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Ann Wigmore Why Suffer?: How I Overcame Illness & Pain Naturally 1985 Avery Publishing Group, out of print (raw food)

Alan Kapuler & Brentmar, A Coevolutionary Structure for the Plant Kindom 1988 Peace Seeds, Corvalis OR (old seeds)

Gary Snyder, Mountains and Rivers Without End 1996 Counterpoint & No Nature 1992 Pantheon (Bioregional view)

Anne Waldman & Ambrose Bye The Milk of Human Kindness CD 2011 Fast Speaking Music (Buddhist view of carnage)

Andrew Shelling Two Elk 2005 Bootstrap Press (Being Nature)

Jerome Rothenberg, Shaking the Pumpkin 1986 Alfred VanDerMark (Aboriginal & Indigenous authors’ true picture)

Richard Grossman and Frank T Adams, Taking Care of Business 1993 Charter Ink (IFG indigenous democracy teach-ins)

Helena Norberg Hodge, Ancient Futures 1992 Sierra Club (Happy people experience from Ladak)

Vandana Shiva, The Violence of the Green Revolution 1992 Zed books (seminal understanding for co-option of Green)

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest 2007 Penguin Books (the millions’ march together as one voice)

David Korten, The Great Turning 2006 Berrett Koehler People’s center Development Forum (Earth Community’s ways)

Father Thomas Berry, The Great Work, 1999 Bell Tower  & Buddhism 1967-1989 Anima (Laws began for cosmology)

Coco Gordon on Berry’s The Great Work, Use is a Short Self-Lit Fuse 2004 TIKYSK Press (Listening for what works)

Coco Gordon Radical Food 1993 Kustkanslei Vienna (conundrums made evident with Art)

Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words 2000-2004 Chelsea Green (You are the River)

Adam Kahane Power and Love 2010 Berrett Koehler (10 relationships set a model)

Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication 2005 Puddle Dancer Press (eliminating conditioned reactions)

Harvey Jackins, "The Rational Needs of Human Beings," The Upward Trend, 1977 pages 115-135 (discover body trust)

Peter Warshall, Dreaming New Mexico, 2012 online (sustaining foodsheds

George Quasha, Ainu Dreams, 1999, Station Hill Press (Dream ecology)

Len Horowitz, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse 1999-2001 Tetrahedron Publishers (DNA’s workings)    

Original Instructions Anthology, Ed Melissa K Nelson 2008, Bear &CO (Indigenous teachings)

Paula Gunn Allen, Song of the Turtle, 1996 Ballantine Books (indigenous stories anthology)

Asiba Tupahache, Taking Another Look, 1986-1991 Spirit of January (power roles & plays)

Dolores La Chapelle, Earth Wisdom 1978 Finn Hill Arts  (the title says it all) 

Masaru Emoto, The Message From Water,  1999, Hado Japan (structuring Water for clean health)

Masanobu Fufkuoka, One Straw Revolution, 1978-2009 NYRB (Earth understandings)

Barbara Harmony, AquaTerra Meta Ecology & Culture, 1991 National Water Center (interviews)                              

E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful 1999 Hartley & Marks (seminal paradigm changer)

Michael J Cohen Reconnecting with Nature 1997 Ecopress (53 senses course of study + hands-on)

Jean Houston The Search for the Beloved 1987 Tarcher (sacred spirit, journeys, rituals)

Tad Montgomery, Forest Moon 2008

David Haenke, Organizing a Bioregional Congress: A How-To Manual  1987-2003 (how to gather together)

Albert Bates, The Biochar Solution 2010 New Society Publishers (Old preservation ways reborn)

Freeman House, Totem Salmon 1999 Beacon Press (basic dance with life)

Stephanie Mills, In Service of the Wild 1995 Beacon Press (living the walk & talk)

Ken Lassman, Wild Douglas County 2007 Mammoth Publications (mandala relationships of nature in their cycles)

Third World Network, Return to the Good Earth:  1987 Damaging Effects of Modern AG (Old paradigms still pertinent)

