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OP 2 A&R introduced JohnTodd EcoMachines to Lyons CO


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OP5 Recapturing my Home../5/Specifications+.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

OP4 held my most amazing job of cutting down actions to many fantastic layers, yet simply presenting + one very clear thread with high complexity when writing about my wish to publish my Dad’s work & my bringing his work out into the public.

What a way to contrast wide-to-macro perspectives on Edema’s base relation to water between two generations! Overlay doodle-humor, enhanced water’s viability in and on Earth. Boosted by my making this OP simple in comparison with prior Ops, I managed to give it a less than perfect basic study.

    I found myself relieved at taking on this less than perfection for the first time in making OPs and also countering my father's perfectionist demands of me all my life. It feels good to have done this relying on my wits and intuition, while inadvertently on automatic, using the good skills my father prepared me for: he always asked me to do the hard work first then use left over time for relax and enjoyment, but I have learned to enjoy the easy automatic hard work at the same time.

    I even left the generic black background, which intuitively became my most successful ploy, to be simple & leave it alone, with the work surrounded by elegant deep sonorous black, as if all the pages were water energy so pure in a black hole of pure space, commemorates our similar intuitive ways.

Who: Myself & My Dad, ultimately our students & colleagues.

What, Doing & Where: Success, From the seed of a book on Edema dad was writing at his death, to my juggling generations of research, thought, life, body, earth, water conditions, I selected Dad’s scientific medical personal operations outward into whole interwoven systems of art, ecology, medicine & humor.

Why: Fascination for Dad’s genius blood flow work all my life. A crack at a new direction to illustrate a correlative unconscious between us, working simultaneously to reveal creative pre-penicillin cures for disabilities, derived from water’s routes, re-routings in the body and in earth.  I started a small wedge into larger planetary context of Gaia Organism water solvency.“

OP 3 Easy In Come Free& Sideways Glance,

its supporting site...

SuperSkyWoman unfolds eleven

Chapters looking back.

My Original Outline for OP1A, Defensive Intelligence, manifested into Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness, in a mini-book. This result was so different in every aspect than initially projected. I saw it was not easy to give a clear introduction. Since this first writing was a lifetime life & career review it gave me a look back perspective I had enjoyed & at same time taken for granted, Leaving me with a sense of having special powers,  acknowledging turning points and honoring timeless memories.

My return as the young artist written in the third person, transformed my understanding of how I learn by doing and how doing by learning was my spiral matrix. I could enter at any point. By looking back I saw my Cut-ups of child’s play made a direct link to my later Cut-ups,  an avant garde practice, as introduced by William Burroughs, and carried by Yoko Ono, Charlotte Moorman, Joseph Beuys & myself.

I found evidence of an ongoing eco-geological & political unlearning/ learning. I recognized  tips of icebergs of UnCovering Indigenous values persisting in me that in turn showed a compulsion to overcome Misused Authority, the old learned bugaboo. A window formed through this writing into long years of a creative working process. I recalled the feelings of having my own power very early in life. Simpler analytical terms were already there, but overshadowed by poetic drift.

Within the easy story writing, complexities abound.  I sometimes wondered if a link such as TIKYSK was needed more in the main body. To show my long life practicing of Things I Know You Should Know. I moved it from a window of explanation to a core piece of self analysis.


OP 1A Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness

Some definitions:

“Evolution, alone & in collaboration becomes

Slow Geological NO-time, Sun, Critical circles, First Clan connections,

Root holds, living cells. Timeless (Senza Tempo).

A tapping in, accepting dendric branching variation. DIY invented occupations, art languages, universe stories, young-women Integral evolutionists

Water life-form re-structuring, Water offers natural systems parallel currency, let flow. Where the wild beginnings are.

DNA mmmmm M.A.G.I.C.”

“Epiphanies as

unconscious reception, (web catchers)

associations, sudden Blam! it’s there,

indigenous guiding thought-bubbles leading forward.

Knowing We, replacing I / You...


acts of condensing, blast through”


sudden coups; Actions that change the world...

Land trusts, Rights of Nature,

Dreamingzzzzz (in the Windo©Peace) Silent calming energy of

ordinary indeterminate life (John Cage), Just Do it (use for OP8?)

