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Am grateful for leaders I have been reviewing that affected my writings in this output:  Ann Wigmore, Alan Kapuler, Ann Waldman, Gary Snyder, Andrew Shelling, Jerome Rothenberg, Richard Grossman, Helena Norberg Hodge, Vandana Shiva,  Paul Hawken, David Korten, Father Thomas Berry, Derrick Jensen, Adam Kahane,  Marshall Rosenberg, Harvey Jackins, Peter Warshall, George Quasha, Len Horowitz, Paula Gunn Allen, Asiba Tupahache, Dolores La Chapelle, Shannon Francis, Masaru Emoto,  Masanobu Fukuoka, Barbara Harmony, E.F. Schumacher, Michael J Cohen, Jean Houston, Tad Montgomery, David Haenke, Albert Bates, Freeman House, Stephanie Mills, Ken Lassman, Third World Network, Jeffrey M Smith, Gary Nabhan, Starhawk, Joanna Macy,  Dolores La Chapelle, Simone Forti, Geoff Hendricks, Jean Francois Bory, John Cage,  John K Grande, keep going...these storm bearers continue towards their rightful Natural succession. Return to sedate site for glossary, links, detailed list of books & where I went this month in duty & passion, here...