“take” for movie, How to Draw a Bunny, The Ray Johnson Movie...








UnDer the bench...

UnComplexity UnRavels

sopra la panca la capra campa, Sotto la panca la capra creppa

on the bench the goat manages,

under the bench the goat dies


business-as-usual ordinary life,

us vs nature


& visa versa, past present future timeless = the chicken and egg. As SSW I show how to make that chicken

at will with a cloth napkin in OP1B;

The egg you had to figure out yourself.

Was SSW prescient when introducing

what she collectively knew as TIKYSK?

Things I Know You Should Know. Evolution, Revolution, Epiphany are her design standards, I notice the balance they keep, if am too skewed on one, another pops up organically, is that the UN principle playing itself out with self-regulation? It feels good to have something to pin my contrariness on & let it go & just be.

If every unlearning is a learning

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I consider the Un an evolutionary trend in my  life. I can’t remember my life without UnLearning

yet I remember back to indigenous pre-Agriculture & pre-ordained Sun cells, go figure!

L’s going well: all except the publisher connections, yet NVC, RC, even the parrot laughs out his restimulations.  Stepping into doing my own became too easy...

Un’s going well: all on the way, except Be Concise, my tribe must have once been the St’at’imsets...

The Square-bioengineered Watermellon,

1989 Il Sogno del Tempo Show, Messina

SSW zaps bubble gum spots with color as Miss BZ for Green Ground Zero, 2004

Where the Wild Beginnings Are

        This first year I watched myself observing Parrot laugh. Absurd. A stuffed parrot doing RC. Unlearning for Parrot was simple. Early material cells were accessed.

        As SuperSkyWoman I process objective arbitration (OA)  hovering listening observing, apart from conflict. I never understood why I turned silent at rage, at accusation, at untruth. I’d freeze. Blank, like a chameleon changing colors undetected.

        I feel UnDetectable when faced with the UnDefensible. I now understand I’m a field more than me, the perception of me. I become what hears and heals.

        Speech is too young an expression for UnDefensible acts. Speech fails abuse. It gives away power. Hovering absorbs and insulates. I tune in to hear...