The Future of Hands & Feet


the  future  of  hands  and  feet, Maui 1994     

Super SkyWoman video script for Leonardi V-idea 1995

this I know you will  know you will know you will now know (strike match)

(closeup of full moon)

Akua  the  word for origins  I prolong its glow

akua still slap the stone of each other's ears

(tree root sandra)

Ci sentiamo obliterated  gli anziani  for all purposes except entertainment

take time  blow time do time get time to use time to waste time on time for all time let time a hell of a time go

nothing belongs to anyone

everything needs to feel its presence

we've forgotten to see to see to ask to ask who is in back of us

seeing from above learning downness gives force immanence


any form built of this energy

can become any other form

(bird hands)

listening more wanting less

wings in their staying outnumber the numbmakers

I don't go far to get what I want


this salt wet air salt wet air salt wet air

washes through my breathing to clear it

this infinitessi tessi tessi mal

wetting wetting sunning sunning mooning mooning

warming evaporating restores ancient memory

(mud walk)

dal sole ci siamo

some of us hit center hit center hit center

so mud so     so mud so    so mud so

so    red     on

earth is earth & dirt is dirt

can't eradi radi radi cate

can't e radi radicate

strong arms we can repeat

conserve source rehabitat rewild


tempo 0 senza 0 senzatempo

in a frame of grasses

in a frame of rock

in a frame of mud

in a frame of roots

(wash arms)

tempo 0 senza 0 senzatempo

Sandra speaks

how far back is home?

how far back is home?

text copyright © Coco Gordon 1994

video copyright © Coco Gordon & Sandra Semchuk 1994

How Far Back Is Home? -Sandra Semchuk
For a month we camped on Hana Beaches, black red white sands eating papayas from trees finding the water populations early morning in out in out of every edge & orifice. The occasion was not ours but our home and their home, those Hawaiians in counsel, wondering if they wanted to become a state in the USA., needing to see who stood behind them..Home is political

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