Digging-in We, grassroots join forces

Reading chakras, Wild feet, Radical food, Bye Buy revisited,

Time for watering video, Publish Protest letters, My interactiv’s” 


1. by Revolution (http://www.ask-ssw.com/3/Biocouncil_story.html)

  1. 2.by Epiphany (http://www.ask-ssw.com/1B/Chicken.html) and

  2. 3.by Evolution (http://www.ask-ssw.com/home/Public_Policy.html


The Real Lowdown on

Year One Specifications:

The Megaphone is an ear

It hears  It knows

where it belongs

It filters




Sandra & I Propped ourselves on a Lake Huron floe amidst 20 foot tall ice waves & floated our chosen Home to feel its comforts its risks its play.



Solvency & Support for Water

Op5 has become a survey: Unraveling the complexity Of all aspects of my Home, how it was, is, will exist, for me, my town, my persona SuperSkywoman, my PPP, papers press & permaculture business, my past ancient turtle-ways, my aging & future autonomy, food gardens, my art, writing studios and archive/library & much more as you follow the pages and links through avant garde & pre-linguistics..”

I Start from Home-Base to study, redesign & recapture my home in all manifestations, moving through 3 Ways to Go: the Permaculture, Nature Way, the Financial Permaculture Way & the home, roof & planetary gardens Way, exploring ‘da Turtle Home Way & how an Immigrantness quality lingers. My Megaphone Pathways, radiate Patterns, Visual needs, Nourishments, Designs,  Drawings; how to use architects, do research, tie in with making Town a model, Commissions meet GU’s ecosocial, desires, my LLL Land Learning Laboratory supports a seed that will sprout a Land Trust, develop a (LAST)ing community that offers an OOPS as right livelihood. My Goal is my vision of hand-built, wrapping an exterior envelope with high passive solar & geothermal efficiency  & a mindful NVC dancing energy my son is teaching me. Can I dig the flooding crawl space into a basement? Skills out for workshopping! (notice I didn’t say out for bid).../1B/Megaphone_Pathways.html../Links_3%264/L.A.S.T..html../1B/New_OPs.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2

The guiding of this end-of-year Learning review was my end-of-year interactive PPT presentation. I looked into the future from the past. My thread was the invisible backbone of my most impressive impressions made & met in the past year of writings. I rolled out games a song, a cut group writing & a group write again & again every minute a sample of shifts in the universe bringing diversity into the fingertips. My Op6 strategy was to learn from my presentation, then pen in the shifts: collagen, actions & survey of new fun tools shared with associates.







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OP1B, my second writing literally became my pathway design for the year to blare out my voice, like tunnels enlarging my voice as a child, huge megaphones, integrating future OP subjects. Through these megaphones, the expert generalist, professionally approaching each task,  created a consolidation of an all-in-one me to the outside world.  I feel equipped to trust my ability to tap evolution, revolution and epiphanies as a triumvirate design method that booms outward & inward... A chakra exercise. The work that works is also the challenge that keeps on challenging. I gauged them: Megaphone Pathways for Evolution, Epiphany & Revolution...../1B/Intro.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0

I contrasted the gray photos of industrial landfill-producing WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP), with colorful processes of  visionary biological WasteWater advanced treatment.  I wanted to make this already proven technology the star it deserves to be, by measure of helping to put one into operation in my town.

I gleaned the title for this OP 2 A&R from my son. From his A&R music business, I could tweak Artist & Repertoire into common definition of an A&R Action Repair to study wastewater treatment.

“Wastewater-to-be came from Wastewater-as-is.”  I blurred the Honeywell Performance Contract because Honeywell has blurry intentions to profit on minimal efficiencies.   I built in Acceptance of Allies & Opponents.   Jonathan Todd is now using a same mix of Allies & Opponents for our Lyons CO site designs. We are on the same page.

Movie 2 with action spirals & flow everywhere,  sets the mood for wastewater’s cleansing.  Relationships are changing since the director of the WWTP, in his 50’s recently died in a small plane crash. There will always be fear when you give autonomy away. Flows are Life, Process & Action.  If you find my language straining you, ask me Questions on my blog.

“SuperSkyWoman is educating integrative cycling influences into the [governing] Matrix. Indigenous oral pre-writing-style is informed by the memory water holds”.

This A&R is still running with new information. I use small true statements to win agreements. The co-opted Megamachine life that gives away a town’s waste will blow up under lazy over-cared-for infant demands. When all current programs are taken to account, we’ll nest functions, cut costs, and upgrade our health & way of life with constellations of local composting, zero waste, carbon sequestration, air sweetening, renewable  trace minerals into diesel energy will dovetail into a new Output for my capstone year. I revive a Commons to share.

