought, Internet and program Help functions...

Learning Support Budget- Hunter Lovins, Nat Cap Solutions to learn research side of Business Case for My New People’s Public Policy (PPP) for Putting People before Profits (PPP) using my LLC, Water Mark of Lyons Papers Press & Permaculture (PPP) made some contacts, is in process.

Challenging Projects/ Research/


Upping my town’s ability to make the best Business

Case for now, getting support from Hunter Lovins’

group, in process, SuperSkyWoman’s ASK-SSW

campaign. Making room for Permaculture in my

handbuilt home renovation. Getting interlinked

groups to understand each other’s languages and

levels for better interaction and successful decision

making. Preparatory specific investigations, co-

operation & collaboration will be handled internally at

each step & with documentation.

Matrix Patrix:

More Intelligence-isms

        to be aware of, in culture, art, social,

and ecology

My Land Use Contract,

Investigate LLC, Foundation, Trust, & Conservation constructs. Make

Demonstration Spaces and Life Systems designs, combining Art + Ecology,

all out of the box, in Permaculture ways.

Deep Networks,

        Pattern, Wheel of Life,

Time Travel with Life


Delve like a Researcher,

Inventor, Entrepeneur.

Pearls of wisdom,

Unlearn the LOGO.

Support Ecologies, David Haenke, 28 Pillars A TEMPLATE FOR POLITICAL ECOLOGY.doc

Timeless Nothing. What are my carved Greeters? A Blank Empty Room of my own, Flowing River Orientations.

Eat my Art, Know my Logic,

Feel my Heart,

53 senses online course & Lifelong Learning,

with Barbara Harmony from Nature’s view,

Nature Answers God (for Diane Dandeneau),

Hats & Masks, Rain Garden Petals, Melting

Designs, Magic cloth, Evaporations,

Dangerous plants, Catalpa trees,

Benevolence, Gratitude


Report Stocks & Work Flows:

(Donella Meadows of Limits to Growth fame,

Thinking in Systems: a Primer

as Nesting Functions of Permaculture.

My usual apprising the inventories.

The Best Flows for me come from surrendering

to any working moment between moments when

unexpected things come unlatched and available.

learning contract
meta meta through detail

my mini red hammock unlatched, photo & text

Coco Go

My Mini Red Hammock

1981 edition for the University of Western Ontario

We Live in that Moment Between Naming

study release, holding pattern,


When we shiver it is with premonition

of flight, a longer journey.

This is when words as we know them

come unlatched.

My Learning Contract:  

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