Curtain’s Down

show’s over & the wind’s comin’ in, let’s talk about what worked & what didn’t...

Conclusion, what worked:

This OP fosters ‘being’ mode for me. Each thought in Shannon’s telling is an old way, a ‘being’ mode. I share an  Indigenous way: repeat 3X to get the circularity of what is said. Lyons’ Mountains hold my stories to tell. Feeling self-care in my Regenerative reach-out.

Regeneration of the Commons is  slower than its breakdown.

Conversations-that-matter, socially daring UNuseful Art & original clans keep saying, ‘You must tell the  story, what you perceive of our place, to children & elders’.


My case for Art’s eARTh voice shows me new awarenesses are always being invented by artists.

As an EcoSapien, I ‘m braving entropy by providing testimonies & inventing new art dialogs.

What’s challenging:

Engineers clinging to industrial power. Clearcut stubble resource-mentality still marking oppressions. Fracking eARTh without toxic responsibility, the missing ethic.

Next steps:

In a recognitive state, imagination appears: I invent a new word. Here it is. ‘Ecologonomics.’ I search & find Ecolonomics, similar eco-definition. Wow! Ecologonomy here. Develop BIS as a Body Information System, taking mechanization full circle back to Earth.

Q: Will being less zany engage more left-brained people as suggested?  My advisor suggests an entire OP to minimize the written volume, do imperfectly, in Video...arrange an Interview for OP11 Regenerative Mind: An Eco machine for Lyons.

Q: Can I extend how video can be Quick ‘n Dirty, to writing?

Q: Will all fields forced into economics be ushered into ecology, as David Haenke’s 28 pillars ask?

Please contribute to how you implement Regenerative Earth economics here


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