Jeffry M Smith Seeds of Decception 2003 Yes Books & Genetic Roulette 2007 Yes Books (Perils of GMO)

Gary Nabhan Enduring Seeds, 1989 North Point Press (Indigenous wild preservation)

Starhawk, Earth Path 2005 Harper Collins & The Empowerment Manual 2011 New Society Publishers (How to)

Joanna Macy, Coming Back To Life, 1998-2010 New Society (handling emotions together)

Simone Forti, Oh, Tongue 2003 Beyond Baroque Foundation (performing eco-consciousness with dance/thought)

Geoff Hendricks, Critical Mass, 2003 Rutgers University (Fluxus anthology)

John Cage, A Year from Monday 1967 Weslyan University Press (indeterminate word as music)

Jean Francois Bory, Once Again, 1968 New Direction (Concrete poem-objects)

JohnK Grande Balance Art and Nature 1994 Black Rose Books Ltd. (Interactive ecoArt)

John K Grande and Coco Gordon A Biomass Continuity 2004 Go If Press (Interactiv’ poems)


UNuseful Art: using live art definitions for ecosocial use

Earth/Land-Art terms greenmuseum:

Related Art terms: see Its Alive! list...

Ecologonomics: green economics 5th wish: Ecologonomy: For OPEC & other Persian Gulf / petro states, awareness the carbon based “ecologonomy ©” will eventually run out of gas...not to buy weapons but invest in clean green technology, which, is clearly the wave of the future

Democracy School: CELDF history of hierarchy of  all rights & democracy

Commons: Seeds, air, land, water access to rivers, oceans, Nature, migrations, shelter, organic healthy food

Virtual Commons: cyberspace, homework of Art & Knowledge,

Indigenous commons, original nation land, water, seeds, no extractions, burial grounds, the wormhole underground, stories, songs, dances,

City Repair: placemaking & Village building

Fluxus: George Maciunas naming it an art movement that began in the late 50s.

EcoSapiens: defined by David Haenke

Megamachine: defined my Lewis Mumford

Notations: John Cage & Alison Knowles book on Image scores, music regenerating life.’s-notations-21/

If you have a word you do not recognize & want defined, please ask on my blog...

Supporting Buddy & Maestro Calls:

Ariane Buddy 2-22-12

renumbering my ops to file-2.OP3

•one last pc dragging

•book writing done research on that

•write a proposal for a publisher but

•now going for e-publishing myself need structure what to do for that,

•part of writing group underway meet each 2 weeks with 4 persons

•action-learned 2 exchanges for now people sending up to 2,000 words, poems

•2 one week then brilliantly academic paper on personal matter

•how she juxtaposes deeply personal experience in academic way

•will take at least an hour to reread a few times

•& certain levels with what jumps out then 2nd read

•then edit on 3rd- rather exchange every 3 wks

•hard to keep up to write mine the receive & work on theirs & incorporate feedback from them & put into mine

•one is a phenomenal writer poet her level of feedback & input is great

•raising my bar

•set a due date for Sept completed something

•could probably do it by e-publish it

•personal regenerative practices, first course

•importance of health & food making chart getting up drinking water

•coco: dad charting getting ready for senile

•Ariane: making a plan,

•this is how I’d like to live can’t do overnight can bring in bits over time

•tracking order to change a habit-

•Coco: brilliant

•A: leave record for someone else get lessons on eating healthy blah blah blah -if you can see- if you met them, being with you when you were 80, you can get the real learning, personal rather than…

•Coco: holacracy Val asked me have I been using it? & I answered how have been using it without naming it with my wastewater committee to minimize back & forth going veering off the subject-

•I see it is like the indigenous talking circle placing your thing into the middle of the circle & not discussing, it all percolates together into a stew that way that answers itself as a group & all can do that individually with the circle practice going around many times till it is satisfied,

•& then all go out & action from that un-hashed out medlee in the circle.

•It’s a way of honoring & growing up in process that liberates from small contesting sidetracking personal duality things.

