Program/Platform Elements, Pillars/Branches, Elements of

The Movement of Ecological Movements & of Total Ecology



1. Ecological Economics

(Eco-Development  -Business  -Enterprise - Eco-Tourism)

2. Ecological Technology / Appropriate Technology 

3. Ecological Energy (Solar, Renewables)

  1. 4.Ecological Politics / Political Ecology / Eco-Governance (eco-democracy; eco-   


5. Ecological Engineering

6. Ecological Bio-Technology (as in Todd's "living machines")

7. Ecological "Waste" Management / Composting / Recycling/ Bioremediation

8. Industrial Ecology (Industrial eco-systems)

9. Ecological Restoration / Restoration Ecology

10. Ecological Agriculture / Organic Agriculture/ Permaculture 

11. Ecological Forestry 

12. Eco-Cities / "Green Cities" (Ecological Regional and Urban Planning)

13. Eco-Communities

14. Ecological Architecture

15. Ecological Land Tenure  

16. Traditional Land Based Native/Indigenous/First People's Rights 

17. Biodiversity & Genetic Diversity Preservation/ All-Species Rights

18. Eco-Theology  (Earth-Based and/or Earth-Honoring Religion and spirituality)

19. Eco-Centrism

20. Ecological Philosophy 

  1. 21.Eco-Defense / Environmentalism (Environmental Defense, Conservation,


22. Ecological Health   (Ecological approaches to health)

23. Eco-Psychology/Eco-Therapy

24. Ecological Law

25. Ecological Auditing

26. Ecological Culture & Arts  (Earth-Based or Earth-Honoring Culture and Arts)

27. Ecological Education  (Ecological bases for general education at all levels)

  1. 28.Social Ecology  (Ecological approaches to Peace and Social Justice; generic,


29... (your additions...) 

Eco Specifications

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by David Haenke, 1995 revised 200

(All Summed up in... BIOREGIONALISM)

Bioregionalism is applied total ecology in the context of ecologically/Earth-defined areas, i.e., bioregions, which completes the total ecology equation, is its ultimate application. At the same time, total ecology can be implemented anywhere, on any scale of human organization from a village to a nation to international structures, to provinces, states, counties, or any geo-political unit of scale.

I’m set on regenerating eARTh ECOSAPIENS

Unbeknownst to me when writing this OP, A Bioregional discussion has been in play:

Q: DH, “What’s Ecosapien Doing Today?”

A: DH, Results: ecstatic transport; ecologically defensible profit/aka increased energy increment above metabolic equilibrium necessary to power organismic function as per all living entities: 1% ecologically-audited allowed. A: cAw , you seem to be saying make cool energy efficient things out of plastic and metal alloys - what about using these gizmos to go from neighbor to neighbor begging them to plant out and save heritage regional seeds- Kokopelli the seed-man loves, shed the gravity and swim between towns - at about 2 klm per hour and thats fast as I wanna go.  A: Gene marshall, The Road from Empire to Eco-Democracy A: D Haenke: A mere 10K years ago, first major anthrogenic lesions appear --- would have been visible from space -- on the biosphere at the birthplace of agriculture, beginning of "the glory of the human [as] the desolation of the Earth." (Thomas Berry  As reality, sanity, intelligence is ecological in nature, and the condition of the human (conscious, reflective) mind affects the physical body of the Earth through application of technology, I would say that the then-emergent, soon-to-be ascendant, extractive, exploitative, exterminist, "techno-human" underwent a change of collective mind/ethos best described as a "mutation", an aberrant, unfathomably destructive and ultimately non-viable one at that; this alien mutant set of mind and its technological appurtenances have dissociated as much as possible in thought and practice from terrestrial reality and have been increasingly running amok ever since, ironically fueled by its thankless and rapine appropriation of Earth's phenomenal abundance, the entropic effects of the misuse and waste of which will probably being one of the prime agents of its downfall even well before the vast bounty is expended. A: Jenny, Ecosapien thinks and acts Earth. Remindful of what I have heard of the heaven of the Osage...just like this Earth, only more emerald green shimmering vibrant, bright, fragrant, synesthetic. A: Charlene, My future Doppelganger is at a party (people will find reasons to celebrate as long as they exist) where the conversation wanders to the obscene wantonness of the late industrial culture.  Some bemoan the overall stupidity and point out eye-rolling examples, "How could those knuckle-draggers not be aware that they were consuming quicker than the Planet could renew?..."