Projects 1: Manifesting / Pure Food?

a panic answer to Big Agriculture


When I met Joan Gussow in the late 80’s in WSAA meetings, her reports for the future of food were just that, futuristic, the one fall back for nutrition in a failing food future was suggested to be an everpresent abundance of cellulose, (Plant material), for making syrups to feed the world. (Did they factor in radioactivity & loss of soils & water? No.) We would never need to worry about availability or cost of processing again, scale up was ensured! I bought her book Chicken Little. On the right you see Perennial LignoCellulosic Plants, underneath, the word continuous, not dependent on season. It felt like science fiction. Somewhere from A to Z that notion morphed from germ plasm to GMO with conversions of Biotechnology from the chemicals industry.

A  World Sustainable Agriculture Assoc. (WSAA) Fantasy: Liquid Cellulose

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+Regeneration afterextreme human intervention

After liquid cellulose, After GMO’s hidden in food banks under subterfuged names that seem friendly; that co-opted way of take-over like Green Revolution, Wise use, ‘Oh it’s good for feeding the world toxic rubbish’, Pretty ads, No labeling for frankenfish, antibiotics & 2-4D, RGBH in our bones softening them into immune deficiencies, If we don’t heal our contamination & more serious foodshed problems we won’t be alive to say why it’s important. One of my self-insurance projects is growing & eating my own veggies in winter. I had a dream & wrote my Radical Food Manifesto (see below), leading to Healing The (Pure) forage Commons as my solution...

my Radical Food Manifesto concludes with Taking Back the Commons, preceded by: Natural Foods, Agribusiness & Economics, Irradiation, Genetics, Contamination, Deterrents to real Food & Nutrition. I see I already came to this solution 20 years ago for the dissolution of food security...

Integrative Megaphone Messaging

enlightened by Sun & Universe Cells

Radical Food Manifesto, Vienna 1993

i-water to the rescue-Mret beam restructures water into a straight line molecule that penetrates tissue - spun off from Masaru Emoto’s vibration- influenced water health...

Look up Gunter Pauli’s Blue Economy, vibration energy, Books & Videos

Read the real Carbohydrate control method to avoid drugs & insulin

Radical Food Manifesto Coco Gordon 1993 (edited 2005), from book Radical Food, Vienna

RADIKALE EHRNARUNG interdependent/intertwined

Natural Foods

1.wild food: self seeding self reproducing without cultivation, taste, nutriment- miners lettuce, hiziki, dulse, caviar, herring, salmon, ooligan oil, quinoa, paw paws, papaya, avocado, forage greens & roots

3.Sustainable Organic Agricultural Practices, Permaculture DBOM, least input for greatest output

4.Indigenous Technology, Animal & Plant knowledge, medicinal properties

5.Use of locally sourced factors

6.Eating local in season, less travel less use trade less cost of energy, Trade impact example: IATP “balancing Policies for just and sustainable Trade” vs FTAA reduction of health & safety protocols

7. Earth / Soil regeneration

8.wildlife corridor & ecosystem restorations, cross border families of 4-leggeds and indigenous humans

9.increased taste palette, nutriments, plant supplements for health balance

10.US Congress passing a new bill to have all the remaining wild horses killed (further extinguishing of the wild)

Agribusiness & Economics

1.Green (misnomer) Revolution: monoculturing, chemical fertilizer & Pesticide, increases yields for limited time, increases appearance not nutrition, until all collapses from one fatal rust or root failure

2.produces substitutes: waste stream problems, needs irrigation, erodes earth, salinates earth, chemical water infiltration, endocrine disruption

3.Monoculture stops local use of land, depends on mass export, to feed other people, not one’s own localities; uses people as machines & machines instead of people

4.Food processing & labeling: dissipates, diminished nutrition; removes source from human perception, deceptive, what other descriptions does MSG and GMO go by unrecognized? Loopholes for not labeling genetic & irradiated foods in processed form, aggressive legal action vs farmers by GMO producers

5.danger of FDA control of supplements and foods, legal preclusions to market

6.Narrowing of food base, less varieties available

7.Pre-emptive world agribusiness grabbing from the Commons, policy & patents

8.Wasteful farm subsidy to Not grow


1.Nuclear spinoff, mis-use of spent nuclear waste, they tell us it’s wise use (misnomer) of technology

2.Produces more toxics & health problems

3.Laziness: used to kill germs instead of safe food handling processes

4.Elongates the harvest to eating time cycle, masking rot, diminishing nutrition


1. Control/engineering/design to market, hiding genocide evidence by self regulation

Better (misnomer) more attractive (designer) & costlier products (Larger Profits), deadly seeds

2. Intellectual property rights, ethics & Law

How far will they go (species boundaries):

Loopholes in laws of origin to create intensified genetic engineering,

Long used in plants, in animals, now humans, next: clones, games, supremacy?


1. Grass-roots people’s testimonies, hazardous & radioactive waste dump locations

2. Loss of local rights for subsistence by genetic drift, taking the victims of genetic drift

Deterrents to Real Food & Nutrition

  Land ownership/use, multinationals & nation state politic: power/exploitation co-opting or diluting grassroots, loss of the commons, loss of foraging supply

a.Degraded health of soil & body, links & balance

b.loss of water usage by political decree, frac’ing & other industry

c.Smart Food: drugs as food, chemical food substitutes

d.Military food, cross contamination from long distance travel including new bacteria

e.Space food, freeze dried foods & cellulose syrups

f.Food stamps & public manipulation of nutrition as a false salve

g.Food aid by big governments, poor nutritive value replacement of local nutrition

h.Erring food triangle education, erring sugar & sugar substitute markers creating diabetes in more children. Erring over-use of carbohydrates & grains, creating new genetic toxic proteins

i.FDA regulation of supplements for corporate gain

j.Demoting organic labeling to open up competition by large corporations with weaker health protocols, endangering truth in organic information

k.Intensifying un-renewable energy use, to milk the $ & accept subsidies

l.Increase of multiple ways MSG & GMO infiltrates food supply

m.Lowering quality of labor controls materials and conditions for factory farming and food processing

n.More governments invading other cultures to gain power at the expense to the health of invaded people, keeping a war undercurrent, contamination by cluster bombs & new R&D tech: drones...

Taking back the commons:

1.Cochabamba declaration securing local Bolivian & 5 countries water rights

2.Teaching permaculture

3.Breaking Reliance on chemicals, substitute foods

4.Teaching value of fresh foods from enhanced fertile earth

5.Art involvement as eARTh sensor

6.Restorative ecology

7.Re-Planting ridge lines swaling sideways for enlarging a deepening watershed

8.Biomass building from top down by increasing water sink into the land

9.Restoration of renewable systems lost

10.Dry treatment systems – compost toilets, don’t use water with manure for both water & manure highest use

11.Changing back to commons land use by all with respect

12.Teaching Bioregionalism

13.Real free local exchange markets, re-define Market

14.Old seeds saving, No GMO seeds

15.SuperSkyWoman actions, energy exchanges