•A: embracing conflict

•what am I doing? So much going on

•Got deeper, run dragon dreaming workshop set up 2 evenings 2 wks from that with community skilled in conflict resolution & systems for minimizing conflict, some tasters, does compassionate communication which is NVC

•way of council mediation co-counseling mediation restorative justice circles

•When conflict between 2 people it is the whole circle you are in- conflicts arise when a difficult child is at point they can’t keep the child it is really on conflicts with parent, teachers, students- looking for the name for it- the Body of the community comes into it too

•Coco: (an intervention?)

•A: It’s brilliant way of seeing all challenges arise out of the system

•Coco: Is there a Gaia U way to speak your thought when asked to weigh in?

•A: People n their mid 30s or younger there’s a different assumption young person grew up with emotional space was accepted & wanted-

•look at who on call is J English’s advisee’s-

•tricky dance, my main advisor went through the whole enchilada, through the space, spent all that advising session in that soft area not talking about Ops, wide ranging things & I lost time

•It’s a dance

•I’d say that if am look for that it will show up in me-

•I put my attention in being more silly & humorous showing up at my part time

•job no longer stressful silliness, just decided can’t live all this in mainstream successful stuff

•not icy cold

•Coco: Practice Watchfulness

•For Ariane has a keynote presentation to create- make that & do the recording of it & load it-

•struggling with it

•the pc not necessary for OP, but has designed about leadership, tools, 10 months with 4 persons retreat trying to extract where to put lines to deliver this

•trying tool

•is a lot of material may be abstract-

•Knock out

•Coco: see as resulting Templates to teach-

•A: Excited about learning structure- possibilities- like your base

•I do feel if am dragging, can identify with

•My eyes are hurting looking at screen

•Yesterday usually good at listening, present with other people couldn’t take in what person saying

•Coco: like Working out of feeling rather an emotion as earth whisperer,

•A:  is a regenerative way of being, out of feeling not emotion, losing energy staying with energy moving through

•Coco: I get there when my bad grammar slips though, like there instead of their, I look & realize am over tired, over the top & try to come back to better health & sleep

•Coco: continued Fixed spelling in these notes, to get the sense meant: till 9:09am then went to work

Coming back 9:52am

•Coco: no didn’t keep to strict schedule, yesterday put out 2 important asked for items so Trusting self to wander

•A:  wonder wander

•A: got done with 2 things- schedule

•A: Listening to Scottish radio website archival collection from people all over Scotland interviewing man in 50’s father died when months old at age 50 hearing him for the first time local singer had been recorded-

•About memories

•A: OK with me, Wanting to write about a time in my life that happened more than 10 yrs ago what is truth memoirs get embellished ready memoirs all from their perspectives-

•C: Truth is foggy memory of what happened

•A: What I remember is not what others remember

•Email shared to all perspectives-

•A accomplished

•Coco: yay

•A: load on you tube OP9-

•Control order what’s known, feed into left, by tapping into right brain, that mash up, zany, thought form here & there

•left wouldn’t think of putting the 2 together putting in logical rational thinking, fish on tree stump i

•inventions happen like apple computer-

•what happened for our ancestors were chewing into upper level of wisdom on plants

•why did I do that? oh the left brain couldn’t’ see

•A: in half hour Gathering with mother in community from Scotland international community

•A: Quick question graduation, RDI no longer happening

•Found from Val- email-

•Coco: Ask Kirsten

•A: something putting together in Santa Cruz- dave Shaw-

•A: Using learning budget project & External advisor-Have 500 for project advisor-relevant to project

  1. Hold what am doing- person great was busy, may contact local person

  2. Task: Send A Val’s wants from me & send her the holacracy file thank her for the file colors it is helping to find more quickly.

2-9-12 Buddy Skype- Content lets me go that way right brain & left


•Challenges focused on OP9, mushroomed

•outputting is not reflections of learning, more to teach what learned

•changed direction outputting more appropriately

•where to put definers where does it end

•it’s been brilliant to outline an e-learning course-

•am action learning that bit, tech learning curves-

•couple of week created a production schedule

•put in some accountability dates w Ethan

•need to work on two bits-

•Original idea, cross fertilization, bodies of work not being transmitted-

•need private facebook group, make OP’s & it’s about bla bla bla

•doesn’t get me into pick up the op & look at it- 

•what next steps to make that happen?

