Conclusion: Parrot Engages SuperSkyWoman

Transcript: UnTo us the Un is Given
Parrot to SuperSkyWoman- our UnMovie

Blank at anything UnDefensible? The UnDefensible just wasn’t there, it didn’t exist...

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SSW & Parrot: UnTo us the Un is given...
SSW: to Learn from? 
Parrot: UnLearn! 
SSW:nAre you the ultimate Pun-ultimate stuffed Parrot?
Parrot: Yup. I plead guilty!
SSW: What have you UnLearned from your UnConditioning?
Parrot: That you’ve picked up on the Un-iversal Un.
SSW: What to do about it?
Parrot: UnTeach it. 
SSW: Via SuperSkyWoman!
Oh, Un the OM of Economics?
Parrot: Let’s try together 
Together: ”UnIndustrial, UnMegamachine, UnDo, UnPattern, UnBioregional... To UsN, To UsN...We are the Un’s we’ve been wait’ing for...
Cheers! Cheers! Uncheers! UnCheers!
Parrot: There’s a twist!
SSW: An UnTwist 
SSW: Hugs?
Parrot: Am Hugging! Am Hugging!

Thought: When I have a really new focus like the Un focus, I find others also get it simultaneously, a multiple takes up what the universe sends out. Ie: The UnReasonables, global entrepeneurs are making waves with Natural Capital Solutions mentor, Hunter Lovins. For Un’s they toe the business line well, give their 6 minute pitch, compete for venture funding their new movements & inventions. When it is visibly in the air, more stop by.

Self-documenting Conclusion: Where it is going for me:

The first year I watched myself observing, a process I use as SuperSkyWoman of objective arbitration OA, hovering listening, observing, a natural conflict resolution. I never understood  why I turned silent at rage, at accusation, at untruth. I froze. Blank at anything UnDefensible. The UnDefensible just wasn’t there, it didn’t exist, & so I couldn’t remember details of the offensive behavior. The Un has this quality of  just wiping out, Non, none, gone. How lovely it can be to put an Un before a word like Megamachine and wipe it out, in same way as your biggest baddest habit.