How do I choose continuation of action work & living, Earth Public Policy consultation, how does my vision feed me & grow?
This was my linking site to HOME: 
   My purpose was to keep up with my own creative reinhabitation, two complimentary websites, toggle between them, Learn new i-web skills, show you keenest involvements in my Transition Town, Bioregional, Permaculture, EcoArt earth-based SuperSkyWoman world, record entries on ‘Da blog as a part of my output planning, design to ultimately work up a good Home website. Continuing projects have the component of world outreach. Huge task! 
    Home witnesses many public policies, such as indigenous oneness with all relations, non-ownership Potlach, respect for all beings, cosmology...  matriarchy Earth Goddess... Patriarchy ascended, City sewer policy, Control by grid, conquests of nature, leading to industrial policy, policy of the machine, extraction policy, robots and canned voices... and recently tottering between slavery, consumerism, theocracy, extreme dictatorship, infant democracy, and a rearing corporatocracy. 

Who am I to You? If you know my involvements can they become background to all other involvements? This Output Packet sets the record straight, gives my relationships a referent to my most pressing GU compression of interests/work/life.
Each output is being evaluated in this OP6 Learning Review: OP1A Turningpoint Memories in Timelessness: life & career relationships, OP1B Megaphone Pathways inventions, OP 2 A&R Action Repair wastewater as is, and will be, OP 3 Easy In Come Free, my SuperSkyWoman right livelihood, OP 4 Solvency and Support for for Water, edema in body & earth + humor as homage to my father, OP 5 Recapturing My Home, as Land Learning Laboratory (LLL). Each writing returns me to  The tone of my first year: FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Modern culture likes a safe harbor to be kept from fear’s-way.  Not so my work here. I see through to My Right livelihood Home-work (pun intended), under & over turtle’s back, validating “SuperSkyWoman to dance soooslow in the flow, Rise & Slide. Each project makes good use of SuperSkyWoman (SSW) with her indigenous thought-in-a-ball-loop guiding forward.  

Is Freedom of Choice my path? Is equalizing disruptive influences my path? Is a public return to the Commons my path? Is it Water? Home? Bioregional Congressing? Should I name or Un-name Transition Town? I’ve come up with acronyms to bring to life, The UN’s are popping.  Am I one of the UN’s? Parrot seems to think so.

When I entered GU, my burning wish was to use my persona to maximize connections for making an artist/ permaculture Land Trust .That combination could invent new home and town life-system models for  functionality, ethics & aesthetics to merge. I’d be enabled to design my LLL Land Learning Laboratory pathway. It would be a model for Home. Home sounds benign. How many feel its cutting edge? That very edge of Right Livelihood IS HOME. What meta driving force guides this Capstone year?:


Since Reinhabitation,  heads us back into systemically healthy Nature, I feel empowered to enable rightful supports for water, Nature, Commons & Land in Trust. http://www.planetaryhealer.net/meditation.html     Reinhabitation is a Bioregional term signifying leaving forced and enforced constructs behind by jumping out of the grid superimposed Megamachine and its  obliteration of natural land contours. It means COMING HOME!

I’ve since expanded all these directions. I will continue to delegate, widen my one-to-one network organically, and abide my long asked and answered query to myself, Do I want to be more than me, a group, a movement, a board of directors? NO. Do I wish to do all I can do as one person the rest of my life as I decided in the 70’s? YES.../LInks_Appendix_5/Land-Trusts.html../LInks_Appendix_5/Future_of_Hands_%26_Feet.htmlhttp://www.smallisbeautiful.org/clts/intro_clt_handbook.pdfhttp://www.smallisbeautiful.org/clts.htmlhttp://www.planetaryhealer.net/meditation.htmlhttp://www.planetaryhealer.net/meditation.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2shapeimage_14_link_3shapeimage_14_link_4shapeimage_14_link_5
Megaphone Pathways is the most prophetic of my Output Projects: A field of butterflies or penguins arrive huddled to survive, this is the quality in a realm of evolutionary, revolutionary acts being executed, palpable, every inner directive a held epiphany favoring life force continuance. We who arrive are held sacred in this necessary holding place. We’ve migrated with the might of genetic pull to gather as a species, stay the adversity & return to geological splendors as viable living beings to bring harmony back to the other species, making its own renewable energy from life a buzzzzzing field of dreamzzzzz...

Specifications: Output

Overview: medium, messenger, message:

solvents & solvency for water, Edema.

Correlations: wild images, restoring pumps,

tempering  overwork, megamachine,

juggling gremlins.

Questioning: Ask- SSW, reinhabit,

integrate chance knowledge.

Learning Intention Connectors:

Epiphany,  healing, support mechanisms,

correlative unconscious, access, unseen methods.

Pathway Design: Earth / body.