•Orientation points to more promoting of OP

•intimidating with 1 A & B, by second half figured that

•then more complicated

•some want to keep learning journals private- 

•Mahara will offer that flexibility when put it up

•not only ask for review need to promote work

•how do you market the work

•this is the way it works-

•Never marketed the work but in virtual obscure need, see word of mouth

•go to twitter- engage-

•Piece of marketing can be done in # of different ways

•marketing I like is about relationships, going on twitter not to blast ‘hey this is my thing’ go on to connect with people who genuinely want to connect

•For some marketing Good stuff goes with what it means

•to me reflect on ‘here’s that incredible thing to market to Lyons to change the world

•state a case for it

•Communication forums, community gatherings, farmers markets, spiritual space,

•change language 

•Loaded with images projections unlearning what marketing is

•how it could work

•off call with Ethan carbon farming workshop should have done & won’t do for 2 yrs

•planning to trade mark it & doing 101 to build more interest in it

•video taped the course 100% he’s doing it

•Heard in retrospect  Bill Mollison tried to trademark copyright &  couldn’t too openly used, couldn’t claim ownership, he wished he had

•Even one who’s conceived understanding of the global knowledge has at some point trademarked-

•part of marketing, claim ownership of it

•Pirate Party wiki platform in Scandinavia-

•Licensing & privatization 3 things focused on

•Irony is need then buy the land to make the commons, have community

•coco thought: not only land, but seeds, air water are the commons

•Ariane: Did Schumacher few yrs ago & you have to trademark on internet, put into creative commons, setting for acknowledgments-

•Intellectual property stuff, who’s to say who had the idea first- Monsanto patented rice-

•Coco: Monsanto patented corn almost 100 % & stored with indigenous strains incognito, Indigenous tested for Monsanto GMO using their organic test control, were dismayed

•Coco: Do a left brain page, Design constraining right brain workshops

•Ariane: Finish to keynote presentations, record them, keep doing keynotes record when no one in the house, complete one or other of 6 keynotes

•Went to tracking files labeled in code completed but needs to be recorded amber completed green & still to be done red moved three from red to amber- Clever Organization, Scorpio with virgo moon, mac can color documents

  1.   Coco: Learned how to color file, useful

1-24-12 Maestro Cultural Wisdom digest

Coco, Eric, Kevin, Zenagabriel Halu, Roxy, Vasanth, Amelia, Marissa, Jennifer E attended

liora & Andy: what GU will look like in 2012- Q’s feb be prepared

aug 2011 partnered with film thrive through solutions not the movie

how to move society to a place where all is moving 3 webcasts

Charles Eisenstein, Evon Peter past Alaskan village chief reflect on today-

Free to public 700 called about & 100 joined on call

Thrive diploma work with contents & solutions diploma focus Feb 15th online not place based

offer mentoring, stand alone, writing, Marissa writing biomythography

Learning LIPD help people non & associate packets work for the year

Offer action learning certificate documentation media social transformative actions deeper

Former associates, offered free, keep contact & content, join webinars

Feb 15th through 2012 with L & Andy

can one transfer to the new program? Marissa

New happenings: dynamically evolving GU

Dominant culture? New leaders emerging

upbringing how to look at age as possibility?

Evon Clear with what makes come alive- how much wisdom ?

held at early age, cultural trait, carry with respected wisdom

Class cultural exchange Cross-Cultural Sharing

What are sources of wisdom in our lives?

Children & elders & indigenous friends & democracy school-

What cultures and sub-cultures do we belong to?

Many for me: holocaust Italian: poetry culturesocial- art permaculture, bioregional, biocouncil, GU, transition town, serving on local gov’t, SuperSkyWoman OA- DGR, indigenous, earth whisperer, responsibilities, earth’s needs to thrive


Share from heart feeling of dying & being renewed

how pushed at this earth time find resonating with nature of natural cycles-

feel pressure & form of health wellness compelled by spirit to change & fall away-

next generation- every different culture

seeing the world, a natural progression of harmonic resonance

human culture follows- be in moment with right action

planet & cosmos get nourishment from here to go there


many different experiences sources of wisdom come up

daily life different lingiuistic realities harmonizing, tuning  find right resonance-

just deep listening-

cant make living in cultural indigenous in mts, community culture isn’t clear

getting depleted in solutions we try to create I

Individually connecting guides for us

We have to dig deep, a lot of realization, connection with landscape

we work on all the time, historically very deep

slowness when so much constantly shifting

evolution of perception of life in the world

reminded of daily culture reflected to remember, not plague with anxiety

slowness more alive than being unprepared-

hold energy, constant dying on daily basis

in face of mirror of perception of reality of the world-

letting go-relating to Mother Teresa wouldn’t be part of an anti war march but a peace march as part of occupy in UK

  1.    Where to put energy coming from angry heart place- where put self physically

be part of the peace & not the anger

enthralled with culture 1st geography class & anthropology cult anthro degree inspired the sculptures of habitat

ecological contacts remain our cultural wisdom

preserve the stories of all people how much has been lost-

#1 create opportunity value immense wisdom out there bring to honor

share preservation of natural world: knowledge lies in diversity personally

creating dharma Gaia wheel of 8 directions

representation of cultural archetype, how creating different patterns for self

topic for self key wisdom peoples across the world

how all the various cult wisdom are taken in

What are some sub/cultures that we’re in relationship with; that we experience exchange and sharing with?
What are contexts in which we engage in such exchanges?
How have these exchanges positively influenced our lives?
What inhibits sharing across cultures and generations?
When have we wanted to participate in an exchange, yet felt stymied?
When have we been presented with an opportunity for an exchange, yet chosen not to?
What are some best practices for cross-cultural and inter-generational sharing?

What are sources of wisdom in our lives

Parents: Nature beings, Internet body, intuition to do 5 things well at same,

time source of wisdom

this book & college professors- family teachers

Books, traveling, amazing people run into- Africa Australia teachers, Add natural world, birds plants beings, old new stories,

friends hold them in spirit & reflection

Resonant with looking inside reflection

subcultures which do you belong to?

Internalized oppression

2-8-12 GU Maestro

Attending: Liora, Marissa, Vasanth, Patrick Gibbs , Jay Ma, Coco, Ariane, Ethan

Content press 2 tech press 1

Liora report: exciting things happening in GU online, orientation program, diploma & online, new masters & post masters diplomas start feb 15th L & A with Jennifers help

New Assoc from Syria damascu opposition arab spring, 6 month orientation Korean woman, Canada, parts of US, large Oakland occupy contingents, mexico

longer term support first period ‘what is the output’

Core team 12 people, GU for 3-5 yrs, work as advisors & key admin posts-

how visioned global idea Assoc complement for bigger GU, bring together movements with visions of GU,

offer GU piece much power to it when make good use of it

New website brings together

The GU radio calls

Once taken a course, entitled to take again-

online need new people given sufficient time to get most out of course-

a new program, current Assoc & perhaps graduates take modules entirety not just one webinar call & Q/S not part of

become annual friend, graduates to take course minimal yearly fee

keep up portfolio for a year?

Update handling GELSITE taking it on ourselves at GU- Discreet policy will inform rights & responsibility

  1. November revised the website haven’t promoted the friends idea

1.what does internalized oppression mean to me breakout groups of 3, 3 min each, change partners, mute ourselves

2.Can I think of any example how intern oppression manifested in my personalized life

come back to roots & Patrix,

then breakout again

Coco, Jay Ma, Ariane

Ariane thinking of contemplate on own

Makes her think of a blow on the head, cop, no you can’t do that be responsible

Make own story oppressing self  straight jacketing rt brain, world pushes to hear logical way of thinking, not the fluid imaginative self

Manifesting life stop creative ideas, hard to move beyond & ignore it


That’s a big Q, things we do to hold ourselves back & beat ourselves up

extra factors restrict our lives

the self made me aware we are our most harshest critics, hard on selves-

Working with belief cannot ever get enough done

More to do internal stress how do to myself


Internalizing father experiences some good

felt indigenous from long ago not only from parents-

Always not good enough, perfectionist

working on the perfectionist, do quick n dirty videos & writing


struggle with accessing my wisdom

de-colonization thoughts

how to explore with rewilding movement wild wolf in ourselves

supporting land to become wild in different forms again

patrix busting-

Vasanth like Marissa:

saying decolonization thinking about & exploring came up in the group

large big picture matrix connected visualizing

making connections

thinking of usually see how people?????? Can’t hear


now- how understand internalized oppression more chopped

word breaks out into racial superiority racial inferiority

working through age oppression the way yonder people follow the rules

Talked about it

Working through, building self respect not coming from adults in society

Jay Ma:

when I hear internal progression think all programs from parents teen events childhood internalized

powerful hardest on myself more than anyone else never good enough

too much to do never get done

never feel safe to relax with life how to stop, relax, release inner critic


connect with what’s been said

theater of the oppressed

cop in the head

need to do better not wrong the way

know I need to do other things haven’t been able to do

shutting off that cop in the head

We all touched on key points larger pattern picture

Internal cop in the head

need to stop doing from belief systems

internalized oppression start out externalized in society

Imposed from parents, caretakers while took care also from larger society

sexism racism generationsm colonization agism conglomerate of these

patrix from patriarchal piece of society

we set the rule & ‘you need to come from’ becomes the policeman in the head to not go out of the boundaries set

Do by givining subtle ‘oh no you can’t go beyond the limits, oh you can’t be the rebel’

Everything has to be perfect before going out into the world

Not our fault

Were not born that way

We as world changers have opportunity to let go of these oppressions

Basically get rid of, get freedom, more zest, fulfill roles world changers

The roots of internalized oppressions

breakout new thinking brought up from hearing other’s thinking, Q’s concerned


love where does it fit if you haven’t had reciprocal way to love.

Father saying have to perform as expected  you also Patrick,


input very useful

perspective can use now to change world

freedom feel have to consciously acknowledge whole nature of things in the head

while working with external oppressions go to roots explain consciously

place in mind view what’s happening, see whole rich process

oppressing forces help steadying external ones

if we can solve it combat it in the head, also be outside very important


how does internalize make my life difficult, suburbs living, intensity place isolation,

trick part magnified not giving up on dreams

so concrete police front yard paved nobody breaks the rules,

breaking through that, feel dissatisfied 

hanging onto dreams &

have the energy in morning get out of bed, create world I want ‘oh wlll I should I be happy’ as things professional deciding for me

Bored with food everywhere, discouraged, eat within, not fat, metabolism won’t let me get fat

The isolation immense

Found a few places where becoming friends challenging


looking at indigenous roots, what happened to indigenous Scottish & german people, ancestors, two leggeds, four leggeds, how did we oppress

another piece to make changes, do differently,

learning more bout being rather than pushed to be out there doing things

matrix wants me to be out there & emerge

Integration we dichotomize the issues

where can we integrate assertive what we call chinese yang with yin energies

are we spiral wizards make use of in appropriate moment & use

last lines:

Thanks for integration piece so internally oppressed in

Patrick masculine energy need to do both

Coco Reprogram, yourself constantly fix the grooving in the brain

Teach new ways to do the same thing

Liora sit stand, Say no

Ja Ma observing wild deer relaxedness browsing feel safe & relax

Open & surrender startled jump back

spiral wizardry utilize more patrix tools 

time to surrender & accept

Breakout group distinguished between patrix tendency to react

what matrix structures facilitate the unwinding valuable to dive more into

well expressed relaxed browsing & alert

aware of surroundings may need to jump off any moment in different mode

imagedeness state of conscious awareness connection with the deer

Being in flux high consciousness is part of the piece for me too- coco

  1. Patrick- What came up in last breakout group

Last group challenges sense of isolation hearing

Patrick -deal with baby

Jennifer- was marginalized

Vasanth- Resonate with this topic conscious & conscious design oppression battling Being in touch with people on the call thanks & bye

Need to recharge, no wallet

Marissa, Enjoying conversation- thoughts & q’s eloquently spoken in her group Ariane: listening half of process- be active positive listener

remind with listen part

Patrick- Difficulty internalized oppression co in head of the message from society am a white man born in US, should be happy as things are, should be satisfied crashing my own sense, things not going alright, things I value not valued by the society, when am in suburbs- ways to do what makes sense to me while take solitary time, take time for people too young to talk to me, am studying bird language & AIM movement radical groups in past, how people respond to past, armed struggle as part, doing something, gardening teacup poodle, found a unitarian universalist church, community garden, speaking out for like minded people, helps with the isolation-

Isolation is a form of internalized oppression

Coco: Make big decisions where how to live- now to bring back old art handskills I would love to have back again- Left NYC behind, now cultural enrichment, small town do proactive work on life systems- water JTED on municipal level-

How I keep going- creating & the causes organizing

Peer counseling technique

equal amts of time, 4 day a lot more techniques for RC, Highly effective free once take the course look local ea contact Liora or jenn, Theater of the oppressed - learned if you are showing up while facilitating than you are not an effective leader need to get quickly out of that box, conjure up fun imagery

Book of peace? Where we get that decision to collude with oppressor inside

Mens & womens groups effective

Patrick: strategies to combat particular intern oppressions

Final go round check out mention techniques

JayMa: more important external work than changing the patrix

done enough today, structure time to do the unwinding, challenge to do nothing, be in nature go off, sit, observe birds in morning, structure time for wander loose frameworks for brain, be in wander exploratory mode.

Community calls like this, loslng your zone spiritual of circle of friends make time to go to meeting, people express themselves-

Patrick: go do something before I get in despair lying on the floor, big one planting outside, in a big city or suburbs, time outside active with hands personal dynamic, hands on fix bicycles fix stress thinking long term, overcome thinking, trust past version of self, good idea to be curious for a while, pay attention to patterns I see over time, how respond over time,  prepare more effectively, look forward to few more calls while am home taking care of Molly-

Look forward to see where Gaia is going, still involved.


the musical brain knows nothing, UK Science festival

a window on the brain, UK Science festival

Can you believe what you see? UK Science festival

Elena Cologni Rockfluid

master list of Science Festival events

Real News Jayati Ghosh on Ecuador role vs Neoliberalism

Ecuador new way of economic development Creating Alternative to Neo-Liberal Model

Has no policy space but shapes development for Nature vs finance & capital, changed royalty structure from corporationsWord Count to gov’t.

ecologonomy green economy

same key words, find business solutions for ideators and prototypers, innovation and effectiveness, insights Discovery system & foam blocks (from basic SWOT)

key words: left brained clear methodology

Brain Gym educational exercises

Can Right Brain buildings nurture Left Brained thinking?

“to strive for a kind of design that has no final goals beyond that of leaving more possibilities open to future generations than we ourselves have inherited.”

initiatives are made possible because of a firm’s technological infrastructure (e.g., contacts management databases, spreadsheets and intranets) measuring ROI

switching directions

brain training games

memory & attention

build your brain training program

Intro;  Site zany

53 senses

Mel Chin

knowing p1

inhabitat   Maude Barlowe Council of Canadians at Downstream Neighbors conference

Joanna Macy

training rituals

Elizabeth Peredo aidop

Occidental Arts & Ecology- Permaculture

NGA Classroom art & ecology

Activities to integrate art & ecology

Mark Dion video

trailer art in the 21st century April 13, 2012

look up artists

Ecological Economics

Ecological Ethics

Eco justice ethics

ethics links

Blue RiverEthics of earth declaration Nov 2011

Ecological Ethics

Eco justice ethics

ethics links

Blue RiverEthics of earth declaration Nov 2011


what is ecological art- John Grande

art ecology integrated awareness

The Regulatory System

To Reinstate our Rights


use for link with our art & book done together

Birch Creek Arts & Ecology Center- CBCXI 2013?

fluxus scores

my world of art-coco

globalism like bioregionalism? In Fluxus art ken friedman

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